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Old 08-10-2007, 12:45 PM   #1
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Lunch at Work

We have the daily dinner threads, but who makes a point out of either preparing something interesting or seeking out a new place (usually carry-out for me) to eat lunch each day while at work?

I've had a pretty solid week in this regard.

Today I'm enjoying a nice ham, brie, and preserved fig sandwich on ciabatta with some Stacy's pesto pita chips, a granny smith apple, and a chunk of fresh-baked gingerbread (not like gbread-man type, but the fluffy kind).

All in all it's pretty solid. I got it all from a place called "Marvelous Market" on 18th street here in DC, one of several places that sells both sandwiches and "unprepared" stuff like cheese, grapes, fruit, piececs of bread, etc..., that allows you to assemble your own tasty meal.

Yesterday I had a bento from "Teaism", which was a little disappointing. The maguro (tuna) sashimi was of excellent quality, but the rest of the ingredients, while also of great quality, weren't really what I think would go in a traditional obento. Brown rice, raw broccolli, and sweet potatoes with a very un-japanese-like (yet tasty) creamy sauce.

When I think bento, I generally think sushi rice w/furikake, some sort of okaze like gyoza or salted salmon, and pickled veggies like umeboshi or daikon. A bento isn't a bento without all the salted, pickled, and/or vinegared ingredients, IMO.

The day before (Wednesday) I had fairly derivative and Americanized yet still very tasty Chinese, along with some curried Mei Fun.

Tuesday I made my own Bento of rice, shumai, boiled shrimp, umeboshi and sliced carrot.

I just brought half a baguette with some grapes, stilton, dates, saucisson sec, and an apple on Monday, which is my "standard" lunch when I don't feel like preparing a Bento and I don't want to pay $$$ to buy lunch in DC.

Anyone else obsess about their lunch every day?


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Wow, I want to have lunch with you!!!!! That all sounds heavenly! I've never put much effort into lunch but you've really got me thinking. At my Grandmother's house, the noon meal was the big meal of the day and dinner was a much lighter meal, often using leftover parts of the noon meal. At first, I thought that was weird but actually, it makes so much sense. I'm wondering, do you also put a lot of effort into your evening meal?

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Around here lunch usually consists of the previous night's dinner leftovers.
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Old 08-10-2007, 01:40 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by Fisher's Mom
I'm wondering, do you also put a lot of effort into your evening meal?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I work in Real Estate Finance, and sometimes that means I can work some very late nights (11pm or later). Obviously, on those nights, I just order dinner at work and the office reimburses me for it.

My wife and I also eat out a fair bit and get a good deal of take-out (mostly Indian and Thai).

On all other nights, I alternate between extremely simple and fairly elaborate. I don't ever do anything TOO nuts during the week, instead saving those 6-8 hour efforts for Sundays when I have the time and inclination.
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Old 08-10-2007, 02:02 PM   #5
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Brazen, I think your user name is wildly deceptive! And now I want to have dinner with ya'll, too! lol
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Originally Posted by BrazenAmatuer
Anyone else obsess about their lunch every day?
Oh, yeah Now, for medical reasons, I'm on a low-fat, low-fiber, high-protein diet, so keep that in mind, although I'm not as strict about it as I should be. Let's see:

Monday: My favorite Chinese takeout - sesame chicken over pork fried rice. It's enough for two lunches.

Tuesday: Don't remember. Maybe it will come to me.

Wednesday: Leftovers from Monday's lunch. Wasn't enough left over, so I went to a nearby grocery store and got some sesame noodles.

Thursday: Leftovers from Wednesday's dinner (I go out to dinner every Wednesday with friends) - braised chicken over red wine risotto and mascarpone cake with blueberries and raspberry drizzle.

Friday: From another grocery store, sushi (9 California rolls), a cup of she-crab soup, and four bourbon-BBQ'd chicken drummettes - I had to try these after the discussion here a few days ago. (They have a wing bar, as well as an olive bar and a really nice salad bar; unfortunately, I can't eat most of the veggies on the salad bar - too much fiber.)
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On work days, dinner is whatever we have for crew meal. Sometimes if it sucks, I'll skip it and snack on cheese and proscuitto then pick up something after work.

For lunch, I'll usually make a huge batch of something (usually pasta) on my day off and portion it out for my lunches over the next few days. I start work at 2pm so I'm at home for lunch on most days. If not leftovers, then I usually like to make my own ramen. I get fresh ramen noodles from a noodle factory, then add all kinds of stuff in it, usually fresh spinach, tofu, roast pork, fish cake, and scallions. It's quick and pretty healthy (not like the dried ramen in the stores ). The cool thing is that I don't even need to go to the factory or to Chinatown to get the stuff. At most of the supermarkets, you can get the fresh, locally made tofu, noodles, fish cake, and roast pork. I usually buy enough to cover 3-4 meals so when I'm out of leftovers or if I don't feel like eating them, I have another option.
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I don't know where in blazes to get that Chinese-style roast pork that you see in ramen shops, etc... I also unfortunately can't get fish cake in supermarkets here.

I need to move back to MD and back to my good asian markets.
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At work I like to eat lightly so at lunch I have a salad consisting of:

Cherry Tomatoes
Pineapple pieces
Kidney beans
Sometimes I'll throw in a small tin of tuna.
A little french dressing.

Yum I could eat this for breakfast!
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Old 03-19-2008, 12:19 PM   #10
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I know it's an ancient thread, but it's mine so I don't feel bad about reviving it.

Anyway, new job in a new location so that means NEW LUNCH SPOTS!

Today I hit up a place called "Breadline" for the first time. Here's their link:


I got a proscuitto sandwich (proscuitto, gorgonzola, arugula, marscapone, fig jam on walnut bread) and a cup of seafood chowder. It was actually a LOT of food for $10.50 and it was all of excellent quality.

I learned today that proscuitto doesn't always necessarily make the best sandwiches because it's easy to pull it all out in one bite, lol. The proscuitto itself was delicious, but a little messy to eat. I thought they went a little heavy on the fig jam and a little light on the cheese though, making the whole thing a little too sweet, but it was delicious regardless.

The seafood chowder was out of this world. Huge chunks of fish, mussels, and baby octopus in a very thin, light, flavorful broth. It also had sweet corn and big chunks of boiled tomato.

What did you all have for lunch today?

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