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Originally Posted by CharlieD View Post
I am not big on creamy soups, but recently somebody asked me to make it for about 100 people. Instead I made vegetable soup and pureed the whole thing, people loved it. It was creamy without the cream. And in April it would be nice to have baby greens or a spring mix, I think it’s called, with some vinegrate dressing.
In looking back over all the great suggestions, I saw that I wrote "I like the idea of a creamy soup with cream" - I mean to write "without cream".
The first response sounds so RUDE.

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Originally Posted by HistoricFoodie View Post
Many years ago, in Boston, there was a Viennese type cafe that served a sort of shrimp-louis salad, that I've adapted. This would pair nicely with a petit marmit, or even just a plain consume.

For each serving you'll need several asparagus spears, two or three large shrimp, a few black olives, hard-boiled egg, cut in quarters, and Louis dressing.

Steam the asparagus, poach the shrimp. Then lay them out stylishly on the plate. How you do this depends on the shape and size of the plate. But, in general, you want the asparagus in a bunch, with the shrimp arranged prettily on top of it. Garnish with the egg wedges and olives.

Nap the shrimp and part of the asparagus with Louis dressing. Have extra dressing available on the side.

One nice thing about this dish is that all the cooking can be done ahead of time, leaving only assembly for service.
This would fill the "fancy" requirement perfectly. I've done something like it before, a composed salad with shrimp and remoulade - but for a different group. Good idea - and doing everything ahead is a great idea.

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Originally Posted by Margi Cintrano View Post
Here are some suggestions that have not been mentioned. Many of the ideas, are very lovely. I just did not wish to repeat same ... Thought about " these ladies wish to have something special, innovative, new and different " ... something they cannot eat at home or make.
Yes, just so. The event is a fundraiser, includes fashion show and "trash and treasure" shop and is advertised as including "gourmet luncheon" so need something surprising.
Oh my word --- so many choices... so few luncheons.
You have a huge storehouse of great food in your head! thanks!
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Originally Posted by jennyema View Post
It's soup and SALAD pairings. I like a combo of light and heavier in either direction.

Vichyssoise and a simple Arugula Salad with shaved parmesan and a lemon vinaigrette

Tomato Consomme with a Salad Nicoise
Thank you. I thought I had lost my mind or ability to read properly. Is there such a thing as a salad sandwich?
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yes, a lettuce wrap a la korean bbq.

just another thought, you could do a thai/malaysian theme with tom yum gai for the soup, and a salad of baby greens, shredded carrots and red onions, thai basil, cubed mango, julienned peppers, crushed peanuts, and water chestnuts in a ginger garlic dressing.
It seems like taste buds get along really well, just by their name...
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Cheese burger soup is a soup and salad in one bowl.
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Friday: From Margi

@ Sharon T.

Thanks for the compliment. I am a Corresponding Journalist and the food, wine and travel editor for the oldest English lang. magazine in the Iberian Peninsula, catering to Embassies, diplomats and ambassadors. Thus, the
food and wine chip ! It is part of the Mediterranean culture, to discuss food and how´s and why´s -- an old Italian Adage: "one must be happy at the table" ... we love to sit and discuss gastronomy and wines, from A to Z ... ( or do not sit down ! )

Have a nice wkend.
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Maybe a nice cool gazpacho with shrimp salad or good old chicken soup and a fresh veg and noodle salad? So many soups and salads it's a bit of tough question :)
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This would fill the "fancy" requirement perfectly

You're absolutely correct, Sharon. I like this salad for a crowd for several reasons. It's actually simple to prepare and, while appealling to the taste makes a dramatic visual impact as well.

BTW, when I serve it I quarter the eggs with a corrugated cutter and arrange them in a rosette, with the olives in the middle. Sort of like a black-eyed Susan.

Although vichyssoise, gazpecho, and the like are really great soups, the event is in April, right? A bit early, IMO, for a cold soup. Given the high-fashion nature of the event, a clear or light soup is the way to go. Those women don't even want to look at anything hearty; not out in public, anyway.

This also raises an issue about breadstuff. On a soup/salad table you almost can't not have bread. But given the audience...... Just something to think about.
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What about a nice stuffed pepper soup? Some sausage with a tomato base and a bunch of veggies and light spices. Not spicy hot but spices.

Can never go wrong with chicken noodle of course and there are some various ways to change that up.

Def have some homemade breads if you can!

Id love to go to a soup and salad luncheon. Sweet Tomatoes is one of my favorite restaurants bc of it!

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salad, soup

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