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Originally Posted by Aunt Bea View Post
Try a little olive oil for dry skin.

You can also shave with it if you run out of shaving cream or if your skin is sensitive.
Coconut oil is a great alternative to olive oil as it is a natural anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. I have a little plastic container of it in the shower and shave with it -- it leaves my legs crazy smooth and I don't need to do lotion afterward.

I use it all the time remove mascara and makeup and will slather some on my face on the rare occasions that it feels dry.


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My DD had a severe milk allergy and had to be put on soy formula when she was a baby. She still to this day, just turned 37 yesterday, has to be careful about how much dairy she eats as it causes GI issues, and she loves cheese, ice cream, etc., but can eat them, just in limited quantities. She also has a lot of skin sensitivities, as do I, and swears by coconut oil as a moisturizer. I have a big jug of coconut oil but haven't used it yet, keep forgetting about it as its downstairs now, while my bathroom is upstairs. When we make our move, it's all going to be 1-story so hopefully I'll try then. She also told me it seems to retard hair growth on her legs as she doesn't need to shave as much after using it for a bit.

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Coconut is one of the things he was tested for and is safe. Now I just have to find some oil next time we go to Omaha. Wife couldn't find any beets or sweet potatoes here in our local grocery stores so she got some canned ones. We will see how he likes them. We have to have 2 shopping lists. One for local and one for when we go to the city.
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Wow, living in the city one doesn't realize how hard it could be in a rural area.

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Jon, have you spoken with the owner of your local supermarket? I too live rural and know that my local grocery store (which isn't very large) will do special orders for customers. The owner of your local store might be willing to place special orders for you re: beets and sweet potatoes, organic stuff, etc. The owner has access to the distributors, just might not think there is enough of a market or that the locals wouldn't want to pay the higher prices.

For things that are sold by the case, if they keep, you could probably buy a case at a time. You might want to be selective about "country of origin." The peaches could be how they are processed or where they are grown and what's in the soil. I would think the closer to home, the better.
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Great advice CWS. Also keep in mind, the closer to the normal time of harvest for any product, the more successful you may be in getting these items for your son. If a product's normal harvest time is in December, you can bet that if you ask for it in August, it will be imported and cost twice as much. Being a farmer, you would know more about when the products you seek, are to be harvested.
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He gets almond milk in for us and actually sell quite a bit of of it. The produce there is not very good in general and the manager knows this. A couple weeks ago the wife got me 3 onions. 2 of the 3 were rotten inside. I was mad and made another 16 mile round trip to town. Got the manager showed him the rotten onions. We went to the onion bin he squeezed a few. said they are all a little soft take what you want. HE don't care.

God advice on the peaches. I know some apple juice especially wal-mart brand comes from china.

When we can peaches in the fall I usually get Colorado peaches. One thing with produce. Just because the box said something it don't always mean that's where it came from. Country of origin yes I believe that to be true. State of orgin may be different.
I was a long haul trucker for a number of years hauling produce from southern Florida to Omaha NE. One certain orange grove was my regular pick up. Big white boxes said Florida oranges on the side. All of a sudden they started saying California oranges. I asked whats up with that. They got bought out by a California company. They ship boxes to Florida. Basically they are putting Florida oranges in a box that said product of California.
Quando omni flunkus moritati-When all else fails, play dead
I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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So sorry to hear that. Our little one is intolerant to gluten and dairy. That's pretty hard but nothing compared to what you are going through.

Find some good recipe books for allergic kids and see how it goes would be my advice.

Good luck

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