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Liver 'n Onions

Does someone have good recipe for this? I want to fix with mashed potatoes. I always flavor with bacon grease to give good flavor. Thanks.


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You are already on the right track with the bacon grease! Wonderful stuff.

My mother and I always would just season the liver with salt and pepper, and dredge in flour. A medium hot cast iron pan of bacon grease about 1/2 inch deep awaited it.

We would fry the liver til golden brown, and remove it to drain slightly. Then we would put seasoned slices of onions in the flour remaining from dredging the liver. Then the floured onions would go in the pan to fry golden brown.

Simple, but good.

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Here's the way I cook liver and mashed potatoes. I generally only use calves liver, or at a push, lamb's liver - I don't like pig's liver... it has a kind of game-y taste to me, and I find it a bit too strong!


This serves 2 - but we aren't big meat eaters in our family!

Three quarters pound/ one pound calf's liver (or lamb's liver if you can't find calves) sliced thinly
1 large onion, peeled, halved and sliced thinly
3 oz smoked bacon lardons
1 clove garlic, crushed
2 large sprigs of fresh thyme
1-2 teaspoons Balsamic vinegar (at a push you could use red wine vinegar)
Half pint (imperial) of water
1 stock cube (beef or vegetable)
1 tablespoon cornflour
Approx 1 oz butter (to fry liver)

1-2 tablespoons of plain flour seasoned with freshly ground pepper (the liver needs to be coated in this mixture. After you have washed it, pat it dry on kitchen roll and coat. I find it easiest to put the flour in a freezer bag and then just put the liver in the bag two or so pieces at a time. Trap some air in the bag, hold by the closed top and shake - voila, well-coated food!)

1 tablespoon of cornflour (you may need a little more - you will have to see if the 'sauce' is too runny, if so, simply slake off a little more cornflour)
Small knob of butter to fry liver (about an ounce or so)

Heat the butter in a large frying pan. Add the onion, smoked bacon lardons, the garlic and the thyme. Cook for 3-4 minutes, until golden. Add liver (coated in seasoned flour) and brown for about five minutes - or until cooked. Slake the cornflour in a little of the water from the half-pint amount. Add the stock cube, balsamic vinegar plus the cornflour and the rest of the water to the pan. Bring back up to the boil and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Serve with either plain, creamed, mashed potatoes - or with mashed tatties and neeps (my choice!) carrots and courgettes.
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Aren't you people great? I have my choice of how to fix it. I know the bacon sure makes the difference instead of butter or oil. I also soaked it in buttermilk one time and that made change also. What is imperial water? Ishbel, what do you eat in place of meat for protein? I always feel person better off not to eat too much meat but since they don't like fish or eggs that leaves me little choice. Both fish and eggs are beneficial to your body but they get so upset if I want to try meal with them in it. I think we are missing something by not eating them. Hence, I fix hard boiled eggs for myself and have to ignore them.
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I fry liver in peanut oil. I make chopped liver:

1 container chicken liver
3 LARGE spanish onions
1 piece of beef liver
6 hard boiled eggs shelled
salt and pepper, LOTS of black pepper

Slice the spanish onions, fry in a generous quantity of peanut oil. Add livers, fry till done, add more oil if necessary. Put all including hard boiled eggs and oil hrough grinder. Add mayo, salt, pepper to make it creamier. Delicious on a Ritz cracker.
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In the Kitchen
We eat meat - just not a lot of red meat (I eat more of that than my husband!) - but we seem to eat much smaller portions that Americans, juding by some of the recipes on here!

We eat a lot of fish, smoked and fresh - Scotland has a huge number of lochs and a long coastline.

We eat a lot of chicken - not a lot of pork - and some lamb.

Imperial is the measurement one Imperial pint is different from a US pint - and I'm always worrying that my recipes won't turn out correctly as the imperial measurements are diff to the US!!
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Kitchenelf posted this sticky over in Soups, Stews, & Cass. http://www.discusscooking.com/viewtopic.php?t=5792
This should help with the measurements! :D
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i like to fry irish, polish, or canadian bacon until it is just before crisp, still a little soft, then remove it and let it drain on paper towels. then i soften some sliced onions in the bacon fat, and they are removed and set aside. i pour off most of the bacon fat, then i add a little butter. in goes the liver that has been dredged in flour seasoned with s & p, paprika, and cayenne pepper, and the liver is fried until light brown.
plate the liver and top with the bacon and onions, serve with ketchup and a side of home fries, also fried in the bacon fat.
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Egads! My arteries are clogging just reading these posts! :) Think I'll try to find me some calves liver today, haven't had it in years.
I make it with bacon and onions and serve with mashed potatoes. Yum
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Thank you all so much for your shared recipes and comments. They are certainly great. We had it last nite and couldn't get enough of it. The aroma was even the best. Nothing can compare to this meal. We don't have it often but as I said your recipes sure encourage me to do it again. Always something different. Bacon is a must with the dish. As I said there didn't seem to to enough! Thanks again

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