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Old 06-23-2016, 05:21 PM   #51
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It's a matter of taste. I like what I like. I even keep the skins on my mashers.

Does anyone else eat the skins on their baked potatoes? When I make bakers I oil the skin and pack on Kosher salt. I absolutely refuse to wrap mine in foil. I want them baked, not steamed.

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Originally Posted by Addie View Post
The only time I like the skin on my potatoes is when they are baked. When I am served a potato salad with the skin still on the potatoes, I just let it sit there or just break off the front of the piece of potato and leave the skin behind. Make sure your peeler is really sharp and don't be lazy. Peel them.

Yeah, yeah, I know red taters are the preferred one for salad. And to peel them can take what seems forever since they are so small. Then find some very large Yukon Gold ones. They make great potato salad and can be peeled quickly.
I don't peel potatoes for mashed or potato salad, either, and it's not because I'm lazy. I like the look of the peel (especially red oned), it contains a lot of nutrients, and Yukon Gold skins are so thin, they don't need peeling.

The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again. ~ George Miller
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Originally Posted by LizStreithorst View Post
It's a matter of taste. I like what I like. I even keep the skins on my mashers.

Right. I was just stating my taste, not rejecting yours. I grew up eating peeled potatoes so that's what I'm used to.
"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." -Carl Sagan
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I bake my potatoes naked too and eat the skin.
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We rarely eat out, and then only when it's something I don't make, like Sushi.

When I ate potatoes, my favorite thing about a baked potato was saving the skin for lunch, loaded with cheese, chives, and butter.
Come to think of it, the carbs have to be in the potato flesh...SC better watch for stolen baked potato skins.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but rather by the moments that take our breath away.

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LOVE this thread! I've seen on the web many recipes that to me are just a mess of ingredients, and it makes me wonder how on earth these can be appealing! In Italy, we often do sweet with savoury dishes, i.e. Parma ham with canteloupe melon (the small orange-coloured melon), a great classic, and anchovies are often used to give a what would be fairly plain dish a bit of oomph, but each dish has a theme that works! The other thing that perturbs me is presentation, and I'm reminded of the lines of a verse of a rhyme that went out on BBC 4, in a satirical programme spoofing the frequent OTT presentation of food in top restaurants:

'Don't put it on a roof tile,
Don't put it on a slate,
Don't put it in a teacup,
Just use a goddam plate!'

But many modern so-called 'dishes' just over-egg the pudding as well as confusing the palate!

You professionals are always interesting!

di reston

Enough is never as good as a feast! Oscar Wilde
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I understand how so many people are enamored with bigger is better. But like the rest of you here, I just don't buy into it.

There is a new hot-dog stand in a town that I have to occasionally do work in. They have 50+ kinds of hot dogs, each smothered with five or 6 items, such as cole slaw, pulled pork, chopped tomato some kind of sauce, cheese, and other toppings. I'd never seen a hot dog like that, and so purchased one for me, and one for DW. Neither of us really cared for the idea. There was so much going on that the hot dog, which was a quality 1/4 lb dog, got absolutely lost in the mix.

The owner and I kind of talked a bit about food talk, especially as he was trying out his new smoker. He went back into the kitchen and came back with a three smoked pork ribs, enough for me and DW to have a small portion. Then he came out again with thick slices of smoked turkey that he'd just taken out of the smoker. Both products were excellent all by themselves. I'd much rather had either of those than the buried hot dogs. The guy is trying hard though, and has already developed a loyal following. I hope he does well.

Seeeeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
“No amount of success outside the home can compensate for failure within the home…"

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I never peel potatoes,

I make my wife do it
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I find no food trend annoying.
I simply don't worry about what others choose to do at meal time.
As Charlie said, "To each his own".
If that's what someone wants then let them have at it.
If it's not what I want then I won't get it.
As far as portion size. I'll eat as much as I want until I feel full. Then I'll stop eating.
I might doggy bag it if there is enough to make it worth it but I'm not overly concerned about waste.
It really isn't that big a deal if a few scraps end up discarded. I'd much rather have too much served to me then too little.
Sure, Say all the homeless could eat on all the wasted food we produce but they don't want your leftover brusselsprouts and they would serve a better purpose being composted.
I don't like waste and recycle or compost what I can. My recycle to trash is 10 to 1 if you use a standard trash can as your guage.
Let estabilishments serve what they feel the need to and in the portions they percive necessery to make a profit and stay in business.
You don't want it then don't buy it.
But don't begrudge those who want it simply because you don't see it as your ideal desire.
Why be annoyed by what someone else might want?

Originally Posted by larry_stewart View Post
I never peel potatoes,

I make my wife do it

Now that's a smart man.
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Annoying Food Trends

An annoying food trend that seems to have gone by the way side is/was a nasty sprig of curly parsley on every plate that left any/all restaurants kitchen.
Even as a kid i thought, WTH! No one ate it, it just got thrown away, WHY DO IT?!

Some time back, I took my little sister and bestie out to dinner... nice place, french inspired I think... anywhos, we each requested an appetizer and a salad, and we shared a bottle of wine... we were told that we MUST order an entree as well, WHAT?! I won my argument with the manager though total up the bill, did we order the same monetarily as if we each ONLY had an entree?

Half portions, why don't more restaurants offer half portions?
It's no real hardship to prepare a half plate of anything!
No, I don't want to take a to-go box filled with beautiful food with me when we're on our way to an event after dinner, like a concert or what have you.
No, I don't want a to-go box of beautiful food when we are traveling and have no way to keep it fresh.
What I want is a portion of food that I'll be able to finish at that table, at that time.
No, I don't want to always order an app of just a single element, I want to be able to have a smaller sized serving of what everyone is ordering, like pot roast, veg, potatoes and gravy, etc.

Thank you
<I'll get off my soapbox now>

My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert ~ Wait, What? This Isn't Hawaii?
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