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Originally Posted by Uncle Bob View Post
Many Health Care Professionals suggest subtracting the fiber from the total only if the fiber is 5 grams or more, and subtracting only 1/2 of the sugar alcohols....In short read the label and understand how the manufacturer is doing the math...some of it is creative.
Net Carbs
This is what I was getting at-there has to be more to it than just counting the carbs. And that link was an excellent source Uncle Bob.

Thank you

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You are very welcome....

Here is an example out of my freezer...It's chocolate ice cream. On the front of the carton it says in big bold letters..."Only 4 Net Carbs"

Here is their Math right off the carton.

10 Grams Carbs Total
3 Grams Dietary Fiber
4 Grams Sugar
3 Grams Sugar Alcohol..
Net 4 Grams.....They are sutracting all of the Fiber and all of the Sugar Alcohols....10 minus 6 = 4

The ADA says, and suggests...

Since the Fiber is less than 5 grams do not subtract it
and only subtract 1/2 of the sugar alcohols or 1.5 grams of carbs.
So the ADA guidelines would be..

10 minus 1.5 = 8.5 Net Carbs...Over twice what the manufacturer states.
I think they get away with this because there are no FDA guidelines or the ones they have are very foggy.

In dieting...this difference is really not a big issue. For type 1 and 2 diabetics
it can be a serious issue for some individuals maybe....

There is only one Quality worse than Hardness of Heart, and that is Softness of Head.

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I think you are giving the mfr too much benefit of the doubt. They get away with it because they can!!

Its all about marketing-"you don't sell the steak you sell the sizzle"

Sincere thanks again to everyone whos chimed in-I've learned more about the dark art of carb counting in one day on DC then I have in the past 4 months!!!
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Just chiming in way late ... but the whole carb counting thing was a hot topic back in 2003/2004 and then low carb took a nose-dive with a lot of big name manufacturers hopping on the wag and making substandard products, then claiming low carb didn't work and didn't sell, when it was their crap products pretty much...

I've been low carb (when I'm behaving) since 1998 and a foodie for a heck of a lot longer than that.

You're getting pretty good advice here, SmokeKing, overall. Two things I would want to emphasize:

1) yes, you really should pick a plan and stick to it (it will give you the knowledge you seek) and the one I would most recommend for health and just enough technical information to make sense (vs. hype) is Protein Power, by the Drs. Michael and Mary-Dan Eades. Available in paperback and cheap at the price.
2) Polyols or sugar alcohols average half the calories (and they ARE carb calories) so there are, by inference, those that are more caloric and those that are less. Erythritol is the least caloric, by a huge factor. And almost all polyols cause some level of gastric distress (i.e., gas, diarrhea). Empirically, in my reading and experience of the last 10 years, I can tell you that the less distress one has ingesting the darn things, the more likely you are digesting them and your blood sugar will be affected, and then you insulin.

All that will make sense if you read Protein Power.


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