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I hope this isn't so political as to be yanked. The answer is right under our noses, and we refuse to accept what needs to be done. We need to demand to be allowed to supplement what the growers who feed the supermarkets can't provide. We need to vote out the politicians who keep us from being able to take care or ourselves. Big money makes the rules. There are millions of us, and very few big money people. We have votes on our side. But we will not boycott products, even when we feel that they are bad products. We will not boycott high priced products. We will not do the necessary homework to find out what politicians will really represent our values.

We say we don't have time, or he or she is this or that race, color, religion, or whatever, and vote for or against them on criteria that doesn't mean anything. We need to vote for integrity, honesty, and a desire to make things better, not on who get the least black eyes from political bashing during the campaigns.

I have heard people say that if a man, or woman cheats on their spouse, that doesn't mean that they will do a bad job in public office. I say that if a man or woman can't be faithful to the person they have sworn their life to, how can I trust them to be faithful to any other promise that they have made. How can I trust the my future, and more importantly, the future of my family, my country, and this planet to such a person?

We've lost our way folks. Integrity is still out there, even in the political machine. But we must dig for it, and when we find it, raise it to the top. We all gripe and complain about the meddlesome laws and regulations that hinder us as parents, in the work place, in our recreation, and how the rich just keep getting richer, and the gap between the disappearing middle class and the richer keeps growing. But we do nothing about it.

We are nations of intelligent people. We need to start working together to get back on course. Moral decay and the love of riches and power by an elite class has destroyed every great civilization that has populated this planet. We seem to be heading in the same direction.

That's my story and I stand behind it.

Seeeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North

“No amount of success outside the home can compensate for failure within the home…"

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Fresh, locally, and humanely grown eggs are readily available in my small town, at several supermarkets and the farmers market. And I am hooked in to the local agricultural scene and know many of the egg producers personally. This year a dozen eggs cost $5.00 with one producer varying the price according to the size of the eggs. This is a high quality protein and I would pay more for fresh local eggs.

In 1973 I participated in a nation wide boycott and I believe it was effective. Beef prices spiked and a couple of house wives suggested to cut back on beef consumption. I don't remember how I knew of the boycott, but it affected my purchasing of beef for years and many feel this is why the boycott was effective. I took the boycott seriously and avoided beef for years.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead
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Might be time to consider renting some laying hens for the season...

Chicken rental, CT Rent a Hen, Connecticut
Urban egg lovers skirt bylaws with chickens for rent - The Globe and Mail
I've got OCD--Obsessive Chicken Disorder!
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Originally Posted by CWS4322 View Post
That looks like a good way to try out keeping hens.

I wonder if anyone does anything like a community garden for poultry.
May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live.
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I'd do Rent a Hen!
She who dies with the most toys, wins.
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CW, I'm glad they offer a rent-to-own option. With the stories you tell about your girls, I bet it's easy to bond with the chickens and not want them to leave.
"Eating ruins your appetite"~Mom

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Originally Posted by taxlady View Post
I have to agree with CWS on this. It's a big problem with battery farms for chickens.

If CWS's chickens got the Avian flu, I'm sure she would just take extra good care of them until they got over it. It's the flu. I imagine she would isolate the healthy chickens from the ones with the flu. You can't really do that in a battery farm.
I live in the suburbs. I am not allowed to have chickens. I buy organic, free range eggs at the health food store and sometimes at Loblaws/Provigo, a Canadian chain of supermarkets. Sure, it costs me $7.99 for a dozen eggs, but I know the chickens were raised humanely and the eggs have more flavour.
If you go back to her Chicken Chronicles, you will remember when she would sit up all night with one of her chickens because it needed help. My son Poo, no matter where he lives always manages to find a chicken farmer in his area. He just has to go out of his way every so often. Is that such a bad thing to do? He once told me that he enjoys those little trips. It is like getting back to his childhood. As long as you don't keep roosters that will wake up your neighbors, it is very easy to keep a few chickens in your backyard.

When I lived in Everett, my neighbor behind me kept chickens that he bought as baby chicks. He didn't know until the first one crowed at four in the morning, that he had a rooster in his flock. That bird made it to the stew pot in a hurry. And we as neighbors had no complaint, but a supply of eggs at our fingertips. He had money in his pocket. Sold them at below marker price.

Illegitimi non carborundum!
I don't want my last words to be, "I wish I had spent more time doing housework"
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