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Appetizer help needed

I need some ideas and am coming up empty - I'm hoping to leverage the collective DC wisdom to preserve my reputation...

In a week or so I will be camping with 60 folks who have been told that I am a fantastic cook - they actually printed this in the event brochure. At this bash there is an appetizer "potluck" where everyone brings something delicious to share and has a meet and greet social hour. I am coming up empty on ideas...

Here are the prep and service limitations:

I will have limited cooking facilities (in a tiny trailer trailer) but will have a fridge, stove and oven (all tiny). It will be hot - maybe as much as 100 degrees so I don't want to bake anything. I will have a limited amount of time to prep, in other words, I don't want to spend all afternoon making something.

I'll have to hand carry the delicious platter of __________ 1/4 mile to the event and once there, will have no refrigeration.

Some items are off limits: Shellfish (very allergic), anything highly perishable or hard to eat, prepared items like hummus and chips (there will be LOTS of that kind of stuff) or anything too "out there".

I need the appetizer to be beautiful, delicious and somewhat filling as there is no dinner planned after. Got any ideas?


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If money is not an issue I would do a beef tenderloin on the grill and make some little sliders. Offer a variety of sauces and serve the beef on small potato rolls.

Maybe a fresh cold gazpacho shooter with some nice peppery vodka added at serving time.

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This is a beautiful vegetable platter - great as a vegetarian option:
Lemon-Marinated Veggies Recipe

Another idea is to do an antipasto platter:
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If you can do fish you could try a ceviche. Keep everything one ice.
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Geez, talk about setting the bar high for you, Janet! included in the brochure

Ceviche would be good. Fruit skewers with some kind of "special" dip/sauce/drizzle? Spicy or sweet nut mix, chocolate drizzled peanut or nut brittle. Mini quiches.
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I like the slider idea. Perhaps offer a couple of varieties of sliders..sliced ham, salami, Turkey, chicken...all of which can be sliced ahead of time. Some assembly required.
Or...bruschetta with some nice toppings/ For example:
Fresh tomato and basil
Blue cheese and mascarpone topped with a bit of roasted red sweet pepper.
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My iPhone isn't letting me search, but 3 things that come to mind for me are:

Summer rolls with dipping sauces
Tequila-spiked cherry tomatoes

I've posted recipes for the second two.

Sauveur (sp) magazine had a satay issue out within the past year with killer recipes.
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Some great ideas here ... satay is intriguing. I had actually contemplated making a pad thai sort of lettuce rollup or maybe with those rice wrappers and so this is along the same vein...

Sliders might work, but I think I would have a hard time keeping rolls from drying out almost instantly. (think high dessert...) but maybe in a lettuce wrap would work?

Ceviche sounds yummy but I'm not sure I can source the ingredients where I'll be.

Lovely ideas - thanks so much.....
Forget love... I'd rather fall in chocolate!
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The rice wrappers take time (and if you haven't done them before, practice first). I was thinking lettuce wraps would be nice. You would have to cover the wraps with a damp towel.

Fresh Avocado Spring Rolls with Sweet Thai Dipping Sauce recipe - Canadian Living

I would be tempted to do something that could be made ahead and then cooked on a grill, something like this:

Recipe Details
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I think food on a stick is a great party appetizer. Here are a couple of ideas:

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