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Andy - how disappointing. I'll take care of MLB after this post

I guess our fish counter is ok at the main store I go to. If that went I'd be in a bit of a bind. There's a couple other fish counters but not like this one. Change, I hate it sometimes!!!!


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I worked in the seafood dept. of our super market, they took ours out too. Very hard to get fresh fish our here- unless you catch them yourself !! Bummer ! Meijers, has one - but carry very limited choices. Customer service is out the door, if it is not a money maker. Shame !

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Originally Posted by GB
Well luckily I have a fantastic fish market down the street, but I can only get there on weekends because they close right around the time I get home from work.
Ditto. I have the same situation. To add to their "bankers hours", the fishery I try to shop at doesn't take credit/debit cards. So, I have to get cash out before I shop there. A business owner myself, I told the owner that his sales would go up if he accepted credit cards because shoppers wouldn't tend to limit their purchases with cash on-hand.

My Stop and Shop still has the seafood counter as of Saturday.
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They took the lobster tank out of our grocery store and sent it over to the pet store. Those guys were really getting big! They just loved sample day and cocktail wieners. The other days of the week, they lived off cookie crumbs from the free cookie tray in the bakery or tostito chips from the chip/dip tray in the deli. Makes you wonder what they feed them at the pet store; they are kinda spoiled!

The stores are trimming back on all products as well as fish. The condiments used to have a whole isle and you spent the better part of an hour shopping for a bottle of ketchup.

The cereal isle is still fully stocked but then there is a prize in nearly every box and coupons galore! My favorite is buy 10 boxes of cereal and get a gallon of milk free. You're going to buy the cereal anyways. We send the box tops to school for the Education Promotion from the cereal companies.

I feel sorry for those fish that gave up their lives to rot and spoil in a cellophane package at a high price. Those are the species that are going to become extinct like guppies!!!
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Our supermarket has a fresh seafood dept. but it is no better than packaged. The fish is thawed and placed in the cases to give the appearance of fresh fish. At the end of each day they are packed together in plastic bins until the next day. Needless to say the only place I will buy fish is at the local small fish market.
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The only fresh fish we get in the stores around here is farm raised catfish, so we settle for frozen.
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Originally Posted by GB
More and more people are watching FoodTV where all the TV chefs talk about how you should never buy fish like that. I am so disappointed in Stop and Shop.

I shop at Stop and Shop, too. Their fish is pretty good and I generally buy mine there. If mine does this, I'll start going to Roche Bros or Hannaford.

I know they'll get a huge outcry over this.

Several of us were talking the other day about how Stop and Shop has stopped carrying many items which have become more and more popular due to more people taking serious interest in cooking. No more Barkeeper's Friend, Rotel tomatoes, Panko, frisee, etc etc.

The Grocery Manager didn't know what cornichons were when I asked her. That should tell you about what they are thinking.

They also completely reorganized the store in a way that belies the fact that all the decisions are being made by people who don't cook or care about food.
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If I want to get up really early on saturday morning, I can go down to the harbor and get the fish literally rihgt off the boat. Otherwise, there are so many fresh fish markets in this area that none of the supermarkets carry fresh, unpackaged fish any more.
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It's difficult to get good fish anywhere hear. Oh you folks with Wegman's are soooo lucky! The best grocery store in the country, including their fish market!
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I have noticed the trend as well in replacing the fish market with the chilled box that has pre wrapped fish.... such a dissapointment. But that is ok.... it gives me even more of a reason to head to the coast for some fresh out of the ocean seafood!!!! Ohhhh I can't wait!!!

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