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What's your opinion "Eating at home is better than eating at restaurants

This is my opinion essay for this topic.

So which do you prefer?

Please help me correct the grammar and give me your opinion about this topic with some reason.

Thx everyone. ^^

In this world, food is an important thing for everyone. People cannot live without eating food. People have many choices for their meals because nowadays there are many places for eating food in Thailand. Most people choose to eat at their home but some people choose to eat at restaurants. They both are good places to choose, but there are many reasons that why eating at home is better than eating at restaurants. Eating at home is healthier, cheaper, cleaner and faster. So in my opinion, eating at home is better than eating at restaurants.

Firstly, eating at home is healthier. There are many fast foods at restaurant such as hamburgers and hot dogs, which usually contain a lot of calories and fat, and are harmful for our health. They make us gain weight and become fat and they can lead to diabetes and heart disease, for example, among other health problems. But if you eat at home, you can adopt a healthier lifestyle. For instance, you can use healthier oils and other ingredients to cut calories and fat.

Secondly, eating at home is cheaper. When you go to a restaurant you don't pay only for the meal, you also have to pay for the service provided. You have to spend much money for a simple meal than if you buy your own ingredients and make the food by yourself. Supermarkets allow you to use coupons and have sales, so it is much cheaper than eating at restaurant and you can save a lot of money.

Thirdly, eating at home is cleaner. This is a good reason because when you are eating at restaurants, you donít know much about the meal that you are eating. It maybe has some bad ingredients, for example, dirty vegetables. Some careless staff may be dropping food on the ground and still serving it or there can be spoiled fruits in your meal. But when you are making food by yourself and eating food at home, you are sure what you are eating and donít have to worry about that.

Finally, eating at home is faster. Eating at home takes less time than going out. By using tools such as microwaves you can cook the meal in a couple of minutes, for example, boiled dishes, but if you want to eat at restaurant you have to drive the car to the restaurant. If you are lucky and don't get stuck in traffic it's only about 15 minutes. Then you have to spend time for ordering the food and wait 20 minutes on average for preparation of your order. Totally it takes about an hour to eat at restaurants, so that is longer than eating at home.

In conclusion, you can see from the above that eating at home is better than eating at restaurants, but it is impossible to cook everything that you want at home, so of course itís more convenient and enjoyable to eat out sometimes.


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Eating at home is only healthier if you CHOOSE to make it healthier. It can be just as bad, if not worse, than a fast food restaurant if you choose bad foods when at the grocery store. In the same vein, eating out can be just as healthy as scratch cooking. You can CHOOSE to eat at a restaurant that prepares quality food with quality ingredients, or you can choose to eat at the fast food burger joint. I don't think either is "better" than the other. It's all about choices. You can choose good or bad from either place, it's up to you as an individual to make the choice that best suits you... and for most of us, that's usually a mix of all 4.. a little healthy a little bad.. prepared at home and in a restaurant. Everything in moderation. :)

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What's the point of your post? Are you trying to justify not eating out?

I don't see eating in or dining out as 'either/or' options. Most folks eat most meals at home and dine out occasionally as a treat.

There's no need to condemn eating out. It's a great option for people who enjoy good food and love to eat different foods.
"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." -Carl Sagan
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I think someone has an assignment due and they want help editing.

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I think the benefit of eating at home is that you have more control and insight of what you are putting in to the dish. It is up to you to be healthy, inexpensive, fast and clean. If these are things that you can accomplish at home, then sure, it can be beneficial.

On the other hand, sometimes a recipe calls for so many ingredients, that to buy each one to make at home, may cost an arm and a leg. Therefore, actually being less expensive to just go to a restaurant and have the one serving. Or, to cook something like a turkey, which can take all day, but if you go to the restaurant, its there waiting for you.

As far as grammar goes, your asking the wrong person. I barely got a 300 on the English portion of my SAT's .
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I think eating out is often much better than eating at home.

Certainly tends to be more interesting and educational.

Less is not more. More is more and more is fabulous.
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