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My son (4 1/2) helps me prepare dinner. He likes to cut (with a butter knife) all the veggies. Of course, he insists on trying everything as he does it & then is excited for the end result because he helped mommy make it. My vegetables aren't necessarily pretty or evenly chopped but he thinks they taste good.

Another way he will never pass up something (& he eats like a bird) is if he thinks his little sister is eating it to grow tall or get strong. He'll wolf down that spinach if she's eating it because he does not want his little sister to be bigger than him. :)

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I love the recipes from this books: The Sneaky Chef: Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals

Girl from Norway thats love to cook.
I have IBS/IBD and is following SCD diet
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Two surfire methods to get kids to eat veggies, the medieval way:

1. Threaten wit the guillotine
2. stick a tube down their throat and pour in warm, liquified vegies until their bellies are full. Mooohwahahaha

Just kidding. Let them help pick out the evening menu, and, let them help cook the veggies. They are likely to take ownership and eat them. For some veggies, like sweet potatoes, or winter squashes, you can change them by making into a custard (pumpkin pie filling) and serve it up warm in a bowl with vanilla ice cream. You can hide carrots and zuchini in quickbreads (carrot cake, zuchini bread) or add them to pancakes, waffles, and such. Veggies can often be hidden with fruit in smothies and home made juice blends.

Hope this helps. And don't try options 1 or 2, no matter how tempted you are.

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I agree with the sneaky chef. I'm doing the purees now and tried the breakfast cookies today. They were very good except I think the temp. was too high at 400 degrees. Next time will cook at lower temp. I'm anxious to try the recipes that she has in the book. The reviews were very good on her book I'm doing this for me and hubby!! Healthy Eating!!!
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Originally Posted by Andy M. View Post
I was never given the option to not eat my veggies. I couldn't leave the table until I cleaned my plate.

My kids ate their veggies so it wasn't an issue we really had to deal with.
wow very nice practice for your kids , It is very hard to let the kids eat veggies . I appreciate you being a parent..
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Old 03-08-2010, 01:04 PM   #26
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So you always enforce the "you have to have a taste" rule? Please tell me more!!

My mom used to always tell me to try things, if I didn't like them, I didn't have to eat them, but she wanted me to try them. Then my dad would say I didn't have to....boy did they fight about that! I was a terrible eater because of it. My mom tried to tell my dad that he wasn't helping me, he was hurting me, but he wouldn't hear it. And, of course, I thought he was the greatest because he never made me eat anything I didn't want (can't say "anything I didn't like" because I wouldn't try anything). If I didn't like what was for dinner, he'd cook me something else.

I am now struggling with one of my kids. The pediatrican and all of the books say "don't force them", sometimes a child has to be exposed to a food 20 or 30 times before they will taste it, etc. One of my girls (I have twin 3 year olds) will try almost everything, and usually likes it. The other one is SO picky. She eats a lot of veggies (carrots, broccoli, broccolini, asparagus, peppers, squash, peas, tomatoes, celery, etc.), but refuses to try anything new for about the last 4 or 5 months.

Last night (after my horrible yellow squash incident - did you read about that?), I ended up serving a frozen mix (emergency back-up, I rarely serve frozen veggies, but always have a few on hand) of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. The girls had never tried cauliflower before. She refused. It became a battle that lasted over an hour. She wouldn't eat it. She was in tears. (The other child ate it, liked it and asked for more.)

I'm worried that if I don't start pushing the issue, she won't try anything new - ever.

She won't eat chicken unless it's breaded. She won't eat steak, any kind of roast, hamburgers, any kind of ground meat mixed in with pasta, non tacos, fish, shellfish. She won't eat any beans except baked beans. She won't taste anything. She picks the meat out of stir-frys and is now (lately) against eating rice, too.

She used to eat tacos (with ground beef or ground turkey/chicken), now she dumps the meat out and won't eat it......she says "just the taco shell please". I can mound meat, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese on her plate and she'll eat it, but not in a taco shell. She won't eat the meat at all...but she did when she was 18 months old. (And it's not because the meat is spicy....she won't eat ground beef in pasta sauce or anything like that eater. She picks it out. I make a taco for her every time we have them, but she dumps the filling and eats the shell. She'll eat the other fillings and whatever other veggies I serve, but no meat.

I'm finding it hard to follow the advice of the books and the doctors, saying "don't force it". As I said, it wasn't forced on me...thanks to my dad...and I was a terrible eater until I became "older and wiser" (probably my late 20s or early 30s).

Lately, she hasn't been wanting to drink her milk. We tell her she can't leave table until she does. Plain and simple. And guess what? She drinks it. :) We got new vitamins in January (chewable ones prescribed by the doctor; they used to take drops) and it took about a week to get her to eat the vitamin without gagging and crying. Now she takes it daily without issue. Why? Because we didn't give her a choice. We told her she HAD to eat it. She put up a good fight, but when she realized we wouldn't back down, she gave in. No problem now. She takes it daily. Even asks about it in the morning. I'm starting to think we need to do that with most foods...
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I'm now dealing with grand kids..Same rule applies I insist one bite take your time and enjoy it. When I fix their dishes I put small amounts and find they will ask for more if it tastes good to them. If it were me and my child wanted to eat the taco shell plain that is how I'd plate it but the filling would be right next to it and it would be a half to eat at least half of it or else, if I knew they liked it...One tablespoon of each thing would be on the plate and a taste of each is required.
Example my 5 year old hates potatoes, yesterday I got him to eat some by fixing his plate like his brother, I gave him a custard cup with gravy to dunk his buttered bread in, once he did I said Carson can i dunk my potatoes in your gravy..Yep, then when he saw his cousin do it he just had to try it so she wouldn't get it..Works magic if he thinks someone else might get it. But, I do insist they have a bite of each ting on the plate,if not, it's bed with out anything else til morning.If they are hungry they eat...It seems harsh I know, but they learn mommy is mommy and they are our babies...Carson pulled that I won't eat on his mom, everyone was done, had left the kitchen, lights were off and there he sat...She called me, and I said what did I do with your brother? She then went in , got Carson, took him in and put him to bed, the next morning, he tore through breakfast and he now tried things when told to.. I've also instituted a "you're my taste tester with Cade and Ethan,,,Sunday's they taste the different things I'm making and give me thumbs up or down, know what? I get a lot of thumbs up You can do this if insisting do so..She has to taste and let her eat tacos her way but filling has to be eaten no question, just eat it.

You might consider if you kids are old enough, letting them fill their own plates, it makes them feel important, one rule, what you take you must eat and seconds are allowed if each thing is tasted.
HEAVEN is Cade, Ethan,Carson, and Olivia,Alyssa,Gianna
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Old 03-09-2010, 07:08 AM   #28
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They are many way to let your children love to eat vegetables as what i have eat in health n\in Home . First to do , expose you child to vegetable discuss them the good things about vegetables Kids' taste buds are far more sensitive than adults, and many kids have a very strong negative reaction to bitter flavors, making foods like spinach, brussels sprouts, and asparagus really unpalatable. .
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When I make the meat for tacos, I add a whole bag of frozen mixed veggies to the meat when its just been browned. Stir it around a bit then drain the fat. Continue on with the directions on the taco seasoning package (if you are taking that route) and you end up with a nice ratio of meat to veggies. Serve them in the taco and there is no way to pick around the veggies. My kids actually request this meal now.

I add a variety of root veggies and squash to my mashed potatoes. Sometimes it changes the colors (beets make everything magenta) but they like the added flavor in the mash.
No matter how many Bibles he swears on, when a dog tells you he's a vegetarian, he's lying.
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bigdaddy3k - Interesting idea. One of my girls would eat that no problem. The other would pick it apart. She has to examine everything before she puts it in her mouth. I may try it just for the added nutritional value. My guess is that she wouldn't eat it, especially since she dumps everything out of the shell and examines it!! She would never take a whole spoonful of veggies and put them in her mouth. She'd pick up one piece at a time and look at it before she puts it in her mouth. Oh, and I do make my own taco seasoning!! :)

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