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Old 09-26-2009, 04:09 PM   #91
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He's never really impressed me but I've only seen him act stupid on US TV.

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I think he's a cleaver Scotsman. He knows when to be dramatic and when not to be. I don't care for his foul mouth, but he knows how to produce interesting television. He's more of an entertainer than a cook, from what I've seen.

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." - James Beard
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ye hes good at motivating people

apparently its been proven that using curse words in the right context in a work place does have its positive effects on people, kinda breaks the ice so to speak
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Old 09-26-2009, 06:14 PM   #94
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I enjoy "The 'f' Word" (except for all the utterly unnecessary food waste) & "Kitchen Nightmares". Never watch "Hell's Kitchen" anymore after just catching a few snippets - he's way too brutal in that show, & the brutality rarely makes any sense.
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Old 09-28-2009, 01:03 PM   #95
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It is easy to form two vastly different opinions of Gordon Ramsay depending on which side of the pond you come from. Here in the US, we see him as an arrogant, overly dramatic, and in this season(6) of hell's kitchen, almost pathetic due to the extents he's going to put drama in the show. He has his moments of showboating, such as spitting out food during signature dish night, and of being a culinary genius the few times he cooks right infront of the contestants to have them taste how a dish should turn out.

His US run of Kitchen Nightmares shares a lot of the dramatic events that US audiances seem to love in reality TV, but gordon is a bit toned down. Aside from overusing certain phrases such as "I'm eaten here!", and "you'll kill someone!", he gives some fantastic advice and truely turns these restraunts around. I've enjoyed watching Kitchen Nightmares more than seasons 5 and 6 of hell's kitchen. Seasons 3 and earlier of Hell's kitchen aren't nearly as dramatic, although 4 walks the line with me.

Now for the other side! I live in the USA and my only taste of Gordon in the UK is via BBC America, one of my favorite channels. His two shows, "the 'F' word" and "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" are very different from his two US shows. Although Kitchen nightmares is the exact same premise, Gordon is even more calm and more helpful in the UK version. There's far less drama. The F Word is a personal favorite of mine. It is an hour long "food Magazine" with different segments, all based around his kitchen/restraunt that seats 50. the food is prepared by a different crew of "commies" each week, all competing to be the best of the season. Different segments within this show include talking with celebrities, watching gordon prepare the signature dishes of the show in his own kitchen, watching gordon go on expeditions for exotic food, such as diving for king crab, and even watching him raise lamb, sheep, cows, and turkeys for slaughter. There's even a regular food critic (Giles Coren) that is on every episode.

Ramsay is far more personable in the F word, and we get to see a lot more of his family than a brief shot of his wife on hell's kitchen in season 6. His kids are features regularly on the show, especially his son as he's growing older. So if you want to see the family man Gordon Ramsay, watch The F word. (F for Food, by the way)

What's my overall impression of the man? Well he has to know how to cook to have started a food empire like he has, with so many restraunts. He apparently knows how to run them, as he's still making money. He's a showman, and knows what to do for each audience. in The US, drama sells. I don't judge him on his US appearance, because I see that more as a mask, or a vent for frustrations he normally can't release.
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Old 09-28-2009, 01:18 PM   #96
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He's a foul mouthed, ill tempered, brutal man who enjoys tormenting and belittling the contestants on Hell's Kitchen.
I suppose he can cook too, but based on the show, he SERIOUSLY needs some
counseling and some personnel management training.

Course, it IS a show.

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Old 09-28-2009, 01:39 PM   #97
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He apparently knows how to run them, as he's still making money. .QUOTE]

Apparently you're a bit behind the times here. I don't have the links at hand, but if you do a websearch on Gordon Ramsay you'll come across the news stories that hit this past August, wherein it stated that Mr. Ramsay was in serious financial trouble & was most likely going to have to return the ownership of his "Claridge's" restaurant back over to the hotel. He'd still run it, but they would own it. In addition, he scratched plans to open the additional restaurants in eastern europe that his conglomerate had been advertising for quite a while now. Also, he's had to cut his various restaurant staffs by 15% (this was a direct quote from Mr. Ramsay), as well as start using cheaper cuts of meat, etc., etc. in order to keep things going. Ramsay was quoted as saying that 2008-2009 has been the "worst year" of his life. Sources quoted that he'd bitten off much more than he could apparently chew - especially with the economy the way it is now - & his "empire" is now in serious trouble unless he can beat his ego down a bit & get on the ball.

I have one of the articles saved in a Word document if anyone cares enough to want me to send it to them.
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He was really funny on Graham Norton.
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This year has seen lots of trouble in the restaurant biz. This year Valentine’s Day was the last day for several what had been successful restaurants in NYC.

Here is an interesting article that came out before the big day.

What Gordon did to survive is happing across the board in the restaurant business not just the high end. Those not willing to make the hard decisions will not be around or are no longer around. The fact the Gordon is surviving in this environmentsays a lot about his business skills. It is easy to make a business work in boom times it takes a real business person to make it work during the bust times.

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Originally Posted by Joeboy View Post
I know from watchin on tv here in the uk that he has been filming in the US

im interested to know what you guys think of him?
I think he's a talented chef and restaurant owner. I take his shows as just that, a show. He and his producers obviously know what sells in the US. Low brow humor. And as powerplant said it takes real skill to keep businesses up and running in bad economic times. So if he doesn't open a few new places for awhile and can keep the other ones going, by cutting costs as the rest of the world has done, then I say bravo.

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