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Originally Posted by keith_aquino
that you should oil the pan before it heats up.
keith, i was taught in culinary school that you should heat the pan up before adding the oil!! an exception to this is when you have added some aromatics (onions, garlic) to the oil and want to infuse it slowly into the oil...

regarding culinary school, most u.s. programs for culinary arts take from a year and a half to two years, but there are culinary arts programs all over the world... spain has excellent schools as well as italy france and switzerland. think first about the financial and cultural decisions you will have to make in order to decide where you want to go - traveling to a farther country will cost more money, think about how strong the Euro or Dollar is versus your local currency, think about what type of cuisine you are most interested in, then do your research on the schools that you narrow down...

in culinary school, they teach you the all-around basics or foundations of running a kitchen, you need to understand a little about grilling, braising, stewing, sauteeing, deep frying, butchery, cost control, purchasing, menu design, front-of-the-house principals, nutrition, etc. but nothing will prepare you for being a chef more than real-world experience. so i strongly advise you to find a part-time job now while you are young working in a kitchen... this will allow you to begin learning TODAY, not years from now and will also allow you to really understand what working in a kitchen is all about - it is not all fun and games - and that will make you think, is being a chef something i would want to do the rest if my life? what you see on tv about what being a chef is and what you see in real life are very, very different... but only you can decide what's best for you...
good luck in your search!!

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for anyone who isn't familiar with Rocco.


He was recently best known for his failed attempt at Rocco's on 22nd and Broadway in NY. < That street corner may be wrong but I'm close. Anyway, the tv show based on the experience was called the Restaurant. I loved the show, wrote to Rocco several times there via email and went in there 5 times for dinner. (I live in Los Angeles) Met his mother Mama, what a doll she is. Always felt very welcomed in there and thoroughly enjoyed Mama's meatballs that she's famous for. They are/were the most tender mealballs I've ever encountered. My only complaint about Rocco's was [while in the "lu"] the piped in music was profane, gutter gab, trashy foul mouthed idiots singing [if that's what you call it]. Since I don't curse/swear/cuss, it offended me. I did complain to the front man. He looked at me like I had 2 heads.

Walking through the airport one day on my way to a flight, Rocco was sitting alone, no one else even close to being around him, so I sat down 3 seats from him and called my daughter on my cell phone. Told her who I was sitting next to, she told me to say hello to him and comment on Mama's meatballs, so I did. Handsome man, no doubt, he smiled as I told him that and shook his hand, then left.

I, like many others, can't tell you about this industry as I am also, just a cook/foodie. But I just googled Culinary Institute Courses
and the page was full of info. So, try that maybe. Good luck and, like everyone else, so happy you got to have this experience. Such a treat if you're a foodie!

...Trials travel best when you're taking the transportation known as prayer...SLRC
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Keith I am so glad you met Rocco Dispirito, and that you have a goal. I really think the advise you received to while young try to get as much hands on experience is very good. Try to work in as many different parts of the culinary industry. You will discover what you like and don't like and it will help you in making your educational decisions.
I am Filippino too. I wish you well.

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