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Beer for my Party

Dear Abby;

We're having a party next weekend to celebrate my 50th birthday. Normally I drink Miller Lite while my lady prefers the paler Coors Light (with key lime). We talked about getting a couple of pony kegs and she's insisting (maybe a little too strong a word) that one of them be Coors Light. While I can tell the difference between the two, I'm thinking that I might want to get something a little MORE different than just giving the Miller Lite/Coors Light option to guests. However, I think that most mainstream American brews taste similar... so giving them, say, the Coors Light/Budweiser (for example) choice is still not significantly different. Foreign beers and boutique beers often cost considerably more than the mainstream US beers AND come in a smaller keg.

Any suggestions? Maybe I should just get what I normally like and have the 'beggars can't be choosers' attitude (hey, it's still free beer, right?). OR, would you lash out and spend more? Fat Tire, for example, costs almost as much for a 5 gallon keg as mainstream American beers cost for a full (1/2 barrel) keg.

Beer Dilemma in Vegas


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Dear Beer Delimma in Vegas,

Probably not the answer you're looking for since I'm not a beer drinker. I would serve what you like & serve some wine or other libations to "mix it up." Just my opinion.

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Old 04-03-2008, 03:33 PM   #3
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Originally Posted by The Z View Post
... I think that most mainstream American brews taste similar...

Have to agree with you there, and might I add none of then actually taste like beer.

Ok I better run now.
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Old 04-03-2008, 04:52 PM   #4
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when it comes out of a keg .. most people can not
tell the difference .. every party i have had i use Mic lite ..
i do not ever remember anyone even asking what it was ..
and if they did the answer is simple ..

free ..
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I find that when we have a big party picky people bring their own.
Also...after a few beers no one cares anymore about what kind is coming out of the keg.

Have a blast!
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Old 04-03-2008, 05:10 PM   #6
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I am with the serve what you like crowd.

Also agree with Charlie, usually do. Most US lagers, including lite beers, taste about the same. To me they are very watery and if the stuff in the keg had more than half a hop gently dragged through it you couldn't prove it by me.

Except for Bud which I can, and have, picked out at a blind tasting. Cannot abide the stuff.

Sorry for the generic beer aside.

But folks are not at a party for a beer tasting. They are there to have fun, drink a few beers, maybe eat something, and just have a good time.

So serve what you feel comfortable providing. And enjoy your birthday, have a happy one.
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Originally Posted by love2"Q" View Post
when it comes out of a keg .. most people can not
tell the difference
I have to disagree here. The vessel the beer comes in will not make someone unable to tell the difference between beers. If there are people who drink and enjoy beers then they will certainly be able to between different kinds if they are able to do the same out of a bottle or can or glass.

I think you would be fine offering any kind. I am assuming the people coming to this party are your friends and if they are then they will be thrilled to be celebrating with you and the free beer, no matter what kind, will just be a bonus.

If you really want to get something that is different from what you usually get, but keep price down then how about something like a Sam Adams or Bass, or something like that?
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A good compromise between price and quality, would be the exceptionally good sam adams light if it's the caloric intake you are watching by drinking that rocky mountain moose p - coors light. Like they say, it's the water alright, and take a look at the colorado river...no thanks. to each his own however. Sorry, i've just got a thing against coors. And as a side note, the difference between light beers and regular beers tends to be nominal as far as calories go. Take a look at the label Personally, I'd playy the I-am-the-birthday-boy card here and get your miller light, and splurge a bit and get something different. Hey it's your birthday. Go nuts.

Some reccomendations...
Sam Adams Light
Fat Tire is worth every cent. Everything New Belgium Brewing makes is.
Amstel Light is not bad either
Rolling Rock Light in the keg is awesome(green bottles foul beer so kegged RR is good stuff)
Michelob Amber is tasty for an american beer.

In any case, I'd go with one light and one regular.

and btw...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

and double BTW... DW here HATES beer, be thankful yours will go near it at all.....
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Old 04-03-2008, 07:40 PM   #9
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If my last kid had been a boy I wanted to name it Samuel Adam.....
good thing she came out the other way.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.....
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andy .. thats why i said(typed) "most" ..
i can tell the difference .. but i love beer ..
not everyone i invite to a party does ..
thats why i own 12 blenders and buy
4-5 gallons of cheap clear liquor for parties ..
"most" people do not know the difference ..
but i am talking 100-200 people ...
for my friends that do .. i always have the good stuff
hidden .. but i agree .. sam adams is good to serve ..
i have found that anchor steam ale goes over very well
also .. but the price is not worth the trouble ...

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