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Originally Posted by marmalady
Don't want to put a damper on this unique cooking method, but there have been some questions raised re the toxicity of the can and ink on the can.
You sure are brave to bring that up Marmalady.
I will never do a beer can chicken, but thats just me. I remember what Storm posted once -

Originally Posted by storm2k
I have noticed a few things/recipes/ideas in here for beer can chicken. I am real wary of this and can validate my worries. I do not believe this is safe at all and just on principles would warn everyone against it unless you do it in a safe manner. The melting point of aluminum (pure) is 660.37 °C or 1220.666 °F. Most "beer" cans are not "pure" aluminum and contain various other elements, including the paint on the can. I figure that you're cooking this painted can to at least 1/3 of its melting point for whatever meat, steaks or chicken, some ppl do fajitas this way. So, you're definately smoking and infusing all the paint fumes at the least and who knows what else into a raw chicken. I suspect the melt point on a beer can is alot lower than that stated for pure aluminum, probably like 900-1000F, heck maybe lower than what your cooking it at. To see what I mean do this, take a styrofoam cup, fill it with water. Put a bic lighter or a torch on a low flame to the outside of the cup. As long as you do not "pressure burst" with the flame you can hold the flame there a long time, it will only burn the cup down to the level of the liquid, even on the outer layers, all the way to the bottom of the cup, it will still hold water, so you could pour the beer in a styrofoam cup as long as the grill was cool and flat as you set it down (I think), and cook the chicken over that. I suspect this is the same with the aluminum can, the liquid is preventing the final breakdown. An easy test would be to set your gril at the specified temp, weigh a totally empty beer can, put the can in a cast iron skillet and let it sit in the grill for like 4 hours. See what happens. I am not going to do this as I am not that bored and would not cook anything like this anyway, but I just wanted people to realize this may be very dangerous, and/or have implications to your health as yet unknown. I smoke so I don't care, counting on the big C or a MI to take me out lol. There are all kinds of info sites regarding links between Alzheimers and Aluminum, just google it. I just think smoking, eating metal isn't real healthy, have a marlboro and take a geritol iron pill if you need both. For the "beer can chicken" , take a oven safe (to like 600f) stoneware mug, knock the handle off of it and put the chicken over that after you pour a beer into it and proceed as recipe states. The can is not a fundamental part of this recipe (or if it is and ppl say it tastes different with a can than with a stone or iron, then guess what, they like the taste of aluminum, it should not taste much different, but makes you think about all the things of whether beer taste better in a bottle or a can, should be same right?), you can cut the chicken up and do it in a dutch oven, or don't cut it, the beer and the steaming process is the main thing. Just a warning, like I said, I do not know and no proof exists but a thin piece of metal on hi temp seems that metal is going to melt and go somewhere, and you may eat it.

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Originally Posted by marmalady
Don't want to put a damper on this unique cooking method, but there have been some questions raised re the toxicity of the can and ink on the can.
Never had a problem...the apparatus I use...keeps the can and the chicken, very seperate.

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Likewise my suggestion for using a "clean" tin can...

Other question, if the chicken meat gets to 140 odd degrees, does the fluid filled can get much hotter?

If you eat/drink what is in the can, and has been heated before being sealed, is your exposure any less or more to metals?

If paint, glue, or whatever is on the outside of the obviously cleaned can can "cook off", can the "cooked off" crap really permeate the interior viscra of the chicken, or would it not just dribble into the bottom of the pan you set the chicken on?

If you smoke, or live in the company of those who do, are you not "infinitely more at risk" than at the risk of some tiny residue from the can usedin this cooking recipe? I mean, how many times a year do you use this?

Personally have never seen anyone use an actual "beercan" for this recipe, but can accept that out there, somewhere, somebody probably has...

Can't quite understand the objection, as a result...
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Old 01-19-2005, 04:39 AM   #14
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Wasn't objecting, only sending along a point. I'm with MJ, tho - don't think I'd ever use this method.
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Old 01-19-2005, 08:16 AM   #15
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Steven Reichlen will give you an answer I'm sure, whether or not it's safe.
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Originally Posted by GB
Rob I agree with the canned beer sentiment. I have two solutions. Clean out a soda can and fill it will a decent beer, or use a can of Guiness, which in my opinion is the only beer out of a can that is any good.
Murphy's Pub Draught is also okay from a can. It's similar to the Guiness in that it has a gas cannister in the bottom (CO2, right? Or is it nitrogen? Whatever it is, it gives the beer a thick head).
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Old 01-19-2005, 09:24 PM   #17
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Yeah I have had Murphys as well. Not bad, but not one of my favorites. It would certainly work for beer can chicken though!

I am pretty sure the widgets use nitrogen.
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Old 01-20-2005, 08:26 AM   #18
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Beer can chciken doesn't do well in competition.
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Originally Posted by Rainee
Beer can chciken doesn't do well in competition.
How come?
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i bought a vertical roaster "rack" for making beer can chicken. it is a wire frame thing that kinda looks like the bell of a trumpet. you put it wide side down in the roasting pan, like a chimney, the jam the chicken over it. i fill a thin metal cylinder with beer, and put it inside the vertical roaster, and it works just like the beer can chicken, and it's non-toxic.

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