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Saph, you need to come around here more often, partly because you have such great ideas and partly because it's great to see you!

Living gluten/dairy/sugar/fat/caffeine-free and loving it!
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Originally Posted by jennyema View Post
Ewww. No.

What is good about a Trojan Horse? They pretend to be one thing while hiding another. They destroy things, like cities or your computer.

"Trojan Horse" is a metaphor for concealed danger.

And I agree that your point of view for the restaurant may need some refining.
That's exactly what I was thinking. The name Trojan Horse with food!?! What kind of danger is in that food?

May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live.
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What kind of danger is in that food?
LOL.. little men with swords will come and poke your stomach while you sleep... HEARTBURNNNNNNN.. you think it is... BUT IT"S NOT

I miss it LP... which is why I'm a little more regular than I was :)
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Trojan Horse is obviously not into consideration anymore. As for the menu, we shrunk it down quite a bit...but not going as far as limiting ourselves exclusively ONLY to Greek food, but will keep some sandwiches, wraps, burgers and such....

The names we are juggling with now are the following :

- Marathon (or Marathon Grill)

- Odyssey

- Oregano's

- El Greco's

Thank you so much for all your feedback so far, much appreciated. If you can share you opinions on the new name selections that be also great!
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Old 03-30-2011, 02:01 PM   #25
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I like El Greco without the apostrophe 'S'.

The other three don't say GREEK as clearly. I know they may to you because you're immersed in the subject but others may not see the connection.
"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." -Carl Sagan
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Originally Posted by jabbur View Post
PANDAISIA, Greek Mythology Index I vote for Pandaisia the goddess of banquets! Easy to pronounce, one word, appropriate tie in to food.
I like Pandaisia! I would drop American fast food as it's on every street corner, already overly accessible. If you want to add something American then how about picking something regional like Cajun or Southern or California Cuisine or NYC Street Foods or MD Seafood (or ME or AL) or Southwestern, etc.

Poly, the new names you mentioned... Marathon, ElGreco, Odyssey, and Oregano's... are all overused I feel. If you google El Greco Restaurant for instance, there are almost 700,000 results. I've actually dined at one before. Oregano's says italian to me and nothing more. The others are kinda' ho hum.

I thought of "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant" but there were 400,000 results on google. How about My Big Fat Falafal

Oh, and I liked 4meandthem's Opa!, Yamas!, and Eupraixia (whatever that is)


My kitchen is for dancing. Bring me sunshine in a cup. ~emily dickinson.
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I would even drop the article 'el.'

"Oregano's" is taken already by a successful chain; I don't recommend it unless you have good lawyers.

To be frank, poly, I think your question is a fantasy prank, which is okay because it's fun to play. But, if the location is touristy, our help is worthless unless you disclose it. San Fran Greco. Whatever. If it's located in Washington's Olympic Peninsula, and the name hasn't yet been registered, I might even side with your last-gen, but wise, father. TJ should be a name for a pay-by-the-hour shack in either Nevada or Nigeria.

And if you post your evolving menu, you can be sure that the good people, some who are industry professionals, here at DC will give you great honest feedback.
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Old 03-30-2011, 04:15 PM   #28
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Reminds me of the "Mad Greek" places here. The Mad Greek Comes to Vegas : LLV Blogs

Good luck!
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Pandaisia is a cool and obscure name. But it's pronounced pan-d-aisia (same as ASIA) which I think personaly the pronounciating of "asia" might confuse people, or make them think of Asian food, I don't know.

I mean it's nearly impossible to use a basic, catchy name that hasn't been used already, let's be honest. Let me mention that the names I listed above could be modified or termed a little differently in order to try and register them. Also keep in mind that regardless on if the name is "stricly" greek sounding or not, there will also be a slogan or a description under the name for example saying "Specializing in Greek and American food" for example, so it will make some clarification perhaps, "Pandaisia" could work out in that case, but the "ASIA" at the end it a little tricky still.

A few other considerations were also :

Herc's (as in Hercules...can also make a nice logo with that one)




Plate-O (this a play of words and grammar, get it) ?



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Old 03-30-2011, 05:45 PM   #30
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Plate-O is clever. I like it.

Plate-O Cafe

Plate-O's Eatery

Plate-O Grill

Plate-O Fusion
Greek & Cajun Cuisine

Now your thinking Poly

And maybe this classic
sculpture behind the words.
And add a garland of olives
and grapeleaves as pop-artish
(oh, and mardi gras beads for cajun lol)
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My kitchen is for dancing. Bring me sunshine in a cup. ~emily dickinson.
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