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Originally Posted by jennyema
June is right, of course. Scallops are fairly low in mercury compared to most other types of seafood.
So are thermometers. They don't use mercury in thermometers any more.

Maybe you could munch on the blood pressure machine at your doctor's office!

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The ONLY scallops I buy these days are "dry pack" scallops, which have not been treated with chemicals to extend their shelf life & increase their weight, & thus price.

If you're paying $20-$30 for frozen scallops, you're being cheated big-time, because chances are better than excellent that they've been chemically treated.

Do yourself a favor & try to find a source for DRY PACK scallops. Here in Virginia they runn around $18.00/pound, but to give you some idea of size, I've sometimes gotten FOUR to a pound; other times 10.

But they're not swimming in chemical liquid, grill or saute BEAUTIFULLY, & taste of the sea.

Other scallops, including frozen, simply aren't worth the money (unless, of course, you enjoy paying for chemicals. . . .).

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Ok, ok, ok... I apologize for alarming anyone... I was trying to be funny and it bit me in the butt. Thanks for the clarification folks.
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I havent bought anything yet... Dry Pack eh? Alrite.

It looks like pan seared is the way to go, I think I will lightly season them with salt, paprika and some pepper. I may melt butter and mango hot sauce and sprinkle it on a few, trying to rip off that resteraunt a bit.

Thanks for the cooking tips too, Ive cooked many a fish but Ive never really done scallops... Go figure? I order them from time to time at resteraunts but never made em..
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As far as cooking, I tend to lean towards the cast-iron folks here.

One of my favorite way to prepare sea scallops is to heat up a cast-iron skillet with a little extra-virgin olive oil & cook the scallops for about 3 minutes per side. Then I serve them eachtopped with a dollop of fresh basil pesto.
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I often broil them with just some salt, but you have to watch them very closely. I will eat them just like that or sometimes I will make a mango salsa and serve with that.
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Originally Posted by BBQ Mikey
I wanna grill up some Big Fat scallops soon.

Recently, at a high class resteraunt I had scallops (i believe grilled?) with a spicy habanaro/mango sauce. They were succulent.

Im willing to drop 20-30$ to buy the good ol frozen scallops, but Im not sure what to do with them.

Chefs unite! Give me a clue.
I'm going to echo much of what others have said: use dry pack scallops or fresh. I'm spoiled, since my local fishmonger often has day boat scallops. Often the ones that you get in the grocery store are treated and retain too much moisture to get a good sear. Whether you use a grill or (my preference) a cast iron pan, get the cooking surface very hot, sear for a crust on the first side for 3-4 minutes (depending on size) and finish until just done on the other side. Do not over cook--you'll be chewing rubber bands if you do. Season as you like, but I prefer s/p and the rest is with whatever else the scallops are paired.
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Yesterday my Slow Food convivium (Northern New Jersey) took a field trip down to Barnegat Light to Viking Village, where much of the scallops for the East Coast are caught. We had a presentation about all the fish the boats that are based there catch, how they do it, and where, and then we had a fabulous lunch of scallops and tuna that was just unloaded on Friday!

We had the chance to bring home some of those scallops. They were so fresh and delicious. and in the whole place there was not even half a whiff of amonia, or of "fish."

I bought 6 pounds of these scallops, and am serving some tonight, seared. and all the rest has been frozen for later treats.

If any of you have the chance to go down to Long Island, you would really enjoy to see the place and have some slap-your-face fresh seafood!
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I know a lady who works in the seafood section of a local grocery store. I asked about dry pack scallops, she didnt have any of those. I remarked how many are treated, and I didnt want to eat chemicals, she brought me a 2 LB bag of fresh frozen sea scallops, that have no preservatives or any sort or chemicals. It was 26 bucks for 2 lbs. Good buy? I havent bought it yet, they were big and succulent looking..
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I'd say $13 a pound is a good price if they are dry. Not so good if they are not. Was she saying they were dry?

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