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pork tenderloin

marinade in beer turning often. then sprinkle with cajun seasoning and soul food seasoning. cook at 200 for three hours in beer turn when looks dry. last hour cover with tin foil.

Originally Posted by jerseyjay14 View Post
I've got a pork tenderloin...not sure what i want to do with it... last time i fried up some medallions with cider based sauce... and before that i braised it, although overcooked it a bit...

i think i might braise it again. although i'd like to try something besides using an ordinary stock to braise it in...

any ideas on what i can do with this tenderloin?

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last i made was stuffed with dried tomato pesto. sliced open then put in pesto. tied so stuffing stays in. roasted in oven bout an hour depending on size. i usually check with instant thermo. want to med rare stage. no need to cook the flavor and juice is gone. pork is very safe these days .


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we love pork tenderloin. when it summertime out, we grill it. First we marinate the PT in an easy marinate of 1/3 soy sauce, 1/3 c honey and 1/3 c orange marmalade. I mix the marinade ingredients together and microwave until bubbly (about 1 minute). Pour over PT in a large ziploc and marinate for 5 or more hours. Grill until thickest section reaches 145, turning often. Remove from heat, tent with foil and let rest 5 minutes before slicing.

In the winter months, I make PT in the oven. First I heat my own to 400, then I smother the PT in dijon and brown on all sides on medium high heat with about 2-3 T of olive oil. I use a dutch oven. Then I stick it in the oven and continue cooking until it reaches 145, about 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and tent with foil. Return the dutch oven to the stovetop and pour in 1/4 C apple cidar vinegar, 2 -3 T of dijon, a drizzle of maple syrup and some fresh sage or herbs de provence. Let it come to a boil, it will thicken up. Slice the PT and drizzle the sauce over top.

PT is great but don't overcook it, it will be like shoe leather if you do. It is a lovely piece of meat if you prepare it properly.
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I agree with others who say pork tenderloin is way to tender to braise. Save that for a chuck steak or other forms of tough meat. I roll my tenderloins in a dry rub of some sort (depending on the meal I'm fixing). Then I oil my pan and sear it on each side. The tenderloins are so small that they are already almost done at this point. I cover and give it a few more minutes, et voila! I slice sort of on the bias. Unlike in the olden days you can leave it a slight bit of pink in the middle (I have a trusty meat thermometer to make sure that I am safe), you don't have to dry it to perdition. A pork tenderloin only takes 20 minutes or so to cook through. Braising is not appropriate for it. Braising is for big, tough, fatty cuts of meat. I made a great braised chuck that went for several meals recently. But I'd never abuse a pork tenderloin that way.
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Originally Posted by jerseyjay14 View Post
dont think im going to go kabobs... i think im going to sear the tenderloin and brush it with the sauce and refrigerate for an hour or so. then finish it in the over after brushing a few more times during that portion to get a glaze like outer coating. then slice it and top it with the remaining sauce...

came out well, im a big fan of the pineapple glaze, thanks for the suggestion
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It's really not a good idea to sear and then refrigerate meat. You can get food poisoning that way.

Here are some sources about the dangers of partially cooking meat.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Bob View Post
Slice into medallions and make K-Bobs
That's what I do with mine...trim, cut into chunks, and marinade. Then make k-bobs with peppers, onion, veggies, and then grill.
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Originally Posted by webstars28 View Post
marinade in beer turning often. then sprinkle with cajun seasoning and soul food seasoning. cook at 200 for three hours in beer turn when looks dry. last hour cover with tin foil.
I think you are referring to a different cut of meat versus a pork tenderloin. This would be GREAT with a Boston Butt though!

jerseyjay - next time make a pineapple salsa to serve right on top of it!

A pork tenderloin just doesn't take that long to cook all at once and is much safer.

Oddly enough another good way to cook a tenderloin is to marinate in a can of fruit cocktail all day and then bake.

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In my area, I can get a marinade called Dales. I believe that it originated in a restaurant in Atlanta. Soy based, with lots of flavor. Marinade for around 1 hour, and, like Uncle Bob, sear on all four sides and finish in the oven. I serve with cooked applse or applesauce, grilled pineapple, sweet potatoes, or other slightly sweet items, Don't overcook as tenderloin can get dry and tough quickly.
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Butterfly it. Insert bacon, brown sugar, a tad cayenne and bourbon or whiskey then close. Wrap with bacon and grill or whatever cooking method you feel appropriate.

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