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Since it's wintertime, you could have an afternoon tea party of hot chocolate, complete with whipped cream, etc. and have some cookies with it.

At breakfast time, serve hot or cold cereal with fruit and half-and-half rather than milk. One of my all-time favorite breakfasts is Rice Krispies with half-and-half and raspberries, blueberries or sliced bananas. Make cream of wheat using milk or half-and-half instead of water. It makes a world of difference in taste.

Turn the Instant Breakfast into a milkshake by adding ice cream.

Yes, eating high-fat foods before bedtime will aid in weight gain, but it might establish a bad pattern for adulthood. She could end up with a weight challenge later on.

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Originally Posted by Katie E View Post
Yes, eating high-fat foods before bedtime will aid in weight gain, but it might establish a bad pattern for adulthood. She could end up with a weight challenge later on.
My thought exactly, Katie E!
57 pounds for an 11 year old isn't that odd, unless she's very very tall. My 12 year old boy is only 64 pounds. My guess is that when hormones set in, she'll gain. Until then, healthy snacks are the way I'd go for the weight gain.
I'd concentrate more on the applause for her grades.

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jkath, I think it's the doctors who are insisting that she gain weight or they will take her off the ADHD meds. I'm of the same mind as you - some kids are just super thin and that's normal for them and if they are healthy, don't mess with their diet.
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My son's pediatrician was concerned because he was always under the weight charts. He worried more if he was to get sick because he had no reserves. So we used Pediasure instead of milk, also great in a milkshake. It's full of vitamins, minerals & calories!! Cheese plates, hummus, babaganoush & guacamole for snacks. For breakfast french toast with peanut butter, bananas & syrup, peach & berry pancakes & eggs with chorizo & cheese. Lots of paninis & pbj sandwiches. Tamales. Pot roasts with gravy & mashed cheesy potatoes (made with butter, cream, cream cheese & your favorite cheese). As for high calorie desserts....cheesecake, creme brulee, icecream & anything chocolate. Our son is finally on the charts but still is considered skinny with a serious six pack. Best of luck, she's lucky to have a stepmom who cares so much.
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When we told our doctor that we wanted to lose weight he gave us a diet plan and advice. Did Cora's doctor give any advice or just say that she needs to gain weight? He should be able to give some healthy weight gain ideas or at least recommend a good nutritionist.

Many of us who are overweight got that way by eating too much, eating the wrong foods, and not getting enough exercise. I wouldn't recommend any of these as a way to gain weight. In fact some outdoor activities like bike riding, running races with friends, etc. might help stimulate her appetite.

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While it's important to eat healthy, also remember that some fat is needed in your diet. If you really want to pack on some pounds, start having more more high-fat pasta meals. Instead of spaghetti with meatballs and red sauce, go for maybe penne with shrimp (high in fat but good fat, plus omega-3 acids) in an alfredo sauce (fat+dairy). You can also toss in some blanched veggies to the final dish. That's something we used to do as line cooks to make our meals a little healthier. Toss in some zuchini, or broccolini, under a heavy sauce you don't even taste them.

Another good option would be rissotto. Fried mozzarella. Quesadillas for lunch/snacks.

Anything that adds a good deal of carbs plus fat will help you to gain weight quickly. The reason is that your body will metabolize the simple carbs (pasta, rice, potato) before it metabolizes the fat, which almost always results in the fat being stored in your body. For about 10% of the population, the body will metabolize the fat AND the carbs even if you don't need all of that energy. These are the people who can eat garbage all their lives and never gain a pound (they are also usually very active as a result).

Try to work in some extra empty calories, but in a smart way. Add high fat foods that are high in other nutritional benefits. Shellfish, like I mentioned, are fatty, but they are "healthy" fats. Cheese adds necessary calcium and protein to the body that kids may not get otherwise (apparently lots of kids hate milk? i never had this problem, I LOVE milk). Work vegetables in by making casseroles or lasagnas where they'll be unrecognizable. Avocados are high in fat, and most people love em.
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Oils: Try to put olive oil or flaxseed oil in any and all meals. A lot of fat and the good kind and they contain the omega fatty acids.
Breads: Whole grains, they are healthy and have more fat and calories then the white breads.
Pasta: Like the breads, the whole grain kind or egg noodles, healthy and tasty with lots more fat and calories per serving.
Meats: Anything she will eat I know kids are picky with meat. But burgers will do the trick high protein, fat and calories there.

Pizza and ice cream although considered junky or junk food, I don't think they are especially for kids who are thin. They are delicious foods that do provide nutrients and all kids eat it. If you look at some of the so called healthy yogurts out there geared to kids, there is more sugar in them then in most ice creams and the calcium is the same per serving if not better in the ice cream.
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I think you should follow the doctor's advice and definitely try to help her gain some weight. Her weight and age put her under the 5th percentile for normal weight for a girl her age. Even my son, who looks scary thin without a shirt, stays between the 5th and the 10th percentile for weight (95th for height - thus the scary thinness). Here's a chart for girls:
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Angie, can you look at the timing of the med she is on? Also there are meds she can take that do not inhibit appetite. Perhaps a look at one of those might be in order.

First of all, I suspect that the med she is taking is an appetite inhibitor which likely peaks midday. Timing is critical. Stuff her when she actually HAS an appetite. If you can get a bigger breakfast into her that might help a lot. Try milkshakes or smoothies with breakfast.

You may need to supplement with Ensure or something like that too. Do look at a med that doesn't inhibit appetite. It can still help with the attention, but will allow her to have a more normal eating pattern.

(PS, my 11 year old is only 67lbs so I sympathize. Protein is not necessarily the way to put on the pounds, carbs are more likely to help in that respect. Lots of cereals, granola bars and things like that lying around for her to snack on will help too.)
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Health food stores carry "weight gainer" powders. High in calories, but full of protein and vitamins. Maybe make some shakes and slip some of that in there with some whole milk and fresh fruits. I've heard they don't taste that great so you might have to disguise it a bit. I know those shakes like Ensure are high in calories. I agree with someone who earlier said if the doctor wants her to gain weight he should have given some healthy advice or at least referred you to a nutritionist.

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