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Originally Posted by Addie View Post
I will never eat raw fish. I knew you could not eat the fish caught in Boston Harbor. Even if you cooked it to death. The harbor was polluted really bad.
Are you saying the fish from Boston Harbor don't taste like tea?

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Originally Posted by Addie View Post
I will never eat raw fish....By the time he got through fileting the cod, you would never know that the part closest to the stomach had been loaded with parasites. He made a thin filet on both sides and removed all the parasites. Those filets went into the trash bucket. The rest they filet and that is the part they sell to the public. Perfectly safe. So I make sure all my fish is cooked.
Never go to a commercial cattle, chicken, or pork facility. Just, not only as that is just a bad idea in general, and there are many better places to visit (National Park? Disney World?) you won't like what you see.

I wouldn't avoid sushi. Mostly (and I do say mostly) sushi is done by a trained sushi chef, and held to a rather high standard, particularly if you get it at a reputable restaurant. Just because it is raw. I in cities like NY and Philly often roll the dice on seafood, I could go to a chain store that I know has a serious concern about lawsuits, and thus takes care; I also could go to some hole in the wall place, where nobody speaks any English, and I'm likely to have a better level of skill in the cuisine, and someone who takes care to source their ingredients, but might not have oversight... It is a balancing act isn't it?

Fish have parasites, so do most animals, so do you probably. I know it is a visceral horror, and instinctive, seeing worms in something screams 'spoiled meat' to the back areas of our brain that are interested in survival, and not much else.

Depends on the species cod have a good relationship with some nematode like guys, that help them digest their food. The cod round worm Phocanema decipiens is perhaps a health risk. But as you've said if cooked, no problem.

I camp and hike a bunch, and eat foraged food, so I have a shallower boundary than most on what is 'clean' and 'suspect' food. I'd eat that cod as long as we cooked it and we cut out the worms in a minute, for instance.

More open than most to going to a new or old sushi restaurant in Chinatown/Old City (Phil) or Chinatown/Alphabet City/Soho/Noho/Parkslope wherever... (NYC). I watch the knives, if a sushi chef is sharing his knives, I suspect he has a poorer idea of what he is doing. The best ones sometimes have specific knives for specific fish.

Now I have had food poisoning a couple of times, two camping related (just spoiled food), and two restaurant choice related (back of house ignoring correct procedure), survived them fine, still here. Didn't like it, but hey.

I don't, though, know if you are immune-compromised, diabetic, hypoglycemic, etc.. there are a plethora of conditions, including food allergies, that should make you more careful. I think as a hale and hearty man of middle age, in reasonable shape, and with a good lifestyle and support system, bring on the weird raw food! I'll sort it out with a visit to the Porcelain Temple if I have to.


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I eat sushi, I have even eaten fermented shark and herring and I have never gotten food poisoning from that.

How ever I have been deliberate poisoned by people not caring to listen to my food order or just thinking Nah she will not notice. I cant have aspartame at all or any non natural sweetener , if it made in lab I cant have it. Yes, white sugar is oki. This also means my food bill goes up, since there is so much food with added sweeteners . So a few time I have gotten diet or zero drinks when asked for full sugar and taken one sip, wondered asked and got yes is sugar, taken sip more and spent the rest of the night in the bathroom. Or other any of the other things I cant eat, it is a horror.

So this month I still havent done the grocery shopping, because what on sale is things I cannot eat. And everything is so expensive right now.
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I know there is a safe food prep forum somewhere. This one is for discussing your food budget.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein
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