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Interest in cooking?? How did yours start??

When I met my husband... he told his mom that "HE was going to have to do all the cooking because I pretty much sucked at it"... I set out on a quest to prove him wrong! He and his mother both admit that I now am a much better cook than either of them. : )

I don't know how many times I heard "Why don't you use my moms recipe"
I started using her's and lol.. now I cook her dishes and she asks me for the recipes!! I've changed them and made them much more tastey!! I love it.


In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. Robert Frost
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I have three younger sisters and grew up in a military family. Both parents came from homes where cooking was pretty basic and blah, and Mom learned to cook from other military wives, especially 'war brides'. For some reason I loved it from day one. I've always loved eating "exotic" (read: various ethnic) cuisines and trying to re-create them at home. Always loved the feeling of sitting down to big holiday dinners, often a table full of strangers. As a kid, I even loved trying foods I didn't like. I was never the kid who made a fuss and gagged, I just tried everything, if I didn't like it, I'd eat a few bites politely and move on. I'm 49, and think that if I'd spent the past few decades feeding a fussy husband and kids, I'd have been cured, but hubby loves 99.9% of what I cook, and I chose childless, so no one has ruined my love for cooking. I think I started helping in the kitchen around 7 or 8 years old (I mean serious helping, not cookie-cutting) and was more than happy to cook sunday dinner when I was in double digits, although I didn't have to because Mom loved to cook and was great at it. So it has simply always been a pleasure for me.

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A do it yourself job.

My partner could burn a boiled egg when she started.

She has been better for a while. But I cannot eat eggs anymore.

What a waste of effort.

Still, life is like that.
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I can't ever remember not being a part of the meal making process. I have always loved to cook. I remember being little and sitting up to the breakfast bar watching my mom cook and her talking to me and telling me what she was doing. As a teenager I took a cooking class in school which only deepened the love. Now I'm the one everyone asks to make goodies or pies. Now I can't go to MIL holiday meals w/out bringing my sweet potato casserole as well as my pumpkin pies. I love to cook and eat <winks>
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oh yeah! Eating is the reward for long hours spent in the kitchen!

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. Robert Frost
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I'm quite blessed to have a mom and grandma who are awesome cooks.
I always helped around the kitchen (especially when there was sugar involved!) but in 7th grade, my elective class was foods/sewing. Well, I took the first semester (foods), but then switched to drawing. The following year I did the same. Now, I cook and draw quite well, but can't sew to save my life!
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I wanted no truck with cooking until I got married. Before that, I considered that my role in the deal was strictly eating. My mother and grandmother would sit me down in the kitchen while they were cooking, and try to teach me. They'd be like, "Someday you'll have to do this, you know," and I'd go, "Tchyeah, as IF." BOR-R-R-i-i-i-ng!

Then a long time later I got married and we soon discovered that we couldn't afford to eat every meal out. So somebody had to learn to cook and in those days, that meant me. Yuck. So one day I bought a package of chicken and brought it home and sat it on the kitchen counter and stared at it and it stared back at me. I didn't know what to do with it and I resented that it didn't jump out of the package and cook itself. Somehow I figured it out, and we had roast chicken and baked potato for dinner -- my first effort. It tasted not bad. To my surprise, I found it interesting. I found I wanted to do it again, maybe with some other stuff. So I bought [/i]Joy of Cooking[i], and never looked back. It was love at first chicken.

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I got the cooking bug like everyone else here, I guess. I learned from my parents and grandparents but mostly helping my Mamaw cook when I was about 6 or 7 until I was 14, Bless her. I'm used to the simpler foods, I can make sammys and wings and such like nobody's business (in my opinion) but the more complicated the dish, the more I need a reality check and some help! So goes the learning process...
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I got started when I was in my late teens / early twenties. I knew that I would be moving out soon, and that I didn't know squat about cooking except for oatmeal, mac-and-cheese out of the box, French Toast, eggs over hard, scrambled eggs, and Bisquick pancakes. I decided that I had better start learning, and soon, as I was going to be moving out one of these days.

I went out and bought a couple cookbooks, and started reading those, and the ones my mother had. I started cooking those recipes, and learned, albiet slowly, as my parents cooked a lot, or I would eat out.

Then, the fateful day came. I left the nest. Nothing motivates a person to learn how to cook like an empty stomach. I also bought a few other cookbooks, that actually gave you the "why" as well as the "how". I started branching out, trying other things. After a couple of years, I actually started getting pretty good.

Then, I realized that I actually had a bit of a passion for cooking. I was trying exotic stuff that nobody else either liked, or had heard of. Some of my co-workers told me that I ought to go to a local college and get my Culinary Arts degree. I did just that. I didn't finish, but, I did learn what I needed to learn. My cooking improved dramatically.
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My mom started my brother and I helping her in the kitchen as soon as we were old enough. And it just blossomed from there. I love to cook, especially for other people. For example, we are having a potluck next Wednesday at work. I am bringing sweet and sour meatballs. For me the fun part of cooking is sharing your food with others.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt
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