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Thank you. I learn something new on this site everyday.

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I've heard so many different variations to an answer for this, I don't know what is right! Here's what I have heard, and generally subscribe to.

1. According to my first responder instructor, who is the president of a national EMS organization, a paramedic, and who knows what else short a doc, a properly hydrated person should have to go about every hour. Now that isn't to say you can't hold it longer if needed, but that's the general time frame. It's pretty broad, yes.

2. The "water rule" I try to follow (and generally succeed at) is drinking one half (1/2) ounce of water for every pound you weigh. For example, a 200 pound person ought to drink 100 ounces (just a bit shy of a gallon) of water a day (200 multiplied by 1/2). To fit with the 8 glass rule, you'd have to be less then 130 pounds. I haven't been that weight since I was entering high school!

Strictly to this 1/2 ounce per pound, I probably fall a little short. I'm typically good for at about a gallon a day. I keep a couple 20 ounce bottles for water for when I am at work, and I usually drain them at least twice each, sometimes thrice. Then counting what I drink at home, I'm pretty dang close one way or t'other.

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I imagine that there are different theories to this perspective.

I just capped off the drinking for the day with a glass of milk, so I'll start back with the water again tomorrow and try to calculate just how much I drink.

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From what I've read (and I'm no specialist by any means), it takes A LOT of water to cause any problems being frequent potty trips. Also, in my experience, heavily increasing water intake does induce frequent potty trips but those do reduce as your body becomes accustomed to the amount.

I believe the "excessive" water amounts were something in the neighbourhood of 8 gallons or something similarly ridiculous. I know MANY people who do not find it at all difficult to consume two gallons or more per day (these people also exercise quite a bit). I'm Canadian, so I always have to do the conversion in my head, but I probably tend somewhere towards 2 - 4 litres any given day, depending on the amount of exercise that I do (0.5 - 1 gallon'ish/day).

I (nearly) guarantee, in my non-medical/professional/personal knowledge of your circumstances, that drinking a gallon or so every day will not negatively impact your health. This is, of course, subject to any personal health issues you may have beyond diabetes.

Either way, good luck.
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Something to keep in mind is that if you are thirsty then you are not drinking more than you should. If you are thirsty then you are already dehydrated.

You can run into a problem when you are not thirsty and are drinking too much. Like others have said, it does take a LOT to get into trouble. When I had my problem I had probably drank 4 liters of water that day and close to that amount many previous days in a row.
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Wow, that was a whole gallon!!

Yes, in most cases, the more water or any other liquid you drink, the more you are forced to make frequent potty trips. Almost as if you were gorged on drinking alcohol.

I just had the first 8 ounces of water for the day a few minutes ago.

Water also helps curb the appitite between dieters' meals by making you feel full, thereby discouraging any chances of you possibly overeating when you DO eat a meal, or from getting something terribly sweet or fattening such as a glazed donut, cheeseburger or French fries.

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Yes, if you drink too much water it can kill you. The recommended amount per day for adults is about 2 litres (that's roughly 4 pints) - more if you're digging ditches or running marathons in the heat. That's total fluid intake - not just water. A litre or so over that, you're probably OK, depending on how much you're sweating, the weather and other factors, but beyond that it becomes very risky indeed.
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I drink a lot of water, certainly not gallons and gallons.I do my 6 glasses recommended water 'dosage' But in the night I still do get thirsty and have to drink water. Not everynight, most nights though, and I never go to bed without a bottle of water by my bedside and make sure the same for my children. I have noticed that after a frozen over pizza, my children will wake up to drink water in the night(sodium related I guess).Anyway, I found this site interesting.http://www.deq.state.mi.us/documents...nWaterReqs.pdf
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Corey, since you have diabetes, I would consult with your physician and pose the questions to him/her & not take web advice.

Diet (i.e. salt intake), dehydration, medication, alcohol, and climate can all have an effect on your body & its' needs. Who's to say how much is too much or best for you.

One of my best friends drank water, soda, gatorade 24/7 -- it was drink and pee, drink & pee. She was also on meds. Her kidneys finally shut down. She was on dialoysis (sp) for awhile, stapled up, and hardly any place to put a shunt, until she passed away. Don't want to scare you, but get it checked out with a physician. What is 'normal', or daily recommended for one person, does not apply to everyone. My best.
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Originally Posted by Corey123
I never thought that I'd actually hear of anyone dying from drinking too much water.
Boston Marathon 2004. A woman died right after the race (or on the course) because she drank tons of water and did nothing to replace her electrolytes.

But that is a different case from yours ...

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