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Old 06-23-2008, 11:00 AM   #1
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Foodservice/Restaurant employees

More than likely, you're as fed up with the rising cost of everything used in production as I am. If it's not the actual item that's been raised, the delivery surcharges are bordering on the ridiculous. Every vendor, every supplier has raised their prices. Have any of you passed those increases onto your customers yet?

I hang out in the dining room during service so I'm available to the customers. Some have concerns regarding the prices, some are downright disagreeable about it. We just began an initial increase. A year ago, this unit ran at a 45% food cost, serving about 800 meals at lunch. This year, we're down to about 500 meals per lunch (everyone knows what shape the Exchange is in, just read the papers). Everything has increased between 7and 20 % during this time. I'm running an average of 45.6% food cost. No small feat, to be sure. Unfortunately, we do have to start passing some of the increases on.

This cafe is like a gigantic buffet. Some items are offered 'self serve' and are charged, usually, by weight. Some items are served by a staff member. Previously, we'd offered dinner rolls as a complimentary accompanyment to the soup. At the time, the roll cost me 15cents. It's currently up to 55cents for the roll. We charge for an additional roll, 50cents. At this rate, anyone can see that it costs more to have the roll in the house, yes? We were faced with either increasing the price of the soup, or charging for the roll, no longer complimentary. We decided to charge 65cents for the roll. I'm hiding in my office...I don't want to hear the ensuing whining. Our ciabatta bread, black russian pocket and health breads cost 82cents apiece. I have to increase the price of a sandwich by a dollar for the customers who desire those breads.
Currently, I sell an egg for 50cents. Once I finish costing that item out, I imagine I'll have to increase that price too.

It's rough once you decide to push the increases. I get that everyone is feeling the pinch, but.....doesn't it make sense that if you see food costs rising at the supermarket, it only stands to reason that restaurants/dining facilities are seeing those same increases?

Ultimately, our choices are either reduce portion size, eliminate certain items from the menu, or raise prices.

Anyone else in the same quagmire?


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Old 06-23-2008, 11:05 AM   #2
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As a consumer, I would and will completely understand when restaurants start raising their prices. I am surprised I have not seen more of it already to tell the truth.

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Making bagels revolves around flour. I'm not sure we have raised prices yet, but I'm sure will be soon. The owner is getting close to putting a GPS on each bagel to track waste. I don't know what the percentages are, I'm just the weekend baker and it's none of my concern.... according to her. (I need a new job. How can I give a rip about waste when I'm not allowed to?)

We had a customer get straight up angry about the price of her sandwich a few weeks ago..... I'd like to see her back again once we do raise prices. There is a graph on the front counter to show people our costs.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.....
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Old 06-23-2008, 11:57 AM   #4
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Suz, it's admirable that you are concerned about the business when you probably don't get compensated enough to really care. Too bad your boss doesn't get that.
Customers get angry because they feel they're getting ripped off enough. Start screwing with something that rarely changes and you're apt to ruin someone's day. Unfortunately, they always project that anger onto the people who have the least to say about it.

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How can we sleep while our beds are burning???
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Old 06-23-2008, 12:01 PM   #5
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We haven't raised prices yet, but the whole restaurant industry is hurting in general, especially the more upscale establishments since people are really watching their budget.
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Old 06-23-2008, 12:12 PM   #6
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I eat out regularly and quite a few of the restaurants in my area have raised prices, downsized items and/or revised their menus recently. I was surprised it took so long.

One place used to charge a straight $6 or $7 for a sandwich - they just added 95 cents, so the menu doesn't look like it changed that much. Another place used to have a packed 3-page menu - now it's a much simplified front and back. Our favorites are still there, though I can certainly understand restaurants' need to adjust somehow to the rising prices, but I suppose they also have to keep in mind that people are very sensitive to price changes for eating out. It's a tough balancing act.
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Vera - I ride the tran in the morning with two chefs who are seeing the same things that you are with similar choices to make.

From my standpoint, I identify completely with your statement about people venting on the people that hae nothing to do with the problem. I am in a different business, but, I see exactly the same thing. Over and over.

While probably not a factor in your situation (VeraBlue's) is ther any information about whether gas and food prices are keeping more people out of restaurant? I was hoping for an approximate percentage, I cannot believe tht it is not happening.

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Old 06-23-2008, 12:36 PM   #8
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I will continue to eat at restaurants that raise their prices...IF they maintain quality.
If they try to lower their food cost by buying less expensive product to maintain/increase their margin...I want be back!
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Old 06-23-2008, 12:46 PM   #9
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To be honest, I don't understand how anyone who buys their own groceries would think that restaurants WOULDN'T be raising prices. I just assume that whatever increase I'm seeing at my local grocery store is going to be roughly the increase I'll see at my favourite restaurant.
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Old 06-23-2008, 12:56 PM   #10
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I have certainly felt the crunch, specifically flour and produce.

And then there are the food costs % to keep in line...whata pita...and then, PEOPLE COMPLAIN! I mean seriously, have they been out in the real world? I know for a fact that on some of the breakfast items, we are just making cost, and that is no way to turn a profit.

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