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Cooking with fresh ginger

Fresh ginger is readily available and very very cheap here. I use a lot of ginger in my stir fry dishes, but I've never cooked with fresh ginger. I've only ever used the powdered versions.

Any suggestions for how to prepare it if I want to use it in a stir fry? How much should I use? What else can I do with fresh ginger?


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Peel and store in dry sherry, use the sherry in chinese recipes instead of cooking wine.
Pulp with garlic and onions then fry as a base for curry sauces.
Make ginger beer
Grate on a micro plane mix with black vinegar and sugar as a dipping sauce for War Tip
Stuff a sea bass with chopped smoked ham spring onions, ginger, garlic and wood ears, place on a plate pour some of the ginger sherry over the fish, then steam.

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I usually peel it with a spoon, cut it cross wise into pieces and use the flat of a chefs knife to smash it like you would with garlic. then rock the knife blade over it to mince, again like garlic. I've also used a microplane to grate it. How available is galangal there?

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My husband likes to cut a small cube of fresh ginger, peel it with a knife and cut it into tiny pieces with a knife. Then he mixes the chopped ginger in his food inside the serving plate. He has been doing this every dinner for almost three years now and he feels healthier with no heaviness after dinner.
I couldn't do this for myself because fresh ginger tastes very hot and I am not a spicy food fan but my husband is.
I have once read in an article that fresh ginger has a substance called gingerol which is an antioxidant and anticancerous substance. So try to add some sliced fresh ginger to any food you cook or fry.
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A strong ginger tea has proven effectiveness as a anti-nausea treatment. How many of us remember our mom's giving us ginger ale to soothe our stomachs.
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It's good stuff for a lot of indigestion type of problems - and yes, Andy, for me, ginger ale still works. I also keep dried pineapple chunks on hand. They can also offer some relief at times.
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Mandoline your fresh ginger or use a microplane grater. Put it in anything. It's good in sweet and savory.
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You can also freeze your ginger to keep it longer. I freeze mine and find it easier to grate that way. Sorry I don't have any recipes for you as I mostly use it in stir fry dishes and other Asian based meals an it sounds like you have that front covered.
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Ginger and garlic are very good friends. Think about what you make with a lot of garlic and then experiment with adding about 1/3 as much ginger as garlic, chopped to the same consistency. I wouldn't try that with garlic bread, LOL, but with things like pork stews and seafood, you will have a lot of fun and good food to play with.
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Fresh ginger is generally a lot stronger than the powder.
Mince it, or grate it, or leave it a little bigger for a taste treat!
I add mine to the wok early on in the cooking process so it can develop good

You can also make a great "candy" with it... crystallized ginger! Easy to make, really


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