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Old 08-20-2011, 08:41 AM   #11
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Lots and lots of water (tea counts!) and Mucinex. FYI, there is a generic Mucinex, which will save you money.

Try sleeping in your recliner--sometimes that is the only thing that works for me.

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Hot steamy baths with some Vic's or mint mixed into the water help too. Would also help relax and relieve sore muscles. Mucinex works well. Be careful with it and the generics though. I found the generics especially made me really sleepy and sometimes a little dizzy. Lots of water and try to sleep propped up a little and with a humidifier if you have one.

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I'm thinking a vaporizer would help, too. I bought one several years ago at a drug store and it was really pretty cheap for what it does. Like mentioned, you've gotta break this thing up and hot steam is a good thing. I would even get in the shower and let the hot water pound on my chest.
And don't discount some good homemade chicken noodle soup. Lots of vitamins there.
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Yet another vote for "Mucinex", although you may not have that name brand of Guaifenesin in Canada, I know you have it in some form. It works wonders!
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If you're looking for something you can buy at a pharmacy this stuff is fabulous too!!
They make a syrup called Stodal that also works very well for coughs.
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Hmmm...mucinex sounds like it might be just the ticket. I really don't have cold symptoms (other than the freaking cough) so I might go do that.

vitauta, I DO have codeine pills from a few years back when I had H1N1. They were the only way I could get any sleep. True, they don't cure anything, but they sure helped me get some much needed rest! I'll pop one at bedtime tonight.

I should have mentioned that I've done enough garlic, honey, wine and echinacea to sink a ship. Not budging this freaking cough. I've had two lovely hot baths since we returned home and that has definitely helped with the aching muscles. DANG you can sure hurt yourself coughing! I keep thinking maybe I'll come out of this with abs of steel...hahahaha!

Sounds like I might try the thyme tea too. Zhizara, do I just buy fresh thyme and brew it like I do the mint? I have a mint patch that I just rip handfuls out of for my tea.

UB, does it need to be bourbon or will scotch work? I think I might give that a go tonight once I'm done driving all over the place. That might help me sleep more than a codeine pill!
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Old 08-20-2011, 12:39 PM   #17
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Ginger tea, candied ginger or even fresh, etc. Ginger relaxes smooth muscle tissue and can help soothe that cough. You can add sugar or honey and lemon if you like.

Don't use ginger in excess if you are pregnant, however (that relaxed muscle thing become a problem....).

You can buy ginger tea but it's best made from fresh ginger. Shred up about an inch of ginger root, pour 2 C of boiling water over and let steep for a few mins. Strain. Drink.
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Old 08-20-2011, 01:21 PM   #18
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Alix, fresh or dried thyme is fine. If you have dried on hand just fill half of one side of your tea ball with it and steep in boiling water. Tasty and mild.

Use it the same way as you do the mint, inhaling the steam until it's cool enough to sip.

Also have some chicken noodle soup. It helps with anything in your chest.

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Janet, the tea I've been drinking today is mint and ginger! Fortuitous! Thanks for the tip.

Zhizara, I have the dried stuff on hand so I'll try some of that too.

I found some Benylin cough syrup in our cabinet and it has that Guaifenesin stuff in it. The pharmacist doesn't have mucinex here so I'll just give the Benylin a go. I think I'll do Benylin during the day so I can cough all the goo out and then do the brandy or codeine at bedtime. Ahhhh!

Dinner tonight will be chicken soup! Thanks all.
You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. Robin Williams
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Originally Posted by NotActuallyaHero View Post
This sounds pretty stupid but it got me through a bad weekend last winter.

Turn your shower on hot, high. Sit in the steamy room with a hot tea and some menthol drops.

Relax and waste water.

Don't tell environmentalists.
i agree with you. best thing i know to do. used to work on my son's severe asthma when he was young.

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