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I call Shrek and ask him what he wants me to pick up from the grocery store on the way home. That way I don't get home and he has changed his mind.

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Originally Posted by Aunt Bea View Post
I take an old envelope and keep a running grocery list... Even when I have the list in hand things may change when I hit the grocery store...
I find a simple plan helps to control cost, reduce waste, and help me to eat a healthier diet, even if I don't follow the plan!
Thanks Aunt Bea. I think just having a plan in writing will help even if it, changes. My problem is, I keep making mental lists and then forget to bring them.

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Aunt Bea----- if Lincoln can (purportedly) write the Gettysburg address on an envelope I guess a grocery list will be o.k.
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I use a combination of Aunt Bea's method and a customized version of the second form on this page: http://www.theprojectgirl.com/2009/0...free-download/

Another benefit of using a system like this is I check my cupboards in advance to make sure I have all the ingredients I need for each recipe I want to make, nor do I buy duplicates because I can't remember in the store whether I have X at home.
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I have no suggestions for menu planning. It's something I keep saying I should do.

Skilletlicker, do you have a smart phone or a tablet? A lot of us use OurGroceries. I type stuff onto my lists on my computer and it updates to my phone. I almost never forget to bring my phone when I go shopping. I often forgot paper shopping lists or lost them. I can cross stuff off the list on my phone or add stuff I remember. It syncs with the computer and with my husband's tablet.
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I'm kind of resistant to change (or so my daughter tells me ), so I don't use the grocery apps. But I can see where they would be very helpful for those shopping for families. I don't buy very much weekly, mainly perishable produce, since I'm only shopping for one.

I have a dry erase board on my fridge and write down things as I use them and think of them. Then when I leave the house to go shopping, I take a picture of the dry erase board with my cellphone, and there's my list.

As far as planning, I do as others here have said and check what's in my freezer and what's on sale, and try to work around that. I use the heck out of my foodsaver for breaking down larger amounts of chicken and meats into useable amounts for one.
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Originally Posted by skilletlicker View Post
....Thanks Aunt Bea. I think just having a plan in writing will help even if it, changes. My problem is, I keep making mental lists and then forget to bring them.
I can't do the "mental list" thing because I quite often forget to bring my brain.

First of all, I was raised by a depression-era Mom. I have a 5-shelf storage unit in the basement with all the basic staples: cans of veggies, fruit, cooking soups, grains, pasta...you get the idea. And I have a smaller baker's shelf that holds...baking goods. Choco chips, dried fruits, nuts, a box mix or two. If I was creative enough I could probably feed us for almost a month just on what I have stored - all bought on sale or at an infrequently-shopped store that is the only place I can find odd foods. When I take the last of an item from the basement I list that on a chalkboard I have in the kitchen. I use the chalkboard to keep track of what I need to get my next shopping trip, whether it be a basic staple or a certain fresh-food item I want/need.

Knowing that I have a good supply of basics, I then plan my menu when I sit down with the grocery ads. One grocery store gets most of my business because of their selections and prices, so I open that ad first, wide-tipped marker in hand, and start to circle the sale items I can use for meals in the coming week. If I need something that isn't in the ad (like something from my chalkboard list) I'll write it in with a narrower-tipped marker at the top of the page, using the items on that page as a department guide. The bonus of using the ad is if I can't find something on the shelves. I can point to the item when I ask a stock clerk so he/she knows exactly what I'm looking for - no confusion like what happens when I try to explain what I'm looking for.

Lately I've been going through the plethora of recipes I've either clipped from magazines and newspapers, or saved online either through a cooking website or link to a random recipe. Making sure I try a new recipe using foods that are on sale in that week's flyer have both added interest to our meal rotation and savings with my shopping bill. Good luck planning, but always stay open to surprise deals.
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Saturday morning I make a shopping list considering what I already have in the freezer, planning meals that use different proteins and are a mix of "meat, starch, veggie" meals and stews/soups/pasta dishes. I have my laptop open to RECIPES so I can ensure I buy all the ingredients I need. Then we shop, cook, eat.

I try to mix cuisines, types of meats, starches and veggies. At least once a week lately, SO wants to have a salad for dinner so I have a duck breast (which she hates) or something else she doesn't like.

Other times we wing it and/or go out.
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I keep a steno pad on my desk handy to write down replacement stock and anything new I feel like making.

I also keep another steno pad where I go through my grocery receipts and write down meats and special ingredients that I have to work with, leaving room to enter ideas/plans for meals.

After reviewing my potential meals list I decide what I want to cook first and prepare them.

I don't define exactly what I'll eat on a particular day. I just have several possible meals ready and decide which I'm in the mood for when it's time for supper.

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A lot of what we eat depends on two things for me.
1. What is in season as we enjoy eating that way and also this usually affects the price ie. better
2. What inspires me at the time.
I like to do one big shop a week so I'm thinking about a week ahead at this point. After working out if we are having company that week at some point or if it's just the two of us I try to plan a mix of mostly economical but tasty meals so that we can also have some treats too, especially for the weekend. if there are bargains to be had I get them for the freezer or the store cupboard. After a few weeks of doing this you should end up with some good options between the freezer, the store cupboard and the weekly shop.

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