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The Best You Ever Had?

I didn't see anything recent for this. If there is an older thread, I apologize, but I sort of wanted to get opinions from the most current crop of regular posters. This is a take on the Food Network show, and anything goes as long as you can give a fair description and the restaurant/location where you got it.

My first post is for an appetizer offering. Crab stuffed mushrooms with a white wine cream sauce.... absolutely worth killing for. The restaurant was called the Steak and Rib in Breckenridge Colorado. We started going there because an acquaintance was part owner, but we kept going at least once a year for the food (even though it was 2 hours away from our home in the Denver suburbs and usually required a hotel reservation for the night).

The first thing we ordered was a bottle of cabernet sauvignon and these mushrooms. The rest of the menu was great, but for us, the pinnacle was the appetizer. Because of this we have tried crab stuffed mushrooms when offered every place we've ever eaten, but nothing has ever come close, even in some pretty nice restaurants.

At last report, the place is closed... too bad. I'll miss those mushrooms.

Edit: What the devil is this "Tweet" thing that got placed in my post? I don't Tweet and didn't put it there.

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Hmm. I don't see the tweet thing, but reported it.

Those mushrooms sound like heaven.

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I see Google, Tweet, and FB icons at the bottom of Rick's post, above his signature.
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Hmm. That's a tough one. I can't narrow it down to one but I'll name a couple that are right up there.

Chalet Suisse in Aruba serves a lobster bisque on Friday and Saturday nights as their soup of the day. It's remarkably good and would be top rated anywhere. When we make reservations to go there, it's always on a lobster bisque night.

Aprile's European Restaurant is a local restaurant that has Italian roots that extend back to the North End of Boston. Last year I had a Chianti Braised Short rib that was really really good. I have to go back.
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My sister and I had just come from the theatre and seeing The Lion King. Aside from how great the state show was, the stunning beauty of the renovated Opera House took your breath away. Gold leafing on everything.

We decided to stop at the Teatro Restaurant on Tremont Street, right around the corner from the Opera House. I ordered Fettuccini Alfredo. It was made from the original recipe. Oh dear heavens! It melted in my mouth. It was a rather large helping. Way more than I could eat at one sitting. Yet I knew if I took it home and reheated it, it would not taste the same. So sadly I left the remaining behind. To this day, I want to go back and finish it.
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Tough New York Strip, cooked over charcoal on the flight deck of the USS KittyHawk aircraft carrier. What made it great was that after eating ordinary chow hall food for 6 weeks straight, while steaming around the See of Japan, Steel Beach Sunday was a day to remember. All the aircraft were removed from the flight deck. The crazies were playing tackle football on the non-skid covered steel deck, some loose rock bands were put together by sailors who were unpracticed, but could carry a tune on their Fillipino made Fender Strats, two beers were allowed per sailor (I hate beer and sold each of mine for a cool $15 U.S.), and we were given a break from our 12 hours a day, seven days a week work schedule. I think grilled tennis shoe would have been equally acceptable off of the grill under those conditions. Now that I think of it, in the forward mess deck, I once had a corned beef sandwich that was really as tough as the aforementioned tennis shoe.

After that, it was the fried ice cream at Carlos & Totos in Barstow, CA., or the Carne Asada Burritos as at La Cotija in El Cajon Ca. (sadly, no longer there).

Ok, enough fooling around. The best I ever had was swordfish and ahi-tuna kabobs with P.A.G. (my eldest daughter for those of you who remember her), cooked on the Webber Kettle. The company, the reason for the meal, and some really good ingredients made it epic.

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Best Shrimp Dish Ever

I'm going to have to say that the best shrimp dish I've ever had is called the Camarones Carlos y Charlie's at Mariano's Mexican Restaurant in Arlington, TX.

This is bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed shrimp with a crab meat dipping sauce. Definitely to die for! Haven't been to Mariano's in awhile - might be worth it in the next couple weeks.

Mariano's supposedly created the frozen margarita in their Dallas location. It is amazing, that's for sure!

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The Best You Ever Had?

Coconut crusted lionfish at La Perlita in Cozumel. To die for. And Albino's seafood stuffed baked fish fillet, also to die for.
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When I go out the food must be perfect or I send it back.

I have been going to Steve's Sizzling Steak for 30+ years and have never sent anything back. I love steak and this is the best in my eyes. I order the NY strip and an order of mushrooms. The steak is splashed with Maggi seasoning.

Click >>> Steve's Sizzling Steaks
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The Best You Ever Had?

Nice, MsM! A couple eons ago, we had a friend who owned a restaurant and made the best aged filet mignon, cooked to perfection. They were like buttah.

She who dies with the most toys, wins.
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