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I found some Asparagus today that was on sale at the local grocery store. I've never cooked Asparagus so I have absolutely no idea where to begin. Any suggestions on how to cook it?

Thanks in Advance...


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My favorite way to cook fresh asparagus is to simply saute slowly and lightly in a small amount of butter. Just before serving sprinkle with a dash of garlic powder. Always stop cooking before they get soft and you want a bright green color.

Enjoy that fresh asparagus !!

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Cut off the thick ends, then either steam it, roast it, or saute it.

If you roast it, mix it with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roast at 450 F about 8-10 minutes, depending on how thick the spears are.

If you saute it, you can leave it whole, or slice it on the diagonal into 1 - 1 1/2 inch pieces, then saute in oil. You can saute a little garlic and/or some shallots first, then add the asparagus.
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Microwave it in a bit of water. Break it off where it naturally breaks, or use a vegetable peeler to skin the tough parts from the bottom of the stem. Put in a glass dish, I use a 9x13, add a couple T of water, cover with plastic wrap and pull up a corner to vent. Nuke for 5 minutes, taste, rearrange, and nuke some more if you want.

Great with Hollandaise ( Knorr has a good dry mix) or my cheater sauce, low fat Helman's with lemon juice and a dash of worchestershire.
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it is hard to say how long to cook it, because thickness makes the difference. Plus I like mine slightly crispy, husband and my father want it much softer. But my favorite is to snap off the ends (or peel if you have patience), then immerse in boiling water (best with a squeeze of lemon in the water). While boiling, I make a dip of mayo, a dash of mustard powder (or a bit of Dijon, not a lot, just put a spoon in and add what is clinging to the spoon), honey (ditto the above, just a bit) and another squeeze of lemon. Then you can either pour the sauce over the asparagus, or better yet, just serve it and use it as finger food, dipping it in the sauce.

If you have freezer space, don't toss out the trimmings, just dump them into the pot when making stock.

Cold asparagus is great in salads, or in an antipasto plate. Also, if it is thicker stalks, you can (after steaming, boiling, roasting) wrap your favorite thin sliced ham around the stalks for an elegant appetizer (I'm sure some would say it has to be proscuitto, but I've lived in so many great ham-making places in the U.S. that I think you should go with what is great where you live).
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Having grown up eating wild asparagus (which is genetically the same as cultivated) until we would groan "asparagus--again--ugh", we had a special coffee pot in which to steam it, standing up. We would tie the asparagus with string, stand it up in the coffee pot, and steam it (about 4-6 minutes). We never peeled it. We would eat it served with butter and grated lemon zest. I don't care how others suggest one prepare asparagus, my favorite way is still steamed for about 4-6 minutes. You don't want it to turn the color of canned peas. And, for me, I like the taste of asparagus not hidden by anything else.
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I had forgotten about the coffee pot method. I used to do that years ago. Gotta dig out my old Corning pot.
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We really like the pencil thin stuff. We dress it lightly in garlic infused olive oil, grill it, wrap 3 spears in proscuitto de parma or san daniele, shave parmesan over the bundles and eat with the fingers. We have the bundles as part of an antipasti meal which includes beef carpaccio, marinated mushrooms and a caprese like salad with marinated, roasted red, yellow and/or orange bell peppers replacing the tomato.
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My favorite asparagus recipe is posted in either the Risotto Section which shares the Pasta Section or the Ethnic Section. It is a Lombardian Recipe and uses Italian Carnoli Rice, another Italian shortgrain rice ( one can sub Arborio short grain ) ...

For a simple sautéing: extra virgin olive oil with sea salt, and sauté until tender yet slightly firm ... sprinkle with sea salt and drizzle with Evoo = extra virgin olive oil and a teaspoon of Balsamic Vinegar if you wish ...

Another Mediterranean method is: place in roasting pan amongst other fresh veggies, and sprinkle with sea salt and drizzle with EVOO and roast in hot oven until tender yet slightly crisp and firm.

Have a nice Sunday,
Ciao, Margaux Cintrano.

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