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Originally Posted by Claire View Post
I know it is probably a sign of age, but my husband and I have for many, many years spent Saturday mornings watching TV cooking and travel shows. Mostly on PBS, but then on the food network. Lately, though, I can't say that I enjoy very many of them. So many are more personality- than food- driven. Lots of yelling (I blame Emeril for starting that). It just isn't that much fun any more. It seems that they're trying to compete with a football game or something. There are a few I still like, but I just don't enjoy most of them any more. Anyone else feel this way?
I respectfully disagree. I believe they are competting with a football game. I think they are trying to expand to demographics that do not watch the older cooking shows.

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and trying to catch those folks who are using a remote to cycle through the channels during commercials, gotta have whiz bang, impressive sets, lots of color, catches the eye, causes them to pause longer, maybe even watch a segment, notice their pots and pans, go out and buy a product....


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Once again, it's all about the money. Expanding markets means more viewers. More viewers means higher prices for commercial time. That means more money for the network.

As a result, they stop trying to appeal to foodies with educational shows that expand your cooking knowledge and start trying to appeal to everyone with flashy shows that emulate popular mainstream TV.
"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." -Carl Sagan
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And there's nothing wrong with that. I just pick and choose, and sometimes choose to go somewhere else for my entertainment. :)
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Another aspect to consider is the internet. Since the majority of their audience can
access it, there is no real need to make sure the show provides cooking details,
recipes and methods.
It can be looked up online instead.

Yet another aspect to consider... Someone marginally interested in cooking might
not be captivated by a "classic" stand there and cook show... but some dude with white hair, driving a beechin' old muscle car, visiting eclectic ;) diners, drive-ins and
dives might pull them in.
So the shows they have now might be breeding a new generation of foodies.
(Who will then disdain Food TV because it doesn't show enough classic cooking, LOL)

I don't think Food TV could survive if it was all cooking all the time.

Anyone seen a VIDEO on MTV lately? Or any of the other "video" channels?
Nope, they had to evolve to survive...........

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You're correct GrillingFool, but where The Food Network went wrong - just in my opinion - was taking it way WAY too far in that "new" direction.

They easily could have kept some of the golden oldies to placate "classic" cooking viewers, & still added in lots of the new stuff. Instead, 80%-90% of their time slots are devoted to the same people over & over. Rachel Ray has what, 2-3 different shows? Giada has 2-3 different shows now too, as does Paula Deen I believe. Talk about holy over-saturation, Batman. And the few new folks they have are virtually all doing the same stuff - look at all the different-but-the-same "eating/cooking on the cheap" shows. Are they helpful? Sure. Does TFN need several of them? No. I just wish that instead of constantly looking for "the next Food Network star", they brought back some of the old stars that helped them launch their network in the first place.

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