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Family dinners

Do you guys have family dinners weekly or even monthly? We do Sunday dinner here every Sunday, started with me the wife and our 2 kids, after about 15 years theres now 10 of us. 4 kids included. I supply and cook everything, the kids help clean up. It's a blessing that our kids live within 25 mins away, when it's your birthday you get to choose an entree and a main. Tomorrows my granddaughter who chose cheesy garlic bread then smoked chicken shrooms pasta sauce with fettucine . It's her fave. I feel very lucky to see my kids real regular. Do you guys get together often??



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For the first 15 years of my first marriage, we ALL sat down to supper, seven days a week. It didn't matter if you were going to be late for baseball practice, or any other activity you were planning on attending. Every Sunday and on special holidays, we had a feast. The leaf went into the table, the good dishes came out along with the table cloth and matching napkins, and the meal would last for a good two hours. the kids were expected to pitch in without being told. They could gripe all they wanted to, but it always got done.

Unfortunately, illness came visiting, (cancer) and it became every man for themselves. I was at the hospital day and night. After the funeral, the kids were pretty much grown and starting to live their own lives. I still have three kids that live within three minutes of me. And one who lives in Vermont. One of the three kids lives with me and presently is my caretaker. But we still make an effort to have a sit-down Sunday dinner for just the two of us.
Come holiday time, I make Hershey's Dark Chocolate Cake in a bunt pan for each household. Five in all. It looks like a Christmas Wreath with edible holly leaves and green coconut.

I honestly believe that family meals are what made my little family the close knit members that they are. I gave them happy memories while feeding their bodies. It was a time to catch up on everyone's daily activities. It was at one of these meals is when engagements were announced, who was expecting a baby, who was buying their first home, etc. Important family events.

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I grew up in a home where we ate every night as a family. Sunday dinners (around 2:00PM) were standard. The menu was usually roast chicken with pilaf and a salad.

When I got married we had dinner together every night and on the weekend.

SO and I eat our meals together every night. Weekends are less significant when you're retired. Her children are all in FL. Mine are nearby. We see them on holidays and special occasions.
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Mom, Dad and I often eat together. Mom cooks, I am the only one working as the folks are retired. I'm getting used to having them cook for me and it makes Mom happy.

I still have not learned to cook for one, I end up with lots of leftovers.
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With our busy schedules we're all over the map. Someone in our family is sure to announce a last minute BBQ get together this weekend. I'm good with that.
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DH and I eat our meals together, when we're both home (which is most of the time). We have no other family nearby.
Anyplace where people argue about food is a good place.
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Not in years.

Growing up we ate together almost every night in the dining room with the television off and eating Sunday dinners together after church was the norm.

I think that a family sharing a meal and the events of the day are very important.

Don't worry about setting aside a special time or place, get together over a delivery pizza or a bucket of chicken and focus your attention on each other for an hour or two every chance you get.
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Old 06-16-2018, 04:58 PM   #8
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I grew up having family dinners every night. As we got older and the introduction of boyfriends and girlfriends, Friday night and Sunday night were the designated family dinner nights. Once we married, moved away then moved back again and the addition of kids, at least once a month we would all meet at my moms house on a Sunday, celebrating whatever holiday it was and / or celebrating whoever's birthday or birthdays fell in or around that month or day. As the kids ( their grandkids ) got older and went away to college it became less frequent but still major holidays and probably every other month.

We would always sit under this old oak tree in the backyard as a family. I remember the tree when my dad first planted it and we used to measure him to the tree to see which was taller ( eventually the tree won). Anyway, when hurricane sandy hit the area, that tree was toppled over, (luckily missing the house) and my parents moved to another house. Just wasn't the same without the tree.

As an immediate family, we always had family dinner every night. When I was doing my residency and had to sleep at the hospital, my wife would bring the kids and we'd eat at the hospital. I work 2 late nights a week, so either they wait for me to eat, or they have dessert as i eat my dinner. Now , the kids older and often in other states ( my son in Montana for the school year and my daughter doing internships , last summer in florida and this summer in Massachusetts ( Thank God for spell check, Ill never be able to spell that state correctly on my own), were only all together for a month out of the year and we try to have family dinners as often as we can.
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Great stories and memories. Good when food brings us all together.

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Growing up, my sister and I ate together, and my parents ate together when we were done and off watching TV. We did sometimes eat dinner together on Sundays. When there were big family dinners with the grandparents and aunts and uncles, they were usually at our house -- usually Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Today, I cook for my parents and sister two or three times a year when I go to visit them. I've lived in my current house since 2001. My parents have been here about three times, my sister, once. They have never eaten a meal in my house.

I do enjoy cooking for the family, and so far, they have loved the food. I overcooked some Jamaican rice and peas big-time once, but nobody complained. The rest of the Jamaican-style meal was cooked right. I like to push my family beyond their usual, very limited culinary boundaries. And, they seem to like it.


“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.” Winnie-the-Pooh
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