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Originally Posted by Michael in FtW
You're "situation" really sounds like a lot of the "student project" questions that we get here. Please forgive us if we sound skeptical - especially since you reject the idea of "NASA" type food.
What would I search for to find these student projects? I only reject freeze dried food because it's really expensive. That's actually the very same reason the US army stopped using it for long range patrol rations. What's wrong with that?

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Originally Posted by ntbsnthlrchn
See, people just post alternatives and that's it. I don't care about alternatives. Just how to make something which is this:

Nutritionally complete according to FDA. All real food.

O-3s can be left out.
Most of this thread is me answering why.
You perhaps didn't intend this to sound rude, but boy does it. You came to our site asking for advice/help and when people post in your thread offering you help, you complain.

People are offering you alternatives because what you are proposing sounds disgusting. This forum is about food and having it taste GOOD. If you weren't interested in that you came to the wrong place. That is the sole reason you are getting the answers you are.

You are making us suspicious of your motives. The fact that you live in Canada and keep mentioning the FDA had MY radar going up. The fact that when people offer you good, viable alternatives to what you are proposing, you shoot them down also puts my radar up. As Michael suggests, this sound like a school project or some kind of hoax. Also your comment about $ confuses me. On one hand you say you can afford the meat to put in your concoction, and on the other, freeze dried food is too expensive.

If indeed you are serious about this project it seems to me more research on your part is required and perhaps you need to be more openminded about what your "meal replacement" should consist of.

I'm sorry to have lectured you. Your thread is getting a lot of response and it would be courteous to say "thank you" rather than "I don't care about what you have said to me"

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Well, good for you Alix, for having the ba**s to say what you're thinking. I think a number of us were beginning to wonder what was behind this.
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It seems to me that you are trying to re-invent the wheel. Go to any camping store and they will have tons of camping foods that are both nutritious and lightweight as well as easy to pack and easy to cook if they even need any cooking at all. This is a multi million (if not more) dollar industry. Don't you think someone would have already created what you are trying to create if there was a way to do it. I am not saying that everything has already been invented by any means, but seriously take a look at the camping food industry and look at what you are trying to accomplish.
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Alix is right, radar is going up all over the place. I'm tempted to say, cut down on the amount of beer you plan on hauling around.

Get some really good vitamins, some fiber capsules, and grab some of the protein shake powders. You can melt snow for water to mix them up in reusable cups - no cooking, no dishes, no prep work.

There is no way that you can take the ingredients you listed and make them into some kind of homogenized mess and expect it to taste good. Well I guess you could - but your friends are liable to revolt.

On the other hand you could make soups, stews, mac & cheese, spaghetti & meatballs, etc and freeze them in vacuum sealed bags in individual portions. You could divide frozen veg into individual packages the same way. Same thing with some other precooked meat - sausages, ham slices, or whatever. Make some fruit cobblers and do the same thing. Freeze it all, stuff it in a cooler on the sled. If keeping things frozen isn't a problem - there ya go. Instant oatmeal, cream of wheat, etc. don't weigh much - neither does dried milk, or trail mix. You can get, or make, small packets of salt & pepper and other seasonings. A bottle of tabasco doesn't weigh much either.

When this many people come together to try to help some ungrateful twerp who only wants to be told how to make sludge taste good we're liable to get a little testy. (oh, and by the way it's not the FDA that does the nutritional recommendations - get your facts right!) (At least they didn't when I studied clinical nutrition)

I'm just lookin' for my "cheese"!
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