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Originally Posted by Claire View Post
I'm monitoring this line to find things I didn't know about food interactions. One I learned a few years ago, which makes sense now ... and, once again, it may not be true ...

When my husband was a kid, he mentioned that most older people he knew had goiters.

We were told (I'd seen a few, but not like he described) that it was from lack of iodine.

So when I switched to kosher salt, he wasn't thrilled.

THEN I read in some article (many years ago, before internet, in a health-oriented magazine) that boiled cabbage can, after years, leach the body of iodine.

Now, we are NOT talking having it a few times a year, we're talking eating it every day in a nutrient-poor diet.

When I mentioned it to my husband, he immediately identified with it. His family were Eastern European immigrants, who would often subsist on boiled cabbage with a little bit of meat and seasonings, maybe some starch.

Interesting thought.
A bit of internet searching and it seems that cabbage, as well as all the other brassicas and soy are goitrogenic (can cause goitres). But, only if eaten raw and a lot. Apparently heat inactivates the goitrogens.

I purposely use iodized salt for most stuff.

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Cauliflower leaves,boiled and grinned cure purulence and haemorrhoids (applied as cataplasms)
Mature eggplants musnít be lacking in the diabetics alimentation.Make dietetic treatments all summer season long.
Eggplants that have been anointed with albumen donít preserve fatness in preparation and are more digestible.
Broccoli, the vegetable with anticancer reputation musnít be boiled more than 10-15 minutes.Always choose only the really green ones,no stains,no yellow leaves!

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Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Beef broth and tomato juice, canned
Here you can check the various types of food nutrients.
very useful for us =)
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Kale is high in vitamin C and is a good source of calcium. If a person is on a blood-thinner, vegetables such as cabbage and kale are not recommended for daily consumption because of the vitamin K. If you are on medications or cooking for someone who is, speaking with a nutritionist/dietician can help.

Although tomatoes are high in potassium, the heirloom varieties are better because hybrids are higher in sodium.
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Kale is a vitamin K and A rich food, good for the immune system. I'm no expert but i'm pretty sure it's a good un.
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35 Power Foods
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Originally Posted by Fabiabi View Post
Kale is a vitamin K and A rich food, good for the immune system. I'm no expert but i'm pretty sure it's a good un.
Be careful with veggies that are high in K if you take a blood thinner.
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Has anyone ever tried this nutrition tracking software?

FitDay - Smarter Weight Loss
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No never tried it, sounds like it could be useful if it works properly. I'm a bit dubious with these things
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Wow great feedback! What is the healthiest oil to use....olive oil?

Another good one - Grape Seed Oil

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