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Old 06-07-2012, 09:56 PM   #1
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Trying to gain weight.

I'm male, 5'4'' and weigh 120 pounds. I think that is underweight. Can someone give me healthy eating suggestions to try to add a few pounds.

Thanks in advance.



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Eat hat you normally eat. Just eat more. As with losing weight, there's no secret to gaining weight. Eat more than you use and you gain weight. Given that you want a healthful diet to gain weight, just eat more.

If you're willing to eat less healthfully, there's a world of food out there to make you bigger.

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Originally Posted by Andy M. View Post

If you're willing to eat less healthfully, there's a world of food out there to make you bigger.
Just drink super-sized soft drinks. All that sugar will make you gain weight.
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I have to wonder if this is a legitimate post, but assuming it is....

You are just about right for a 5'4" male of small frame. Perhaps a bit light, if you happen to have a large frame. Assuming you feel like you need some more weight to look your best, just make healthy eating decisions. Don't try to use sugar or fats or both as the strategy. At the same time, all protein without fat is very bad. It used to kill arctic explorers.

But be sure you're not just going by pounds alone. A hard muscled male will look leaner and will in fact be literally leaner but will be heavier than a larger but softer man.

But you might just be one of those people cursed with what everyone else would kill for, a metabolism that lets you eat without putting on weight. I had a fire department shift partner like that who could eat a pound of lunch meat, a loaf of bread, and a pound of potato chips and stay thin. I really can't think how he would have gained weight if he had wanted to. I saw him eat five Thanksgiving dinners one year as people brought them to the station one by one.
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What does your doctor say? Another thing to consider is age. If you are young, you may not be underweight. I would focus more on building core strength and agility. If you are eating healthy foods, regular meals, and getting healthy exercise and activity, your weight shouldn't be an issue.
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Originally Posted by GLC View Post
I have to wonder if this is a legitimate post, but assuming it is....
Being underweight is a real problem for some people. My son was about 23 before he finally 'filled out'. Age and hormones seemed to drive the problem. Once he started to fill out, got a little fat around his middle, he realized he had to cut back to get back to 'more normal'.

My mom from in her 20's until she reached 40 something was 5'6'' and 100-120 lbs, she couldn't gain weight and she couldn't give blood because she was so skinny. She'd eat french fries and ice cream every day, still she couldn't gain weight. Finally, due to female problems, she had certain female organs removed, I'm sure you can guess what that is about. From then on, no problem with her putting on weight and she's been fighting putting on weight since that time.

Maybe add a big protein drink everyday and get a little exercise, to try to put on a little more muscle and fat. From what I've seen, problems of being under weight don't last a lifetime and they are driven by hormones and age.
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Old 10-12-2012, 03:54 AM   #7
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I'm 5'9 and 120lbs (female). I don't think you're under weight.
The last thing you want to do is force you're body to store more fat, you might regret it when you get older and you're metabolism slows down.

If you really want to gain weight I would suggest you eat more lean protein and head to the gym for some weight training.
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I was 5'8" and 135 lbs when I graduated high school and was very slender. However, you are talking about four inches shorter, but only 15 lbs lighter. I don't think you're necessarily underweight.

However, if you want to gain weight, then I hope you're wanting to gain muscle. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up to end up where I was in March of this year: the same 5'8" but weighing in at 237 lbs.

I'm down 25.5 lbs now, but trust me when I say that I wish I hadn't ended up there in the first place. Age played a factor, but also eating habits that were focused on weight gain instead of healthy weight gain. My metabolism slowed way on down and my gut exploded outward. Not a good thing, IMHO.
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The most common answer you would probably hear is, you will only eat a lot. It really depends on the situation, there are some people who have faster metabolism or they don't really like to eat a lot even the foods are their favorites. But still, one of the easiest way is to eat a lot, we should not over worked our body, and we should avoid stress.
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First of all, you're not underweight unless you doctor says you are. Snip and I are good knowledgeable people, and the same height. I've lost so much weight that people are calling me skinny ... same height, 175 lbs! Yes, I am really (not lying) large boned. You shouldn't worry. I assume you are young. Eat more protein and good carbs. Just eat good food. If you're on the skinny side, who cares?

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