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Originally Posted by GB
It was not boiling oil, but when we were kids we used to melt wax, When we had a big pot of liquid wax we would plunge our hand into it and then immediately plunge it into cold water. Then back into the wax and then into water. We would go back and forth like this until it built up nice and thick. Only the first two or three plunges hurt. After that your hand was protected from the wax. I am sure the breading did the same sort of thing for those kids hads. Still a pretty stupid thing to do though!
the things kids do for amusement

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Originally Posted by g23
you're kidding right about the person frying his hand off. are there people stupid enough to do that?
No, sadly I am not kidding.

But these were bored 25 year old guys who probably weren't smarter to work somewhere else and probably thought the macho thing would impress the 16 year old counter girls.

Less is not more. More is more and more is fabulous.
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Just read this thread...It's Fried Chicken Special spices, salt, marinate.
Marinate 24 hours egg & flour dip... fry 15 minutes on each side in iron skillet . Did I miss a few things? Oh...yes the low-salt potassium thing.
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i used to work in a takeaway place, many moons ago, my boss some how got the chicken tasting just like KFC, he had a big thing of oil, maybe it was a pressure thing, must've been. I swear it was identical! He also copied macdonalds "fries" lol...and subway subs...what a rip off he was!
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Originally Posted by Michael in FtW View Post
The brining/marniating has "nothing" to do with how long it takes the chicken to cook ... it only has to do with "moistness". The temperature of your oil, and if you are over crowding the pan, has more to do with cooking time than anything.

Frying chicken in a pressure fryer takes about 8-9 minutes (after it reaches temp and pressure) - although I remember going to a KFC and they told me it would be about 30-mins ... so I wonder about how long it really takes. Actually, they were always out of original KFC and it was always going to take 30 minutes - so maybe the KFC in Golden, Colorado isn't a good example?

I was curious - so after I read your last post I made a trip to my two fave deep-fry chicken places and asked them ... Church's and Edmondson's - they deep fry "dark meat" pieces for about 15-mins, white for about 12. Of course I now have enough fried chicken to last me for a couple of days.

When Mom, Grandma, or my aunts "skillet fried" chicken ... it seems it took about 30-40 minutes or so per batch. I don't think I've ever timed it - but I would guess that is about how long it takes me, too.

Candocook brought up a good point about the brining ... so after reading it I called and had a nice chat with a very nice lady who is the manager of a KFC near me. She was obviously doing her best not to laugh out loud about the ton of KFC myths ... but, she did confirm that KFC chicken is NOT marinated before cooking. So ... that kind of makes this debate about Potassium in the marinade for original KFC kind of moot?
Well, mayebe you can give that person a call again because sometime I love trying to making clone recipes. If you can look at the methods they use at the actual places it can help. I'm trying to make a Popeye's clone now, but I need to get in touch with my friend who used to work there. Also, though KFC may not marinade chicken, maybe at home you have to get the home version tasting more like the real thing. I totally disagree with whomever said it will never taste like KFC. It can certainly be close enough. I persoally tried a Popeye's clone I found on the net that used tomato soup mix in the seasoning. It tasted nothing like Popeye's, but it sure tasted almost exactly like KFC Crispy. It had the texture of Popeye' with the taste of KFC LOL. I might try a KFC clone found with similar ingredients. It can be done. Look at the guy who goes around clonng all the recipes. I figure anyone that really knows how to cook and understan food flavors, textures, and seasoning flavors should be able to make some pretty close clones. I mean I know it would be hard. I had some IHOP pancake mix that fell off a truck that no store in my area would take, and I still had to play around with it to get it just like IHOP.

Originally Posted by jpmcgrew View Post
Just my humble opinion but whats the big deal with KFC?I love fried chicken but the KFC has always been way too salty and greasy for me and I do like a fair amount of salt.
Whats wrong with just marinating in buttermilk and using a good breading and frying up the old fashioned way?I can not fry well in a skillet on the the stove but the regular electric pan fryer pan works great since you can set the temp and is practically idiot proof.
I actually think it is a big deal to get the chicken at some of these places. I have cooked fried chicken, I've eaten it at restaraunts, and I've even it in so many homes I cannot even count. To this day I still have never tasted fried chiken I thought was better than Popeye's fried chicken. I'm sure some people feel the same way about KFC. I personally think all 3 versions of their chicken are very good, and if I can make it at home or some other reasaruants food that I find very good, why not go for it? And whether you can or not what's the harm in havig another good recipe to try?

Originally Posted by jennyema View Post
I actually worked at KFC.

It was my first job and it was interesting.

We did not marinate chicken first. We got bags of the KFC seasoned flour and coated it in that. One dip. Then it was put on trays and into a pressure fryer that resembled a refrigerator. It cooked many trays at a time. Then the trays were wheeled into large warming bins.

Xtra Crispy was made in a regular fryer.

I made potatoes from a mix in a huge industrial mixer and gravy from a mix and drippings. I also made many of the salads.

My friend had all of her bright red nail polish come off when she was mixing the cole salw ... but that was better than one of the "older" ladies (she was probably 30) who cut off her finger in the cabbage slicer.

The guys who were not the world's brightest lights used to bread their hands up with Xtra Crispy batter and stick them into the fryer to see who could last the longest. Till one basically fried his hand off. Then they stopped.

After a year I moved up in the world to McDonalds.
Well, I probably need to be talking to you or anyone else who might have worked at places like KFC or Popeye's. So, you're sure the chicken was just plain, regular-old chilcken that nothing is done to before it arrives at KFC? So, no kind of egg wash? So, just mix it in the orignal or crispy seasoned flouring mix and fry it? Because my friend worked at pizza hut and they let her have some uncooked wings they were gonna throw out. You would think most people make buffalo wings from just plain wings, but when she gave them to me I could smell a heavy sent of seasoings. I couldn't make them out, but it was overpowering if you were in a couple steps from those wings.

Originally Posted by Rom View Post
i used to work in a takeaway place, many moons ago, my boss some how got the chicken tasting just like KFC, he had a big thing of oil, maybe it was a pressure thing, must've been. I swear it was identical! He also copied macdonalds "fries" lol...and subway subs...what a rip off he was!
I wouldn't say he's a rip-off. I mean if my friend makes a good spaghetti of course I'm going to try to make someting similar
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KFC chicken isn't brined or marinated. It is cooked to a proper internal temperature. This can be done without a pressure fryer. The dimple batter is seasoned flour and water. Egg wash isn't even required. I know this because I've made chicken many times with the same texture as KFC, but with a different flavor. Here's the technique.

Make a batter of seasoned flour and water. Dry the chicken with paper towels so that the batter will stick. Then remove the chicken and dredge in seasoned flour. Fry in three inches of hot oil until the coating begins to brown. Flip the chicken and lightly brown the other side. Remove to a rack and let the excess oil drip off for a couple minutes, or drain on paper towels. Place on a cookie sheet and place in a hot oven for 35 minutes at 375 degrees F. You can place multiple trays of chicken pieces in the oven. The chicken will have a wonderfull coating, and the meat will be dripping with moisture, but not greasy. I have a mixture of 12 herbs and spices I posted a while back. I can look it up later and repost it. It's not KFC, but is really great tasting. I gave it to one of my co-workers and its the only way he cooks chicken now. But everyone has different tastes and so I encourage experimenting.

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i am currently taking potassium everyday. a powdered form to be mixed in water. tastes sorta like tang. i think it is to help rebuild muscles. maybe it helps my heart as well. am going to ask for it in a pill form. the one i am taking is a big fat bother. it doesn't taste all that great either.
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Originally Posted by babetoo View Post
i am currently taking potassium everyday. a powdered form to be mixed in water. tastes sorta like tang. i think it is to help rebuild muscles. maybe it helps my heart as well. am going to ask for it in a pill form. the one i am taking is a big fat bother. it doesn't taste all that great either.
Babe, the pill form is huge!!! But, it will dissolve nicely in applesauce with cinnamon, to hide the flavor.
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I worked on top of a building across from a KFC vent hood. I love their chicken, but could not eat it for a year.

In other news, vitamin supplement studies. 20 year survey shows little if any benefit.

Popeyes Chicken is named after Popeye Doyle from the movie The French Connection, not the cartoon character.

I wanna try the method(s) posted. Whose had results?
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Originally Posted by babetoo View Post
i am currently taking potassium everyday. a powdered form to be mixed in water. tastes sorta like tang. i think it is to help rebuild muscles..
me three, but i take the little oil filled capsules. i get terrible cramps im my ribs muscles when i go without much sleep for a few days, which unfortunately happens fairly often lately due to work schedules. so much for 20 year studies saying they don't work. it's a magic pill to me.

it also helps relieve the cramps from eating kfc and popeye's fried chicken.

lol, j/k sonic98.

actually, the best fried chicken that i've ever had, beside my mom's, of course, was at a popeye's at a nj turnpike rest stop. we'd gotten there just before noon, and the chicken was freshly cooked and served promptly. it was amazingly crisp, and the tender meat burst with beautiful juice.

oddly, we were on our way to amish country in southern pennsylvania, whom are supposedly famous for their fried chicken. since we were on this fried chicken bender, we tried it there at a few places. amish family restaurants, regular restaurants, a diner, and a family owned takeout joint that specialized in...guess what? fried chicken.

nothing beat the turnpike popeyes.

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