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Chicken gizzards and hearts

I love gizzards. (hate, hate, hate chicken livers). I stew them, like a regular stew. They Re browned and then let them stew for tenderness. I cut the tough center piece out as my hubby can chew it (won't wear his dentures). But, I love them. I enjoy it when they have fresh deep fried gizzards at our local KFC buffet or at our grocery deli. A real treat is pickled turkey gizzard, but they are hard to find in my area. How do you all fix gizzards?


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Gizzards and hearts along with necks were a real treat for as long as I can remember.

When I was a child, mom used the gizzards and hearts as part of her stock making ingredients. My sister and I used to fight over them after mom fished them out of the pot. I still do the same thing but I don't have to share them now.

I also use the gizzards along with chicken livers when I make dirty rice.

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Along with the liver, I saute them in butter and give them to the cats.
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We used to fight over the gizzards, too.
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I braise with a bit of oil or butter, when tender, I remove the lid and add in teriyaki, garlic and ginger with a little sesame oil. I then reduce the liquids to a glaze. I eat the whole thing...my favorite snackies!!!
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Chicken gizzards in red sauce over pasta is a nice change.

I clean the gizzards saute them in a little olive oil and add them to my basic tomato sauce. I cook mine in the oven at 325 degrees F for about an hour to an hour and a half.

You can also do them on top of the stove if you remember to give them a stir once every so often, I never remember.
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Chicken parts...I love 'em! (Sorry, CWS...)
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I love both the gizzards and livers. But I'm afraid that I'm not very creative with the gizzards, or necks. The livers will either be eaten by me, after they are fished out of the stock, or added to more livers purchased in tubs from the store (I know, triple prepositions in a single sentence, but hey, I'm not in English class.). I then turn the livers into pâté.

The gizzards are either eaten straight up, or chopped into chunks, along with the livers, and added to bread dressing, with lots of sage and pepper (DW hates bread dressing, and pepper, and livers, and gizzards, etc., so all the more for me.

To me, the neck meat is the best meat on the bird. It has a sweet and wonderfully rich flavor. Sadly, it's the hardest meat to get to. I usually am the only one in the kitchen when the holidays come, and so I get to gnaw on the neck while everyone else is waiting for the main course.

It can be lonely in the kitchen at my house. But when I'm visiting my kids, like I am right now, I am the sous-chef, and get to cook with them. It's treat.

Sprout tried livers in a dirty rice recipe and found that she just couldn't stomach them. But at least she was willing to give them a try. Her and PAG are such adventurous cooks, just like me, only with more kinds of foods to experience here in Kentwood than are available to me up in the U.P.

But as for livers, giblets, and necks, I'll eat 'em any way I can get them, except burnt.

Seeeeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
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Necks and backs make great stock. I wouldnt use the livers as they spoil the taste for me. Gizzards and hearts are good for stock, too.

Speaking of hearts. I have a beef heart and tongue in my freezer. Haven't cooked either in decades. Any suggestions?
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Fried, baby, fried!
Livers get a milk bath, then are breaded and fried.
Gizzards get a little simmer in garlic and poultry seasoning infused
chicken broth, then they get breaded and fried too.
Once they are done, I bread and fry some half inch thick pickle slices
and just feel my arteries clog as my taste buds dance!


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