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The Frugal Gourmet on our Immigrant Ancestors book has a very nice description and illustration on how to roll cabbage leaves on page 413 in our copy. I don't know if I can scan and post just the line drawing or if that's copyrighted. A mod/admin will have to let me know. But, in my own words, the technique is as follows:

Lay cabbage leaf with stem end (do NOT cut out vein/stem in center of leaf) toward your left. Place about 1/3 cup filling in the cup area of the stem end. Fold over filling. Fold the top part of the leaf down and roll. Use your fingers and fold/poke the open end of the leaf down into the bundle.

Obviously, the cabbage leaf has either been frozen and or softened in boiling water and then shocked in cold water so that they are pliable.

It is usually a thin to very thin tomato sauce depending on which culture is making the rolls.

As far as freezing, I would think they would do just fine.

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The entire book is copyrighted, but using a short excerpt is allowed under the fair use exception: http://www.clas.ufl.edu/llc/copyrigh...xceptions.html

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Originally Posted by GotGarlic View Post
The entire book is copyrighted, but using a short excerpt is allowed under the fair use exception: Exceptions to Copyright Holder's Rights
Thanks for the info, but TOS states we must refrain from:

infringing the intellectual property rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, patent, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary rights;

So, since DC is a privately owned forum and can choose to be more restrictive in that respect than what Fed law states then I'm not comfortable scanning and posting from the book, unless a mod or admin specifically states it is okay to do so within parameters of the link you provided.
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I love cabbage rolls, with a good tomato sauce over the top. My favorite preparation for this dish is a tomato sauce made from diced tomato, with onion, garlic, a little oregano, and basil added. The cabbage leaves are separated an boiled until tender enough to roll.

The filling is 2 parts ground beef, 1 part Chudagi, or Sweet Italian sausage, with sage, salt, and pepper as additional seasonings. 1 egg, plu2 1/4 cup of milk is added for every pound of meat. For texture, I add diced onion, and no more than 1/8 cup of either rolled oats, or breadcrumbs per pound of meat.

Many people add cooked rice. I don't as I don't need the extra carbs.

I love the idea of Polish Lasagna, though I think I would leave the cabbage leaves whole, and layer the meat and sauce mixture between them.

The alternative ingredient layering gives me all kinds of ideas for lasagna style dishes. I think we need another thread.

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Thanks Medtran. No need to break any rules. I think your description was just fine and actually to do it right, is to practice.
Never needed a book before and i doubt i need one now.
I bet a Google search will give many results on stuffing cabbage leaves. YouTube easily will have several videos.

I have made them before and they looked fine. It seemed as the leaves are not all exactly the same with some being smaller, thinner or thicker was where I had a tiny problem making them all look like twins.
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You are welcome. I had always rolled them like an eggroll, with ends folded in on both sides and they always seemed to come apart. Then, I saw that technique when I was looking for another recipe and it really works. The rolls don't come apart with the poking-in method.

I think the trick is to always use the same amount of filling. I've been using a solid-measuring cup (one like you would use to measure flour/sugar) the last few times I've made cabbage/collard rolls and they seem to be coming out pretty much the same size. We've also been using scoops to make meatballs, ravioli, etc so that the same amount of filling gets used and they all look similar. It's much faster that way as well.

We like the collard green rolls stuffed with dirty rice with a Cajun t. sauce as another type of roll. I came up with that use 1 year when we had a glut of collard greens.
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Originally Posted by Roll_Bones View Post
I have made these once before and they were good. No rice was used however.
I need a good recipe and the steps to making the perfect roll.
The hard part was the rolling.
I want them to look like the pictures above. Nice and pretty. How much mixture goes into those beauties/

It seems the Jewish restaurants I had these in, used tomato juice? Not sauce.

Oh to the OP that makes 6 or 8 rolls, compared to more rolls.
It would seem making more and freezing would be a better idea?
Why go through the trouble to make them if you are only making a few?
I cut around the cabbage stem and dunk the cabbage in boiling water while teasing the leaves apart (starting on the outside) until the leaves come loose. I then lift them to a colander and let them rest while I tackle the next leaves. When the leaves are so wrapped that I cannot tease them apart, I then chop that for the bottom of the Dutch oven or slow cooker.

I put the leaf down so the stem end is nearest to me. As for how much filling, I put enough in that allows me to fold the bottom over once. Then I fold in the sides and roll it up. Little leaves will have less filling. Large leaves will have more filling (around 1/2 cup.) I got 19 rolls out of this head of cabbage. The filling was 1.5 pounds of ground beef, .5 pounds of zesty/hot sausage, a medium onion, a cup of tomato sauce, a cup of cooked rice, a medium onion chopped, about a teaspoon of pepper and salt. I layered the rolls on the chopped cabbage along with some stewed tomatoes and whole tomatoes (smooshed slightly.) Another layer of rolls and the rest of the stewed tomatoes and whole tomatoes (slightly mooshed.) I put ripped leaves on top so it will protect the rolls a bit.

Then cook. 350 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven for 2 hours or slow cook on low for about 10 hours. The tomatoes stay pretty and the liquid is like tomato juice.

Anyway, that is how I made these. They were yummy!

A little bit Ginger. A little bit Mary Ann.
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I caught a segment of New Scandinavian Cooks over the weekend. Andreas made cabbage rolls using mashed potatoes and crayfish. My twist on this today was to use mashed potatoes and slivered steak, onions, orange pepper, and salt. I seared/browned the rolls and then nestled them on a bed of blanched cabbage leaves, topped with tomato puree I froze earlier in the summer.

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