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I made an orange chicken pizza tonight. I just looked up some basic orange chicken recipes and made a variation of them.

Chicken coated in corn starch and browned in oil to make a nice crust. I took out the chicken and added half an onion and some carrots. Then I added back the chicken once the onions and carrots had some time to cook. I put the ginger in. Then I added in both regular orange juice and blood orange juice. My bloodorange trees have tiny oranges, so there is not enough juice in them to use only blood oranges. I added some scallions and cooked them for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then I added the garlic, a tiny bit of soy sauce and some orange flavored liquer. Of course I seasoned with salt and pepper as I was adding stuff.

For the pizza dough I used store bought dough. Not the stuff in the can, it was freshly made pizza dough. When I have time to make the dough myself I am going to add some orange zest in the dough, so the pizza dough gets that nice orange flavor. I sprinkled some chinese five spice on top of the rolled out pizza dough so that the dough had a chinese flavor to it. I then put the cooked orange chicken with the sauce and everything on the pizza. Spread it out over the pizza and cooked at 400F till the crust was done. I made a thin crust this time, because the dough was overproofed, and it is much easier to roll out overproofed dough then hand stretch it.

I liked the pizza a lot. I brought some over to my neighbors and they said they liked it. So I guess this frist test run went well. I am sure there are many things I can do to improve the recipe and make it even more tastier. I will try and get exact ammounts for ingredients next time, but I normaly just improvise and do not get exact mesaurements.

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When I was apprenticing with a catering firm, one of our specialties was grilled pizza. We actually grilled the dough, in long strips about 6 inches wide and 2 feet long and got nice grill marks on both sides. Then we topped them with combos of fresh and roasted/grilled veggies, herbs and fresh cheeses such as mozzarella, chevre, feta, etc. and put them in the oven just to warm and then cut in strips. I have come to do my own versions and clients love them. For sauces, we use fresh salsa, pesto, tomato concasse, white sauce and even homemade Caesar dressing.

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Originally Posted by themonkeytree View Post
yum yum yum, fried catfish pizza. What went on the pizza other than delicious fried catfish.



1- 12’ Store Bought Pizza Crust (Your favorite)
Brushed with EVOO and sprinkled liberally with Cajun/Creole Seasoning


1 ½ Cups chopped onion
¾ Cup Chopped Green Bell Pepper
½ Cup Chopped Celery
2 Cups (more or less) Chopped Tomatoes.
3 toes Chopped Garlic
2-3 Tbls. Cajun/Creole Seasoning
2 Bay Leaves
1-2 Tbls Bacon fat
S&P to taste.

Sauté the onion, pepper, and celery in the bacon fat for 3 or 4 minutes. Add tomatoes, garlic, Cajun Seasoning and bay leaves. S&P to taste and simmer gently until the veggies are done. Use an immersion blender to make a nice sauce…a little chunky. Let it cool completely.


12 oz shredded Mozzarella Cheese
4 oz Pepper Jack Cheese
1 Cup Cubed Frozen French Fries
Strips of Red and Gold Pepper
2 Green onions diced. Tops included
4 Tbls Chopped Parsley
8 Strips Fried Catfish

Flash Fry the Cubed Potatoes, drain and reserve. Start the Catfish frying in hot peanut oil Spread cooled sauce evenly over crust. Cover the sauce with shredded cheese. Place it in a pre-heated 400* oven for 6 minutes. Remove and sprinkle fried cubed potatoes over cheese and return to the oven. When the catfish is done remove and drain on paper towels. Flash fry the strips of pepper in hot oil for 30 seconds. Remove pizza from the oven. Arrange fish and peppers in a pinwheel design and garnish with Diced green onions, parsley, and a nice sprinkle of Cajun/Creole seasoning! Serve while hot!!!!

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Try this search on google Pizza-La english menu.

You should find the menu for Pizza-La a Japanesse pizza chain.

Some of these look good, some not so good.
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My favourite is Chinese style barbeque port on top of my pizza, sweetish and sour-ish at the same time. Then pineapple. I also tried leftover turkey and duck. Being part Asian, we just love pineapple with our pizza. Too bad that here in the US, generally, the norm is pepperoni, at least here where I live. If it doesn't have pepperoni, it is not pizza, but that is changing...albeit slowly. I also put broccoli in my pizza and fresh green onions, if I have very little meat with it, I like using a bit of goat's cheese for flavour...
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Wow some great ideas for pizza's. I have to try them with my kids and Uncle Bob that pictures looks fabulous and if I can grab it I would and take a bite

I would say the following:

Thai Style - Grated carrots, bean sprouts, cilantro, chopped peanuts, scallions. Sauce is a combination of peanut sauce, coconut milk, soy sauce, spices. You can put cheese or skip it.

Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza - Sounds odd but tastes super. Chicken Breasts cut into small chunks. Marinated in yogurt and Indian spices and cooked in a pan or better yet on a grill for a charred flavor. Also lots of freshly chopped cilantro. Sauce is a rich tomato, butter and cream sauce with spices like corrainder, cumin, chilis etc. Thick sauce goes first, then a sprinkle of the cooked chicken and cilantro, Cheese is optional.

Buffalo Chicken - I love this one and it's really easy to make. Get ready made frozen chicken nuggets (should be the premium kind made with white meat). Bake them in the oven until crispy. Make a sauce with hot sauce and butter. Cut the nuggets into two. First goes the hot sauce on the pizza then the chicken is arranged, then some more hot sauce is brushed, cheese and bake and enjoy.

Fajita Pizza - Assorted mix of chicken, steak, veggies or whatever you like. I cook mine on a grill pan. Sauce - Similar to a salsa, with tomatoes, green chilis, cilantro and garlic. Put sauce, put the veggies and meat, put cheese and bake and enjoy
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I like a nice chicken alfredo pizza using the sauce from this recipe. It is so delicious!


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