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Originally Posted by Caine
Well, of course you have. Anything organic will decompose if given enough time. The thing is, if you have a vacuum sealed, unopened jar of peanut butter in your cupboard, it will most likely still be good three years after it's "Best if Sold By" date if you haven't opened the jar.

No, they're not, but that doesn't preclude the consumer from actually using the product after the date stamped on the package. Like I said, my sour cream expired in January and I ate it two days ago, but, hey, it's SOUR cream, so it was ALREADY spoiled when I bought it!

But it didn't have any mold or mildew on the surface or sides of the container, a definite indication that the suff has gone south completely.

This afternoon, I was in the supermarket picking up a few things. I decided to get some more peanut butter because the present one at home is about to run out.

I looked at all the brands there. First thing that I noticed was that Peter Pan in all forms was completely gone from the store shelves. So if anyone has any
ideas that it might have returned at all, it's still kaput.

Secondly, I looked at the ingredients of most of the brands there and saw that one of the ingredients is hydrogenated veggie oil; a form of trans fat.

Thirdly, the next is refined sugars. Followed by high frutose corn syrup in some of them. I still do not like the idea of having to stir the oil back into the natural pb, so that was out as well.

Fourth, I came across a brand that is not that familiar with me - Smart Balance Omega. It says that the oil can still separate from it, but it's hardly visible. But like the other naturals, it contains absolutely no hydrogenated oils, trans fatty acids and no refined sugars!

Instead, it has 100 mg Omega 3, a healthy form of flax oil. It's lightly sweetened with a touch of molasses. It looks in every way like regular peanut butter, but without the things that are so unhealthy to the body. And it's new!

I haven't tried it yet, but when I do, and if it tastes good, I'll stay with it!

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Found the most amazing peanut butter at our new grocery store. We can now make our very own peanut butter with fresh honey roasted peanuts. I'm in heaven! It's a bit expensive but so worth it.

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Originally Posted by Caine
You should buy natural peanut butter to get all the health benefits of peanut butter without all the additional junk the major manufactureres put into it to make it cheaper, such as sugar, or high fructose corn syrup, and hydrogenated vegetable oil. ....
I sincerely doubt that "additional" ingredients make a product cheaper ... either to produce or for the consumer. Basic laws of economics blow that idea out of the water ...

They will, however, make something like peanut butter more "appealing" to the general public - a little sweeter, a little creamier, a little moister, prolong the shelf life a little longer after opening - and homogenized so they don't have to fuss with stirring the oil back into the glop at the bottom of the jar.

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." - Mark Twain
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