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"B" Rated Restaurants...

In my neck of the woods, restaurants receive a rating ("A" being the best), that must be displayed in the window.

There are 3 Chinese restaurants I have frequented over the years, & have noticed a "B" rating in the window. I have asked about the rating, but mostly I get a vague answer, i.e. "Didn't clean up" or "Not enough money to pay the Health Inspector." Not really clear on the answers.

One of my favorite Chinese restaurants has been around for over a decade. Lately I have noticed the noodles are gummy/sticky, & had to toss them out.

My question is, would you eat in a restaurant with a "B" rating?


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It would depend on what the criteria is. Where I used to live it was so easy to get an A that it had to be pretty bad to get a B or C.

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Where I live? Probably not, but it depends. A "B" rating would mean that the health department found something and warned the restaurant that they needed to correct it. It might not be as bad as a dead rat under the stove, but maybe uncovered ingredients in the kitchen. I've never heard that the inspectors get paid off in this area.
Last year a local bakery was given a temporary "B" rating because the inspector found an open bag of flour next to the mixer while a batch of cookies were being made.
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These ratings are based upon health code requirements and violations of same. They have nothing to do with the quality of cooking or with how delicious or well prepared the food is.

IIRC "A" = meets all the most stringent health code, cleanliness and food handling requirements, "C" = if they did any worse we'd shut them down, but they skated by this time. ("B" is of course middling.)

It would be interesting to ask for a kitchen tour. I've never asked that.

p.s. I am discussing these ratings in Los Angeles. Of course these ratings could vary widely throughout US.
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I've never lived anywhere they gave ratings that had to be displayed, at least none I remember. I do know that the M&P Bakery I worked in never had a complete passing grade until I started working there and I would not hesitate to buy their goods or eat at the lunch counter.

Most violations that were given out in the places I worked were things like the temp on the walk-ins and freezers were one to two degrees off or the bleach water for cleaning was not the correct percentage.
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Call or go online to the Board of Health (or whatever department) and get explanations of the ratings.
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We have to display our score which is accompanied by a letter grade. Our inspections along with anyone else are online and you can see the entire report.

Getting a B here would require a lot of small violations or a vary large one. Holding temperatures are weighed heavily here. In a restaurant, the restrooms can weigh them down, say if when the inspector showed up there was no soap in the dispenser, no towel or hand drying device, or overall cleanliness.

Here I probably wouldn't eat at a "B" since I know they may have serious problems. I would keep an eye on them and if it quickly went back up to an "A", I would give them another shot, because they could have been having a bad day, new or poorly trained employee, etc.. If their score hovers in the low 90's and dips to a "B", then it would indicate to me that they may be lax on sanitation.
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Originally Posted by FrankZ View Post
It would depend on what the criteria is. Where I used to live it was so easy to get an A that it had to be pretty bad to get a B or C.

i've never noticed anything but an A rating displayed anywhere. a B rating would be an advertisement that the place failed an inspection for various reasons, usually cleanliness, and who knows if they've had time or the wherewithal to correct them.

i don't really have much faith in the truthfulness of a displayed A rating, but i certainly wouldn't eat at a B or less rated restaurant.
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I've never heard of this letter grade thing. Is it something new?

I have to admit it sounds like a pretty good idea, though. Kind of like the Scarlet Letter... except with "A" being a positive.
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I have not seen any food rating over my side of the world

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