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Originally Posted by buckytom View Post
ok, then how about goin' south of the border for enchiladas veracruz? or huachinango al mojo de ajo?

they both rely on a white garlic cream sauce. the enchiladas are thin soft tortillas filled with crabmeat (you can use imitation) and the mojo de ajo ladeled over top.

the huachinango is actually red snapper but you could use tilapia, simply grilled, again with the garlic cream sauce over top, garnished with cilantro.
I'm not familiar with the mojo de ajo or hucchinage but the seafood wraps sound good.

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oops, i made a few edits too slowly. i forgot to add the mild white cheese to the enchiladas, and to offer them with 2 sauces.

the garlic cream sauce is pretty easy. i'll post a recipe in a little bit. gotta run to work now. driving and typing recipes is a bad idea, lol.


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Cheesy Tuna Muffins

I used to make a version of this recipe years ago. You could adjust the fish to be s/thing else, change out the cheese, leave out the olives. It might be of interest to your customers. You could change the herb to cilantro or something else (fresh tarragon?).

Cheesy Tuna Rice Muffins Recipe
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What about skipping the seafood. Not all lent participants like it or are going to get stuck having it for another meal later on. There are tons of great options!

A nice salad paired with a veggie or potato soup, pastas,
grilled cheese with tomato and basil,
personal pizza,
breakfast burrito,
egg salad,
veggie sandwich with sprouts, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, and a veggie cream cheese.
I would go for a portabella burger with grilled onions.

My vote if you just had to use seafood would be a salmon salad on a bed of greens or stuffed into a nice crusty roll.
Happy Cooking!!

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Well if you going away from seafood then I vote for potato pancakes with sour cream OR apple pancakes.
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Fish Taco or the old creamed codfish with baked potato.
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Fish tacos are "hot" items. You can use just about any kind of fish, too. Another good item might be Paella. You can use anything you like in that- clams, mussels, shrimp, fish, calamari, etc. Use a decent Arborio rice and a nice stock and you won't need a lavish amount of seafood. Depending on your customer base you might be able to do blackened catfish; catfish is pretty cheap and you could serve with dirty rice or red beans. Seafood etouffe or jambalaya might also be good options. Another option would be to pick any fish you get at a reasonable cost and dress it up by cooking en papillote. Place some herbs and a lemon slice on the fish and wrap in parchment paper and bake. You can serve it with a variety of starches or veggies. And while I realize it's still salmon, you might try jazzing it up a bit by poaching in court bouillon.

I agree with some of the other suggestions that for lent it needn't be fish, just nothing that walks the land (can't recall the scriptural phrase). Maybe a nice grillled cheese and cream of tomato zucchini soup? A veggie lasagna might go over well and would be among the cheaper dishes you could offer. A veggie lasagna made with a touch of pesto in the sauce would be very distinctive.
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Originally Posted by joesfolk View Post
I buy Krab (fake crab) when it is onsale at 2 for one. I love to make it into a Krab salad and serve it over a big bed of greens . Makes a lovely hearty salad. Or you can make a popovers and fill them with the Krab salad mixture.
Again, I don't know if it's too "out there" or if your patrons would enjoy it, but you could make California rolls (maki-sushi) with the surimi (fake crab). Even people who'd turn their nose up at the notion of sashimi or nagiri sushi with raw fish often love Cali rolls! The stuff is pretty easy to find nearly everywhere, too.
If we're not supposed to eat animals, then how come they're made out of meat?
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Falafel are yummy. The first few times I had them, I thought they were meatballs They were served in pita with tomato and cucumber and humus.
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Everyone is sending such great idea's. Thank you! I love all the positive input it gives me a whole fresh look on new recipies & a fresh zest for menu items.

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