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Old 07-15-2008, 09:20 AM   #11
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I'm feeling all crawly all of a sudden.....
I think I need another shower.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.....
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Shudders... I hate spiders.

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I had black widows in the greenhouse around my work bench. I don't care for spiders, but I didn't bother them and they didn't bother me. They're poisonous, but not particularly aggressive, and I figured they were eating mites and such.
We live in the woods, and I've also had brown recluse spiders around. They ARE aggresive.
From what I understand, tarantulas aren't usually dangerous to humans.

What I hate are wolf spiders...they're big and hairy and they'll jump on you! They're not poisonous, but they bite and leave a heckuva welt.
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We have Wolf Spiders here - they slightly resemble the Brown Recluse. I leave them alone if they leave me alone. I was sweeping the garage one day and sweeped one out the door. My friendly patio lizard was all over it in a second. He seems to watch me now when I go outside. Perhaps expecting another unexpected treat!
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Old 07-25-2008, 02:35 PM   #15
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Originally Posted by jkath View Post
dh's good buddy was working at a local supermarket, unloading a crate of bananas.
Long story short, a brown recluse (sp?) crawled up his pant leg and bit him. He spent a VERY long time in ICU. After many skin grafts, he still has a large chunk out of his leg, but thankfully, has a good range of motion.
Unfortunately, even though he had a very good lawyer (only wanted his medical expenses paid), the supermarket refused, saying there was no way to prove it was from their produce.
A lot of doctors blame any kind of necrotic lesion on the dreaded brown recluse.

The unfortunately part of this is, hardly any of these cases bring the spider with them, to have it positively IDed by a professional. I think this kind of adds to ppl thinking that poisonous spiders are a real threat in the US, which they most certainly are not.

Somebody tells me they saw a black widow in some grapes... I believe that, they are unmistakable. I just happened to know ppl who had family members with necrotic lesions, that were blamed on Loxosceles bites in a state that never had the spider once positively IDed. Not saying that this didn't happen to your friend, cause getting bitten by a recluse is a nasty thing... but it gets commonly misdiagnosed.
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Old 07-25-2008, 03:01 PM   #16
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I found a black widow inside a bag of grapes when I was a checker at a grocery store. I weighed it and passed it on to the bagger when the customer screamed, "What is that!?!" We examined the bag and sure enough, there was a black widow in there. I was terrified to touch the grapes for a long time, and I still inspect them thoroughly before I buy them. We didn't report it though because black widows are really common here so we didn't think it was that unusual. We just tied it up in a plastic bag and threw it in the trash compactor.

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Old 07-25-2008, 04:58 PM   #17
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I live in SE Missouri, heart of brown recluse territory, and most of the spiders in houses around here (including mine) are brown recluses. They don't bite often, most folks have no reaction or a very mild reaction (like a mosquito bite) if they are bitten. I have a large family here--mom had 11 brothers and sisters--and none of them has ever had complications from a spider bite.

I am a bit careful if I pull something out of the cellar or the back of a dusty closet, but I don't worry a bit about them otherwise. I have never noticed any "aggression". I do know that they can only bite humans if they are pressed up against your skin, like if they are inside an article of clothing.
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Old 07-26-2008, 02:45 AM   #18
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i really don't like spiders. i leave them alone for the most part. i don't see many here in town, but my daughter that lives in the boons has lots .

"life isn't about how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain"
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Originally Posted by pdswife View Post
David found a Black Widow once while working in the produce department at Safeway. Silly kid put it in a jar and kept it alive for over a year.
So, it was a male or a non-pregnant female.


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