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Hi CancerSurvivor and welcome to DC! Hope your moniker is true and that all is now well for you.

I can't stand the flavours of diet drinks and really don't like the chemicals that are used in the production. When I fancy a soft drink, I only pour half a glass and top up with soda water. It gives me the flavour, takes away the syrupiness and lessens the calories of the straight soft drink. I also do this with fruit juices and always buy ones without any added sugar. If I fancy an iced coffee or chocolate, I make them myself as I can control the amount of sugar/flavourings and which type of milk I use. I also make them with half water/half milk. Tea is about the best you are going to drink after water but you can still have coffee. There are now a huge range of teas and coffees available with a lot of teas that are meant to be drunk without milk.

When out and about, opt for a water, tea or coffee and save all the other fluids for home, so that you are in control.

Also as a way to delay drinking, suck on iceblocks or drink diluted unsweetened lemon juice - of just suck on a slice of cold lemon. Mouth wash is another good delayer. I used to be on a fluid restriction of one litre a day (incl the fluid in foods such as potato, soups, pasta, etc), which I also regularly failed (!), but these were some of the techniques I used. Also always keep a glass in the fridge so that your cold drinks taste colder and you will normally feel more refreshed.

Oh and never drink direct from a container, always pour into a glass/cup so you can monitor your intake, and measure all of the glassware/crockery at home.

Have a bowl of soup before a meal so you fill up on that rather than the heavier meal full of carbs and fat, etc.

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Originally Posted by cancersurvivor View Post
Hi friends, I want to keep my weight under control so I've started eating better and cutting back on soft drinks but I still have an occasional diet soda. If counting calories is an appropriate way to loose weight then would drink diet cola as it has 0 calories? Also what are some good substitutes for diet cola that don't contain many calories or artificial sweeteners and help in losing weight other than water? Any helpful comments will great appreciate.
Vegetable juices are low in calories, and pack a nutritional wallop. They also contain beneficial fiber, and taste great. You can alter them by adding variouls herbs, spices, and peppers, or hot suaces.

Also, keep cold, juicy fruit available. It satisfies thirst as well as feeds the body with healthy nutrients. Avoid fruit juices. The proble with the juices is that they give you unreasonable proportions of sugar. For instance, drinking an eight ounce glass of orange juice is like eating six or more oranges. You get too much of a good thing.

Except for a very few fruits (grapes comes to mind), fresh fruits are high in nutritional value, fiber, and phyto nutrients, and low in callories and sugars. I was suprised to see that even water mellon, as sweet as it tastes, is low in sugar per unit volume.

And don't forget your veggies. Like fruit, they are nutritionally rich. Suprisingly, sweet potatoes are so much better for you than are regular potatoes. They are rich in beta-carrotien, fiber, and a host of vitamins and minnerals. And they taste great.

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Generally, the more colorful the fruit of vegge, the greater the nutritional value.

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As long as you recieve all the vitamins your body needs and you are not depriving yourself.
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being raw is really good for health and this provides the all the nutrients in required amount.
I love going raw..
Enjoy the vegetable in its original form...
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My friend tried it and got sick of it real quick.
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I use a variation of the Raw Food diet. I only eat cooked foods on days of the week that end in "y".

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Raw foods are amazing, my health improved greatly since going raw (no more IBS or severe menstrual pains!). If you wanna read more about raw foods, you can go on this forum: rawfoodtalk.com/index.php. :-)

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