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Growing up outside of Boston, it was breakfast, lunch and dinner... except Sunday... the big meal was usually early afternoon, but called Sunday dinner.

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I eat continously, all day, at least 6 times, so I have two breakfasts, usually Ovaltine and Metamucil capsules before 30 minutes of cardio at the gym, then maybe oatmeal or cold dry cereal mid-morning. Week day lunch is normally leftovers from my big Sunday dinner; some type of protein, a starch, and a vegetable, so that is my big meal of the day. Mid afternoon I will eat some fruit, a proetein bar, a couple of handfuls of mixed nuts, or popcorn, something to give me a small sugar rush to keep me awake for the drive home. Once home it's a 30 to 45 minute nap, a salad of some kind, and off to the gym again for weight training. Finally, before bed, I have a carton of light (no sugar, no fat) yogurt and two cookies. My favorite cookie is peanut butter-oatmeal-chocolate chip.

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Strictly speaking about the weekends (because during the week, around here, it's every man for him/herself, and I don't give a good hoot what it's called)

Breakfast is the first meal, and my preference is hot coffee and pastry or danish.

Lunch is mid-day and usually light, just enough to hold you till...

Dinner - about 7-8pm, usually 3-4 courses.

I seem to recall calling the 6pm meal 'supper' when I was a kid, and calling a big 2pm meal 'dinner' on Sunday afternoon.
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Originally Posted by mudbug
Not at all, csalt. I meant "tea" as in that late afternoon thing that might include actual mugs of tea or something else. Sometimes substantial fare as well. Kind of a substitute for what we Yanks (non-farmers) might call dinner.

And a "cream tea" is an entirely different animal.

Obviously I've been reading too much Jane Austen lately.
Oh, a cream tea is a wonder treat. Especiallyt here, all round the coast. So many lovely tea rooms etc.
I think life styles have changed the meals somewhat.
Mum and Dad working and children off to all sorts of clubs, so it's a case of eat when it fits in with family commitments.

Very different in Victorian times!!

Here in the UK there is a season of Jane Austen plays coming soon on TV. At last something worth watching.
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[quote=kitchenelf]Well, even though it shouldn't be our biggest meal is the last of the day, which is supper - unless I'm going "out to dinner"

Well now I'm totally confused.......... . Used to date this guy from Chicago and he thought it was weird we called our main meal supper. It was always Breakfast - Lunch - Supper for us. He said that Supper for them was a celebration type meal....hmmmm. Well now that I ponder it I guess whenever we go out we call it going out for Dinner.....didn't realize it till now that you pointed that out kitchenelf.

Any hoot........our main meal is our evening meal, which is usually between 5pm and 7pm..... if were home its supper and if we go out its dinner.
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My DH and I go to storytelling festivals, and one of our favorite tellers is a gentle Southern lady whose name is Ms. Katheryn Windham. She often mentions that it makes her peevish when people call the evening meal "dinner". She says dinner is at noon and supper is the last meal of the day. She is very adamant about that.

I still call the last meal dinner and we have lunch at noon.
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in our household as a little girl, we called dinner supper. "supper's ready" was what I'd hear. my mom's family was all from Minnesota, "the Norwegian" state. So that's what they always said. In my house, it's dinner

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