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Old 06-05-2010, 10:45 PM   #51
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Please back on track the op asked if you would be happy being a vegitarian for a week. Now were off to killing male chicks and abusive conditions for chickens.
Please stop, if you cannot ignore posts that bother you and I understand that, just skip the post if you can. Want to argue do it in PRIVATE. Each of us is entitled to our opinions, but who is to say who is right or wrong..Not me, not you. Stop and think of others feelings...

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I think you're wrong kadesma. Wanna fight!? Ok, you got me, you're right. I was lying to test your fabulous kung fu abilities.

Seriously though, debates are fun but only until someone's feelings are hurt. And I've said this before (I may have to write a post that I can just reference!) text is a lousy medium for emotional content. What seems innocent to you can come off as confrontational to others.

No matter how many Bibles he swears on, when a dog tells you he's a vegetarian, he's lying.
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Originally Posted by bigdaddy3k View Post
I think you're wrong kadesma. Wanna fight!? Ok, you got me, you're right. I was lying to test your fabulous kung fu abilities.

Seriously though, debates are fun but only until someone's feelings are hurt. And I've said this before (I may have to write a post that I can just reference!) text is a lousy medium for emotional content. What seems innocent to you can come off as confrontational to others.
It's easy to type without a face attached... Most people wouldn't have the "rocky mountain oysters" to say these things to someone in person... It's all puffy puffy for the thrill of the moment... Don't take it to heart, some people (as in the beginning of this thread) get pissed and don't come back... OOOP'S who cares, NOT MY BUSINESS...

P.S. you check out my cakes yet??? No, well get on it man... (she said shamelessly)
A woman is like a tea bag, you never no how strong she is until you put her in hot water...
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Originally Posted by CookLikeJulia View Post
Do you think you can get all the nourishment you need from a vegetarian diet?
Yes, people all around the world do.

Originally Posted by CookLikeJulia View Post
Would you be happy to eat a vegetarian diet for a week?
A week I guess I could but I would not be happy with it.

I have cut back on how much meat I eat but it is still a regular part of my diet.
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Old 06-06-2010, 05:48 AM   #55
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Ive been a vegetarian for 20 + years , and my kids 15 and 12 have been vegetarians all their life. Based on the last 20 years, and my families generally good health, I dont think, nutritionally, we are at a disadvantage. And obviously, my week has lasted 20 + years, so that answers part II.

Years ago, when I made my dietary choice, things were a lot different. Being a vegetarian meant u ate steamed vegetables, tofu and sprouts. I can assure you, and everyone here, that those choices were crap. And at that time, did I ever miss a bowl of chili, meatball hero, sausages .... Although i was a vegetarian by choice, it wasnt necessarily for health reasons %100, which meant, I loved to eat things that tasted good. At this point in my life is when cooking became important. Sure it was a challenge, but it forced me to be more creative, try many new ingredients, and expand my cullinary tastes to many different cuisines around the world. This was before there was a cooking channel that spanned the world, or a Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Japanese ..... restaurant in every strip mall. I guess you can say I was ahead of my time. The problem Ive seen through this dietary journey is that many people who wernt vegetarians were closed minded , and assumed that our diet was limited to the few things i mentioned earlier in the post, or that all we eat is vegetables ( in their raw form). For whatever reason, at almost every social dinner, there was at least one jackass who would hold up a carot or whatever and make a stupid comment , aloud. Getting a few chuckles and pats on the back for embarrassing me and my choices. Thankfully, with the popularity of cooking, eating, food channels, multi ethnic restaurants opening up all over , the health craze, people being less ignorant and being more open minded, and the extreme increase of choices and imitation ' meat ' products out there, i find that not only do I now " blend in " when i sit down for dinners, many times people are more curious to try what I have cooked than what is on their own plate. Not that they are trying to " join the other team" , but just seeing the variety and choices I have and open mindedly trying it. It seems that cullinarily, things have come a long way.

Another problem I see is that some people, when trying a veggie burger, or sausage or whatever, the first thing out of their mouth ( other than the food they dramatically spit back on the plate) is " this doesnt taste like real meat". Well, theres a good reason for that, since it isnt real meat .When I have a vegetarina product, i dont expect it to taste exactly like what its intended to imitate, but that I can use it in a similar way. A veggie burger on a bun with pickles, lettuce, onions ....tastes great. You just got to think of it as ' something to eat' and not try to compare it to the actual meat burger itself, as they are two different things. That being said, being a vegetarian now is a whole lot different, as products are everywhere, much better looking and tasting . Also much more main stream. I never get in to a heated battle because its just not worth it. All I ask is leave the old tofu sprout raw vegetable vegetarian image at home, because its just not like that anymore ( except for those health freaks, and honestly, they can keep it). Just because im a vegetarian, doesnt mean i dont like the smell of a barbecue, or that i miss a pizza with pepperoni, sausages and meatballs on top. I can honestly say I dont miss chicken or steak at all. My closing note will be, I think if people treated a vegetarian diet as just another cuisine, just as Thai, Chinese, Indian.... it would be more accepted, than treating it as a diet for ethical health freaks ( sure we have our share of these too, im not saying we dont). I think those that are open minded and treat it like this, are the ones who enjoy it and see our point of view.

One more thing, I have been to Vyapti's site and tried many of his recipes. All vegan, and most very good with a wide variety of tastes. You should all give it a shot.

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I haven't checked into this line for quite awhile. One point I would like to make is that no matter what you eat, you can find something bad about it, if you look hard enough. I have many friends who only buy "organic" or "natural" products. Nice, if you actually know what you are buying. The same vegetables cost twice what the regular ones cost. But a couple of places I lived had scandals in that the "organic" farmers were using the same pesticides and fertilizers as the suppposedly non-organic farmers. So it was a bit discouraging, and I haven't paid more since then (it happened two different places I lived). The fact is, I cannot visit every farm and check up on them, so I have to just go on what looks good. I just think that every time you eliminate an entire food group from your diet, then replace it with a pill, you have to seriously think about the nutrition issues, not to mention the flavor issues. It turns cooking into a science and math project, and ruins it for me. AND, I might add, if I didn't buy food from far away, I would not get to eat any "fresh" vegetables except in late summer/early fall. I'm not willing to do that. I like a salad in December. So I try to ignore what I hear about various meats being awful, vegetables have to be locally grown and in season (meaning no vegetables at all from October through May?). If you paid attention to every single horror story about every single food product, we'd live on distilled water and vitamin tablets.
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right on, claire
"life isn't about how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain"
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I am a vegetarian and have been coming up on 2 years in September 2010. I am on my way to being vegan and seriously considering going raw. But I am unsure just how raw I want to go.

I have never felt better.

-I don't measure my food (for eating that is)
-I don't count calories
-I don't portion/weigh my food
-I don't worry about what time I eat
-I don't worry about how much I eat
-Carbs are not an issue (for I only eat complex carbs and those are GREAT for you)
-I do not miss meat in any way shape or form, because I have so much to take its place that the 3 vegetariens in the house no longer miss the stuff
-I don't have health issues and my doctor has never seen lower cholesterol(sp?) in her years of practice and I didn't even try

So vegetarianism for us is the norm.
I cook what I like because I like what I cook!

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Old 06-22-2010, 04:48 PM   #59
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this has gone from a great discussion, onto holier-than-thou lecture on the of theroes of meat & on the millions of us that should be going vegan/veggie. enough is enough for me. i like meats & shall continue cooking/dining on them, that is me, i respect your opinion, & i would be grateful if my viewpoints were respected, too. the rude comments being general & nonspecific, although reeking of that holier-than attitude, well.....
i love tofu, veggies, tempeh, soy items, although i ingest animal foods. & i shall continue shamelessly.

um, also, my dear buddy, vegetarian for decades, hercholesterol is incrediously high. sans intake of cholesterol-containing food-items.
i believe that life would not be complete sans comfy 'ol tee-shirts, the Golden Girls, and the color pink
& rock on, PITTSBURGH-
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Moderator hat on - again:

As the resident vegetarian moderator I appreciate this thread and hope that it can continue in a thoughtful and collegial way. Please respect your fellow DiscussCooking members online just as you would if you were a guest at their table. While you are our guest we ask that you adhere to our Community Rules and post in a courteous way.If you find that you have particular trouble with this topic consider using the ignore tool to give you an assist. Place the topic on your ignore list and you will not have to be tempted to respond. You can also place specific posters on the same ignore list.

You can ignore this thread by clicking on thread tools at the top of the thread and then selecting "ignore thread".
You can add a member to your list here http://www.discusscooking.com/forums...?do=ignorelist

Here is the original question posed on this thread:

Do you think you can get all the nourishment you need from a vegetarian

diet? Would you be happy to eat a vegetarian diet for a week?

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