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I, too, have had trouble using "natural", "low sugar", or "low fat" peanut butters. They often seem worse that the plain old Jif's hubby likes. Any more I need to shop with a magnifying glass so I can read the nutrition labels. Once I find a brand he likes that has the correct count, I stick with it. I love to read, but give me a break. My biggest problem is bread. Our local grocery store bakery (Piggly-Wiggly) does not put a nutrition count on their labels. Yes, I've registered a complaint. Unlike other starches, bread seems to vary incredibly in carb counts. So I rarely buy artisanal bakery breads, having to opt for bread that has a carb count on the label. I make a lot of soup from scratch, and that can be a pain as well. I'm a home cook, not a math major!

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Originally Posted by babetoo View Post
popcorn or salt free crackers with only a tablespoon of peanut butter per four crackers. people get so hung up on diabetic foods. moderation is the key as it is in most of life. i would rather have two bites of something really good than a bowl full of so called health food. my blood sugars are just fine.

I'm with you babe!

Most of the products in the grocery store are just the brain child of some marketing guy. One example that comes to mind is a major grocery chain in my area was offering lite hot dog buns. I compared the label with the regular ones and the only difference was that the regular package was 16 ounces and the lite rolls were 12 ounces for the same number of rolls at almost double the price. It ain't right to tease the fat kid!

I try to stick with real food and adapt my situation to it.

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Raw almonds are a good snack too.
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Peanut butter

I am a fresh ground peanut butter (no hydroginated oils that cause heart attacks) addict, but cannot indulge, it too much fat. I need to lose another 50 lbs if I want to stay alive and be healthy and ride my bicycle; with no car it's necessary.

I get it at our food coop, Just too good.

Originally Posted by Aunt Bea View Post
Smucker's Natural peanut butter.
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1. Beef Jerky
2. A small slice of 3 year or more aged cheddar
3. Celery, with a bit of peanut Butter
4. Cold-cut sandwich on Whole Wheat with tomato and lettuce, and mustard
5. fresh apple or pear, cold from the fridge
6. Swiss or similar cheese slice, must be aged, not baby
7. A small banana
8. Hazelnuts, in the shell so that I have to crack them
9. Brazil nuts, again in the shell
10. roasted almonds in the shell
11. left-overs, heated
12. Cottage Cheese, with a bit of fruit
13. Plain Yogurt, sweetened with Splenda, and flavored with whatever I'm in the mood for.
14. Liverwurst sandwich on whole wheat toast
15. Fried egg sandwich on whole wheat toast, runny yolk
16. Left over soup or chili
18. Boiled egg
19. a small piece of premium dark chocolate, placed btween the cheek and gum to melt slowly and be savored for a long time
20. a good beef and bean burrito, home made of course (wich I had beans or refried beans at home)
21. Good herbal tea

There are more, but thats a good starting list.
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Peanuts, in the shell.
Any other kind of nut.
Fruit. Lately it has been grapefruit.
Greek yogurt, with some of that fruit.
I wish I could do popcorn or whole grain bread, but grains make my sugar go up too high.
Hard boiled egg.
Lemonade made with phony sugar.
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One of my favourite snacks is peanut butter on toast. I try to limit that to days when I work out due to the high calorie count. It tastes better after exercise anyway!
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Himself is a fan of peanut butter on celery. I prefer it on apple slices - tastes like a caramel apple without all the sinning. We usually have Smuckers Natural in our pantry, too (Aunt Bea!). It consists of peanuts. No added oil, sugar, salt, nothing. Just peanuts. Not quite as good as what you can buy right out of a grinder (loved getting it at West Side Market when we lived in greater Cleveland), but it is certainly yummy. Another one I found recently at the grocery store is Hampton Farms peanut butter. Same nothing-added style, and it seems a little smoother. I think. We haven't had it for a while.
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Natural Peanut Butter on plain Rice Cakes. Heat it up in the micro for a few seconds and let it melt down into the rice cake. Like eating freshly roasted peanuts.

We have a Teddi Peanut Butter plant two towns over. When I lived there, you could smell when they were roasting the peanuts. The only two ingredients in that jar is salt and ground peanuts. It makes the best peanut butter cookies also.
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I like peanut butter all by itself.


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