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Thanks LEFSElover, that's especially helpful considering that last night's crock pot meal was much blander that I would have hoped. Better luck for me next time, I guess!

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Originally Posted by buckytom View Post
we went to my parents today, so i treated them to take-out chinese for their birthdays this month.
it may not seem like take-out chinese would be that special, but when i was a kid, we lived on a pretty tight budget. going out for dinner with the whole family was a huge deal. for some reason we always went to the same chinese place, and ordered the same stuff.

so, with that in mind, i ordered won-ton soup, egg rolls, boneless spare ribs, veggie lo mein, veggie fried rice, pork fried rice, shrimp chop suey, kung pao chicken, and shrimp and broccoli.

it was nice to be able to give back a little to my parents, for the lifetime of love that they've given me, and share this all with my wife and son.

not many meals get better than that.
Aw, BuckyT that sounds wonderful. I know what you mean about giving back to your parents and that even the simplest things can be really special. When my Dad was sick a year and a half ago I spent over a month living with him nursing him back to health.

Near the end when he was finally beginning to eat (around Easter that year) I made him a fried ham steak with two over-easy eggs, A half a grapefruit cut with diagonal cuts all around to make it fancy and a marachino cherry on top (he can't eat a lot of grapefruit or sweet things these days), and grilled toast (butter the bread and put it under the broiler). This was our traditional Christmas and Easter breakfast for as long as I could remember. He hadn't had it since my Mom passed away 14 years ago and he had wonderful tears of joy running down his face as he thanked me for remembering. It is a memory I will cherish forever.

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Originally Posted by LPBeier View Post
LEFSE, I suffer from horrendous migraines. A few years ago my doctor gave me a sample with two Imitrex in it to try next time one came on. I got a bad one a few months later and I took one. Within 10 minutes of taking it my already pounding headache literally exploded to 10 times worse. DH had to very carefully guide me down the hall to the bed while I closed my eyes and held my head in my hands. I threw up shortly after and the headache subsided. I have never taken it since and have two friends who had the same reaction. I am sure it works for some but I won't try it again.Have you tried it? Did it work?
Oh my gosh. Nope to your question. Years ago, while in Coco Beach Florida for husbands award ceremony from Nasa I came down with a doozy of a migraine. I feared not being able to attend the very dinner that he was featured in and felt awful. But, "felt awful". A lady there, saw me cringing and gave me her Imitrex and told me these are guaranteed to take that head ache away right now. Not being one to take other people's meds, I thanked her and we walked apart. Hours later my husband said, "Honey, take that pill that woman gave you." I said, "nuh uh." Still to this day it's in that little black purse I toted that night, in it's original packaging, unopened. The headache didn't go away, I also couldn't see, but I could hear, I could hear everything said about the man I'm married to. Yes, I went...
My migraines are more eye-graines meaning I simply have no vision, so it hurts, there's pressure and I can't see. Not good while you're driving and often times brought on by the glare off other cars chrome.
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bucky, loved your story. very kind of you and I know how much your folks enjoyed their special day with you and your love and that doll of yours.
check your pm
...Trials travel best when you're taking the transportation known as prayer...SLRC
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i made veggie soup with leftover diced roast beef.

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