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Sous Chef
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Originally Posted by lyndalou View Post
+1 If it tastes good, I'll drink it.

I once went out for dinner with a wine-loving friend of mine, a (supposed) sommellier and another friend, who was paying for the meal. Me and my wine-loving friend tasted a white wine and said nothing about it, because it was real cr*p and we didn't want to hurt our guest, then the (supposed) sommelier started a long monologue analyzing the characteristics of that wine in depth, like it was some sort of decent nectar. He drank the whole bottle. I never trusted sommelliers anymore, at least no more then my palate!

You eat what you are
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For everyday consumption; price, unadulterated taste and lack of undesirable aftereffects are my main criteria. I do not appreciate wines that give me agita or leave me thirstier than I was before consuming them.

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Clic on the link, the house and vineyard is my mother and father in laws summer house. The vines go up the hill at the back of the house where the soil is full of limestone so Tommo grows the white grapes there. The family has two more vineyards on the Island. 80% of the grapes are sold to commercial wine makers.
The rest is turned into wine and prosec(dessert wine) by the Tommo and the family. The make it the old way with no chemicals ect, all the land is organic as the do not want the sea to be polluted.
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Wine Guy
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I'm not entirely sure I understand the question. I drink wine almost every day. I grow grapes. I make wine and teach others how to make it. I read a lot about wine, and have a fair knowledge of many different wine regions and the varieties grown there.

Having said that, I'm still learning.
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Originally Posted by PrincessFiona60 View Post
Wine I.Q. = 0, nought, nada
Illegitimi non carborundum!
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@ Steve Kroll,

Thanks for contributing. Of course, I am aware of your profound interest in not only wine tasting, however, wine making. Appreciate your feedback.
Best regards.
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Old 05-02-2012, 11:28 AM   #17
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@ Princess Fiona,

Firstly, thanks for your input. May I ask, what do you drink to bring in the New Year ? Does it contain alcohol ? Do you have wine with dinner and Shrek for special occasions ? Do you ever cook with wine ?

If you re-read the opening on page 1, please note: I have asked the Members, to discuss their interest in wine ( general ) and if they wish to recommend a wine or two, their purchases, how they purchase, if they ask advice, if they have a reputable Wine Shop Owner or Mgr. to speak with and if they ever go tasting about wineries ... More or less ... How they make intelligent choices when selecting wines or champagnes or sparkling wines; and even beers.

Look forward to hearing from you.
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Old 05-02-2012, 11:30 AM   #18
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@ Bolas,

Your Dvds are always a pleasure to watch.

Yes, people in the more isolated rurals of Italia, Portugal and some parts of Spain still do same ... The Mediterranean is a sea of wine ... Thanks so much for sharing your views, Dvds and certainly one can see, your love of Croatia´s wonderful world of the Mediterranean.

Kind regards.
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@ Addie: Non alcoholic Wine & Beer

Good Evening Addie,

Firstly, if you re-read the introduction paragraph of this thread, the general theme is to discuss: wine intelligence when purchasing, when asking for advice at a wine shop or at a restaurant, to find out the A to Z´s on the subject as a general topic.

Steve is a winemaker, Luca loves Italian wines, Bolas is entralled with his family´s traditional manner in which all is hand picked and prepared, I love tasting a vast number of wines though I have some we truly love and amongst the other Members, providing suggestions on their faves too, like Bill who selected an Austrian Red.

This is an infinite science, an oenological, agricultural, cultural and gastronomic culture and study, where one learns daily, as Steve Kroll has stated. Wines change from one year to the next, ( harvests, climate, planting process & Government designation of origins ). It is not a simple task to explain all here on one little thread.

I have taken wine courses over the years for it is a profound interest, and I have thought to work in the wine retail sector and / or as a sommelier, if I were to leave Spain and write for the magazine from a distance. With that in mind, I have re-begun the studies, as a review even though I have a certification license from the Spanish Government, I am preparing same for the Italian.

Kind regards.
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Originally Posted by Addie View Post
Yet another vote here for "if I enjoy it, it's a "good" wine, in my opinion".

We don't suffer wine snobs gladly, but do read about & try different wines that sound interesting. Some we enjoy, some we don't - regardless of the "reviews".

I'll repeat, if you try a wine & enjoy it - whether it cost you $10 or $100 - then that's a "good" wine.

Can't get into the rest of the wine frou-frou.

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