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Originally Posted by Captain.Sassy View Post
I'm curious to see where this whole food crisis/skyrocketing oil price thing puts the food market in the future.

If I had to make a guess, I'd say that in coming years locally produced food will become cheaper relative to shipped food (as fuel prices rise) and that organics will also become relatively cheaper (as the ingredients for pesticides and fertilizers become more expensive).

Right now eating local and organic is trendy as a symbol of your commitment to the environment- in the future, it might be more economical too.
I think we're going to see A LOT more home vegetable gardens!

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How I save money on food.
DO NOT BUY lunchmeat. Roast something thats on sale. Ham, pork loin, beef, chicken, turkey..etc. roast it on a rack, slice thin and vacuum pack to use as sandwich meat for lunches.

Drink tea, water etc. Don't buy sodas.

Vacuum pack everything left over you can. I kept half an onion in the refrigerator for 3 weeks. It was good as new when I opened it back up. I use the Reynolds hand held.

Look for sales, BUT don't buy something you might use just because its on sale. Buy only what you know you will eat or cook.

Shop at discount grocery stores. Their brands are usually as good as the top of the line brands. Truth be known, it's probably a re-label from a top maker.

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I've been meaning to ask about buying roasts, hams and such and slicing for lunchmeat. My darn sister gave away her meat slicer years ago. I wish I had known about that. I would have taken it and packed it away. I am dying for a hot ham and cheese sandwich, but I refuse to buy even cheap sliced ham for 5 something/lb.
Do you use a slicer or are you good with a knife?

BTW, FIVE cases of Pepsi product on sale this week for 20 bucks . Couldn't pass that up. I love my Dr P.
Give us this day our daily bacon.
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Ok, who has the little head eating popcorn? I need that!!!
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Originally Posted by sattie View Post
Ok, who has the little head eating popcorn? I need that!!!
I think Jeekinz has it.
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Originally Posted by sattie View Post
Now the big thing I just discovered is popcorn!!!! I know, sounds nuts... but I have always been pre-disposed to buying the microwave popcorn bags with heavy butter. That stuff is not cheap either! So I bought a bag of pop corn and have been popping corn everynight for a week! So much cheaper per ounce and alot easier to make than I realized and oh my!!! It is sooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooood! Where have I been all this time?
This is too funny - I just discovered "real" popcorn, too! It's great. I'm using an airpopper cuz I'm not allowed to have oil or butter but it's still yummy and really cheap!
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I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but I plan out 7 meals at a time and make a list from them. Or I should say, 7 days worth of food. (I don't plan which day I will eat what because who knows what I'll be in the mood to cook on any given day). Then I stick to my list and that way food doesn't rot in my fridge ever. I also watch for sales and buy canned food in bulk. It saves me trips to the store so I can avoid impulse buys.

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Oh, I am so proud of you people that plan out meals in advance. I usually plan a few days ahead, but that's about it. We have kind of a spontaneous life here...we invite people for dinner on the spur of the moment, or someone calls and says "let's go out for dinner; meet you at 7 at so-and-so". So too much planning would create a fair amount of frustration for me, I think.
Saludos, Karen
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i get stuff like a container of cookies with a dysfunctional cookie & get a manager discount.
i believe that life would not be complete sans comfy 'ol tee-shirts, the Golden Girls, and the color pink
& rock on, PITTSBURGH-
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I use my rice cooker allot i have an expensive one that keeps the rice warm all night, if you like white rice it's a good thing, i have had mine for a very long time at least 7 years and use it almost everyday.
I don't use allot of boxed potoatoes or rice dishes we get our rice in bulk and potatoes also and use that allot for side dishes.
Costco also has case prices on meat for the freezer, i think the prices are posted on the wall in the meat dept.
I am always looking for money saving ideas our biggest thing now is trying not to throw anything out and making my husbands lunches.

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