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Old 05-05-2007, 01:32 AM   #11
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Yeah if there is a Buffet involved I indulge a lot.

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Sattie, I have the same issue with all the bread and butter restaurants serve before a big meal! I hardly ever eat bread anymore, which is one reason I was so full last night.

UncleB, I'm feeling much better this morning and since I stayed up for a bit before bed last night, I wasn't so full.

Accentuate the positives, medicate the negatives ~ Amy Sedaris
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Originally Posted by Robo410
yes I have the same issue as Andy M. I am fighting it and intend to win.
Me too! Problem is my fight is so half hearted I can only blame myself
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I know I overeat - mostly always. I have a problem which I very rarely feel full - I can eat and eat and eat - I amaze people. Not good as the I am aging and the metabolism is slowing down. Lately I have been trying to cut my portions down.
Michele Marie
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Old 05-05-2007, 07:33 AM   #15
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I cdertainly have a problem non overeating with varety, buffets, dim sum. I always over eat at dim sum joints. I find it really hard to judge when I am full or undeed when I am hungry. I just don't seem well wired for it any more. (I put a lot of it down to past bad eating habits and my nuerological problems, I have bad proprioception too). Thus I can forget to eat for long periods of time until I feel physically sick, and don't want to eat. I try really hard to eat regularly as a result. My appetite is fuelled by desire for taste and texture rather than satiation as a result. So, conversely, at multi course meals I find it hard to remember not too eat everything, because its not til I hurt I'll realise I'm full.

New things are hard: when I first came to Italy I wanted to eat everything in the first week, I now accept if I lived here a Life time I would not taste everything in the world I want too!

I love the small plate technique: I do it too Joanne! I fnd that visually judging is an easy way to help my mind make the decision before my body!

My husband is a binger, he'll eat staggaring amounts at a sitting, but he's neat and trim (now!). I think the nature of office work and long hours encourages this "eat big when you can" attitude. I really like that when he works he can have proper meals sent to his office through the night, rather than big bags of crisps to gorge on.

The other thing DH and I note is that as two people living together we never need buy the family sized packs of anything! It might work out cheaper per gramme, but it encourages overeating and it doesn't really work out cheaper than buying the appropriate amount for us!

Bread before a meal is a killer. I eat smaller meals at home than out anyway (I rarely cook three courses mid week! and often corporate dos have six courses or more!). Bread is doubly tempting because we rarely have it at home. That one tempting bread bowl is more than enough for a meal. I find it hard to discipline, but now only eat the bread if it is worth it for the taste experience.

I will often ask for chips etc to be removed if it is DH and I!

Alternatively I have found a grea way to have the fun without thee pain: we find a cocktail or glass of wine and apperitivo is enough for us midweek, a small late of crostini and a drink is a good light supper!
In omnibus amor et iustum
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Old 05-05-2007, 08:32 AM   #16
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I do over-eat but only when I cook Kenyan meals that I grew up eating and I miss so much.When I go back to Kenya to see my family, My mum prepares my favorite meals and the first few days I over-eat, then 'settle down' and get on with life.
There is no love sincerer than the love of food. ~George Bernard Shaw
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Originally Posted by redkitty
Sattie, I have the same issue with all the bread and butter restaurants serve before a big meal! I hardly ever eat bread anymore, which is one reason I was so full last night.
Oh yea!!! I'm a sucker for the bread as well!!! Why do they torture us so????

I'm better off with no before dinner freebies... that way I can concentrate on the meal.

I thought of something else... sushi... I can definately eat my weight in sushi!!!
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I don't do it regularly but I allow myself to sometimes. I think my problem is snacking in-between meals. I'm terrible for that.
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No, I haven't overeaten in decades because I HATE the feeling of being too full!

It was probably a Thanksgiving dinner, maybe 25 years ago, where I felt terrible and said I'd never do that again. I haven't. It's great to feel great after every meal!

Now, if I could just have more willpower over my beloved Miller Lite! :-)

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If I really, really like something, then I tend to over eat but most times instead of overeating at one sitting, I'll go back for more a couple hours later and have more then, kind of like a midnight snack I guess! I'd rather eat more real food later than to eat junkie sweets. Call me crazy!

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