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Opinion on exercise and eating right

What is your opinion of someone who runs to the gym every morning but goes to McDonald's to eat? Does this make sense to you? They want to 'look' good but their ideas of health are not included. Do you think it really matters what you eat? I am beginning to doubt the fact that 'you are what you eat' due to the simple fact the food we buy isn't as nutrional as what it was in the past. I thank you for your input. They have already told me no matter what they eat it doesn't 'show' and so they eat what they want. Is this the purpose of exercise? I am confused.


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Kinda like gettin a donut and a diet coke?

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to each thier own
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Hello. Please don't listen to these people. I think you know what is "right" here.

I personally think they a have very immature and narrow minded attitude towards health and most likely towards life. It definitely matters what you eat. Fresh foods are what is natural and good for you, processed foods are not and it's all about moderation and balance. Good for them that they excercise. They may figure the nutrition aspect of it out eventually. Hopefully before their first by-pass surgery.

I think that as long as you cook for yourself and use natural food items that you should be fine in the long run (of course organic or raising food yourself is ideal but most of us don't have the money, time, or space). Our forefathers didn't have as much cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease back when because they ate off the land, not out of a can or a box or ordered dinner through a speaker box.

So, what about the person that eats perfectly organic w/ wholefoods and all that business and doesn't excercise. That isn't good either. We must do both.

Jeez, am I on a soapbox or what!!!! I couldt go on about the "you are what you eat" quote for awhile but I won't.


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You Are What You Eat?

Thanks for your strong input. That is exactly what I was taught to always eat what I knew was best. At least I try to figure out what is necessary to live right. My father ate oatmeal everyday and lived up to good age as well as my mother who was the cook in the family. She started fixing supper by peeling, steaming, and setting the oven. In other words, it wasn't something she could add water and it was done. I question my understanding due to the fact that when I breastfed my first child the doctor and his nurses told me it wasn't worth it due to the fact they didn't know if he was getting the right nutrition. Bottle feeding supposedly was way they could tell what he drank and what he was getting. Being the hard head I am, I do what my mother did and continured to nurse him. He thrived and they did not comment after that. No encouragement or criticism did they do. After the first I did what I wanted and felt I knew better. Since that experience with the doctor someone I respected voiced his disapproval, I seem to doubt my own thoughts. Seeing someone exercise only to eat wrong is stupid in my opinion. However, as I said I feel better since you said you agreed. Thanks and you only reinforce what my mother taught me. Guess you mom said the same thing.
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There is a yelowish colored fluid that is delivered befor the milk actually starts flowing when a child is breast fed. If my memory serves correctly, this is called cholosterum. It carries antibodies and helps the kick-start the childs own imune system. After that, the human milk is richer in the nutrients a human child requires than is any formula. Wheter you believe strictly in evolution, or that all was created by God, human milk is perfectly designed for human babies.

Just look at nutitional information given by so many differring "experts". No one can give a difinitive answer. Would I trust the health of my child to any of those experts? I don't think so. Besides, almost every respected scientific or nutritional periodical I have read says breastfeeding is the best., unless the mother can't produce sufficeint milk for the child.

As far as proper nutrition and exercise is concerned, they are a requirement of the human body. That's what it was designed for. The body is supposed to be worked, to interact with it's suroundings. Proper fuel is needed for maintenance, growth, and operation, including mental ability. The body is a biological machine of amazing complexity. It requires sodium, but in the proper amount, water, magnesium, arsenic, zinc, and a host of special chemicals that we refer to as hormones, vitamins, phyto-chemicals, iso-flavones, and trace minerals. each plays a role and has a function. The body was designed to use these and they are provided by what we eat.

Fast food was designed to make money, not provide sound nutrition. The fact still remains that a good diet contains a wide variety of vegetables, especially those with deep color, be it red, green, yellow, etc., and fruits, whole grains, meats, fats, and lots of water to transport nutrients and wastes to their proper locations. Portion control is also essential. We have been taught to eat huge amounts. We need to retrain ourselves and our children to eat moderate amounts of a lot of things. Add movement to that, and you have what it takes to live a healthier life.

The body is the machine that allows the spirit to interact with the physical universe. The two comprise the whole soul. Either without the other is just plain energy or matter. Both require maintenance and upkeep, including exercize.

Hope this helps.

Seeeeeya; Goodweed of the North
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Before I started watching what I eat, I would never understand why I would see people order huge McDonalds Supersized meals, and then order a diet coke. Since I am more concscious of what I eat now, I understand. I would much rather eat my calories than drink them. Maybe that's the whole donut and diet soda thing. :-)
On a side note, I haven't been to a McDonalds in YEARS, ever since I read Fast Food Nation. *sigh* this is what happens when you read too much...
Sometimes I miss the chemically laden fries...
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Originally Posted by marmalady
Kinda like gettin a donut and a diet coke?

Or smoking while riding your bike?
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Ralph Nader

When I first heard Ralph Nader speak at local college here. He questioned the audience how many had eaten McDonald's. Naturally,the whole audience raised their hands. When he asked who NEVER ate a McDonald's, he was the only one who never has. I was stunned. I still cannot believe that he has this type of mindset that he won't subject himself to something that everyone else does. I just have to try harder to 'swim upstream'. Thanks Goodweed for the information. If only I would have had this to show the people at the doctor's office and the doctor himself. All we can do is encourage our own children and hope they will know and do better.
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if I am what I eat then I am a cow.

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